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Comment 11 Jul 2014

Anyone else attend the last OSU v. Navy was painful. We were ranked #6 were saved an overtime game by an interception of a two point conversion

Comment 18 Jun 2014

--I think it is funny that Hoke calls OSU "Ohio"

--It is even more hilarious that some OSU fans get pissed about it (psssssttt....We are famous for doing script Ohio and OH....IO)

--I thought Bradley Roby was a "me first" hot dog

--I am skeptical about Spence taking ecstasy by mistake

--I think PSU and Whisky have way better game atomspheres than we do

--I have to spend every OSU-UM game in Michigan for "Thanksgiving" (The Cooper Years were unbearable).

--I think the Quick Cals are stupid

-2002 National Championship Game...It wasn't pass interference

--I don't think NCAA should pay players, but they should be allowed to sell their own da>> stuff which includes autographs

Comment 07 May 2014

Ramzy feel your pain. Got my tonsils out at 37. I am allergic to painkillers, so they tried to give me the least offensive painkiller. Got sick for the next 4 hours, lets just say stomach acid over open wound was the most painful thing I ever experienced. I can honestly say if it was death vs. going through that experience again, I would have to think about it---but I didn't have all the great OSU games to review though:) I think I would have added in OSU vs. ND--Fiesta Bowl Game in the mix.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

I loved the grit OSU showed at the end, but you also have to give credit to MSU....the last 7 minutes they played the Clock not the Bucks in their Prevent Offense (Much like the Browns Prevent Defense)....had they continued to attack we would have lost by at least 10 in was a great game and worthy of a top 5 match up minus they awful officiating

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Yep...I commented exactly that to a friend because he pulled his jersey over his face he was so upset and all his team went on twitter and defended him.....never just 1 play that loses you the game

Comment 07 Jan 2014

We can't go in the paint without getting mugged and YOUR upset with officiating Izzo.....I'm not saying Izzo is the biggest whiner in the Big Ten...but he has the face for it.

Comment 18 Nov 2013

I loved last year's rivalry uniforms, and check me if I'm wrong--but we haven't ever been beaten in our rivalry uniforms evening going back to 2011 Whisky game with the rivalry unis.


Having said that--is it me or do the white pants look like (as the media loves to say), "Big Boy" Diapers--let's just say when they get dirty--it's going to look like we s*it our Big Boy Diapers--so I am definitely a "No" on the pants.

Comment 06 Oct 2013

As a member of this site, woman with a PhD who teaches Statistics and Research, and happens to have grown up sitting on her dad's knee watching Keith Byars score touchdowns at The Shoe, I thought David Pollack's statements were flawed for many reasons--if he wants a committee of people who can "watch tape" and analyze teams--you are talking about one of the most intelligent woman in the country that has shown the ability on multiple occasions to be a football fanatic and tactician. David, you want the committee to be players and coaches--people "around football"--please show me how many women have been given that opportunity to coach, play, or be ADs. I tend to be the most knowledgeable Buckeye Fan amongst my friends and family thanks to this site and my dad's tutelage, and I would be disappointed if people with David Pollack's "perceptions" deny Condoleezza Rice an opportunity on the committee based on flawed logic. 

Comment 25 Mar 2013

I was in the arena with my family for Craft's shot wondering why he waved off DT until I saw that #31 was guarding him (Mr. I am going to ram into @ the TV timeout to show you how tough I am) and then the arena erupted and there was Craft waving at everyone to go play defense. The arena was electric OSU and IU fans going crazy.....with 2 ISU fans sitting next to us walking out before the clock hit zero...... and watching the ex-MSU player walk off the court without shaking hands .....IU fan saying "that's why he doesn't play for Izzo"  (Of course, after the towel fight in the MSU huddle and the PSU Payne-Dawson roommate brawl--I don't know)

I also remember the Ron Lewis shot because....we had missed the whole game and walked into the nearest restaurant to try to see the end and we walked right in for his shot and the whole place erupted....I think we got a round of drinks from it for a promise that we wouldn't leave until OT was over, which I like to call the Mike Conley show


But still love the Buzzer Beater by Evan Turner on Youtube with both OSU and UM announcers.....funniest clip ever....

Comment 25 Mar 2013

Actually you can re-watch the game on CBS, because being in the stands I had no idea about the charge call issue until I heard about it from a friend. It also showed the player ramming into craft before the time out. It look like Craft said...C'mon man...then #31 threw up his hands when he saw the ref coming his way like "I didn't do anything" then tried to walk toward Craft again...wasn't sure to say he was sorry or to talk more shite but ref got there first...after the break the ref went right for #31  to "talk to him" again....I think had anyone been guarding Craft, but #31 at the end he would have given it up to DT, but when he saw the switch and #31...Craft's competitive nature took over:)

Comment 25 Mar 2013

I was in Dayton for that shot and all I thought was Craft shot over the guy that rammed him when they were walking back to their benches......KARMA is B#tch #31