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Comment 19 Jan 2015

I agree about bowl games in the north. Bowl games don't attract big crowds unless they feature big match-ups.  The argument that Alabama fans or Texas fans wouldn't go to Indianapolis for example if their team was in the playoff or in a New Year's bowl game is ridiculous.  And if we are talking about a bowl game on December 26th that features two 7-5 football teams, no one goes to those regardless of where they are at.  In my opinion, there are a few northern cities that could host bowl games.  Minneapolis and Indianapolis come to mind as the best bets.  Chicago would be perfect if they ever got a dome.  Milwaukee would be nice if they had a dome as well.  The weather is a problem for some fans but most go for the game, not the city.  They end up enjoying the city while they are there but when it all boils down to it they are there for the game. In every major city you will have bars, hotels, and some sort of local culture to take in.  Some are obviously nicer than others but if you are traveling for a bowl game, you will enjoy yourself either way.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

I do hope that Gibson sticks with Ohio State but I am a HUGE Joe Burrow fan and I personally feel that he will one day be Ohio State's starting QB regardless of who else commits.  The kid is that good and IMO has NFL written all over him.  I could see him taking a redshirt and sitting until JT leaves and starting as a redshirt sophomore or redshirt Junior.   I have followed Burrow for a few years and have always thought that he was a very good prospect but what he did throughout the playoffs this year has me sold 100% that he will be a great college QB.  With his size, athleticism and intelligence, it will be hard to keep him off the field.  Especially after some hard work in the OSU strength program. 

Comment 28 May 2014

Being in Southern Ohio and working with high school sports and previously attending OU,  I have known about this kid for a few years. My ONLY concern is as some have already mentioned, the level of competition he plays is horrendous.  No competition.  With that said though, the kid is an absolute specimen, a student of the game, has D1 pedigree, and has performed well when the competition gets turned up in the playoffs. 

He is as close to a can't miss as a 3-star can get in my opinion.  He is an under-rated athlete but is by no means a Tim Tebow or Braxton Miller.  He is a pocket passer who is capable of running.  Not the other way around.  I was wondering if an Ohio State offer would ever come because he is not the prototype that Urban has recruited recently.  He is much more Alex Smith than Tim Tebow.  This guy can absolutely torch people with his arms.  I think it says a lot about his mindset that he has played horrible competition and could have easily jogged for 1500 yards rushing but instead has stood in the pocket and thrown the pigskin.  I'm sure he has sat in on meetings with his father at OU a lot with the team and coaching staff. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014
A drug testing issue would seem the most plausible to me. I played D3 college ball and have worked with a division 1 football team outside of the big ten so I do not know specific big ten or Ohio state rules but I do know that each school, conference, and the ncaa has independent policies and testing procedures. For example, most (not all) schools test for recreational drugs but NOT performance enhancing drugs. The ncaa (unless it has changed in the last 2 years) only tests for performance enhancing drugs and not recreational drugs. conferences can have their own testing policy but most D3 conferences do not and the D1 school I was at did not have conference testing. NCAA if I remember correctly informs a schools administration and medical staff 24 hours before they arrive and then once there they randomly select a set number of athletes to test at a given time. athletes typically have something like a 12 hour window to show up or they are considered a failed test. The big ten could potentially test for PEDs, recreational drugs, our both. As others have stated, it could be an innocent substance that caused a positive test. For example caffeine in high quantities it's consideted a performance enhancer and if you drink a mountain dew or energy drink within a short enough time frame before a test, you could conceivably test positive.
Comment 05 Feb 2013

IMO Tom Izzo is the second best coach in the country.  Behind Coach K at Duke even though I hate to admit anything good about Duke also. 

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Considering Ohio State was never really an option, I wish he would have gone north to play for Tom Izzo instead of scUM, but I have no ill feelings towards Trey Burke.  It's weird too because I hate everything about Michigan except him.  Maybe it's because he is from Columbus and IMO should have received a scholly offer and I feel bad for him in that regard?  Either way, he is the only player EVER from Ohio to go to Michigan who I do not consider to be a traitor of sorts. 

Comment 17 Sep 2012

Fan:  Big men just aren't as marketable greg.

Greg: But, check this out.  You need sophisticated? I got sophisticated. Maybe a little more dynamic?  I'm a chameleon.  You still think big men can't sell???  Boom!


Comment 22 Jun 2012

They will never play flag football in Ohio Stadium.  They will just play soccer and lacrosse in a half empty stadium.  Football will become a niche sports and probably will not be sanctioned by the NCAA and as a whole will be much like boxing.  At best it will become a sport with die-hard fans that not a lot of the better athletes choose to play.  Sort of like Hockey or even baseball.  I see it being far worse off then that though in the distant future. 


Personally, I see football dieing a slow death for one of two reasons.


Reason number one is that if lawsuits start winning and hitting the pockets of High Schools, the they will cease to have the sport because of the liability and the risk of litigation.  Also, school insurance policies will go through the roof.  This is a bit unlikely but if it were to happen it would happen very quickly.  One or two lawsuits against a school or even college that win and you could see a cascade of schools dropping football within a few short years.  

Secondly, is the possibility that parents see the danger, whether it be real or perceived, and stop letting their kids play football.  The pipeline of talent that feeds colleges and the NFL slowly starts to dry up as more kids turn their attention to basketball, baseball, soccer, track, and Lax.  Some smaller high schools with small teams are no longer able to field a team at all and even the bigger high schools hurt for numbers.  The product on the field suffers at all levels and tickets and TV revenue decline gradually in the NFL and college.  This further fuels less kids playing and the sport slowly starves.  Eventually it becomes like boxing is today.


This is sad stuff.  I played college football and certainly will encourage my kids to play but I truly believe football will not be what it is today for much longer.  I am 23 and I worry that my grandkids, or maybe kids, will not believe me when I tell them football used to be the most popular sport in America.  Just as kids today dont realize Boxing and Horse racing used to eb the most popular sports a long time ago.  Sad but true. 

Comment 10 Feb 2012

I was like, "who the hell is that" and was about to look it up.  Then I read the next sentence and I was like, "sweet.  I'm glad I don't know who that is."



Comment 19 Nov 2011



That;s what I've been trying to say since the rumors began popping up immediately after Tressel left.  Furthermore, while he is a great coach and I would gladly accept him, if there were any way that you could get someone even 80% of his ability why would you want him?  He quit on his team at Florida...  Just sayin... If you buy the health stuff then so be it but I don't.  If he just wanted to walk away and spend more time with his family, then why didn't he say so in the first place.  As I said, I'll gladly take him cuz he is a great coach obviously.  I would prefer a Gruden, Pelini, or Dantonio instead though because I am not fearful that they will decide coaching is too stressful and quit in a year or two.

Comment 02 Nov 2011



But please... NO GRAY BOXES

I saw the box and was instantly pissed before I even read it. 


I vote a scarlet box for happy news.

Comment 01 Nov 2011

Where are all the Fickell haters?  It just makes me sick how fickle(no pun intended) some of you are.  I have been on the Fickell bandwagon all along.  At times, my confidence did waiver and I have certainly been open to the idea of another coach if that is what was needed but I have said from the beginning(I don't post much on here but just in conversations) that it would be best if Fickell kept the job and that most of the trials in the beginning of the season were a result of growing pains and Fickell being a victim of the circumstances.


So my question again is where are all the haters?  If you guys were so sure he needed fired for Meyer(no thankyou) or Gruden 4 days ago, how does 1 victory change your mind.  He was the same coach last Tuesday as he is today... I'm just saying...


At least no one is screaming about the sky falling anymore

Comment 03 Oct 2011

I can't read all of these because I'd rather not jump head first off a bridge with spike waiting below and my penis tied to a fishing wire.  So if this has been said already, I apologize...


I've been firmly in the "forgiving" group untill now.  The NCAA rules are as ridiculous and hypocritical as the rules of any dictator in history.  I use the word dictator because that is what the NCAA is.  They are an evil dictator who polices and patrols it's subjects and when they step out of line of it's views, comes down upon them.  No rule that anyone has broken at Ohio State (even that ass clown Pryor) were morally wrong.  None broke the law and no one would be codemned by a rational person for their actions in a vacuum seperate from the NCAA.


With that said however, how stupid can someone be?  Whether the rule is just or not, it is a rule.  A rule that you know about, that you know is being scrutinized more than ever, and a rule that you have already broken MULTIPLE TIMES.  I for one am DONE with Herron and Posey.  Herron has been my favorite Buckeye for 3 years now and I am done with him.  If I lived in a totalitarian society where it was illegal to eat Chicken, I would stop eating freakin Chicken.  I love Chicken nearly as much as sex, beer, and football.   But after a while, don't you just have to be a grown up and accept the institution you live in?  Luke Fickell (we all know Smith wont do it) should step up to the plate and say, "you know what?  I don't care what the NCAA does.  I do not want people on my team who repeatedly show disregard for the rules and therefore their teammates.  Posey, Herron...See you later.  You are no longer part of this football team."  While he is at it, I say throw Jamaal Berry into that boat as well.  He has shown the same characteristics repeatedly.  I know that will never happen. No one in college athletics, just-and-fair Fickell included, has the balls to stand up for what is right.  Were I in Ohio Stadium when these 2 do come back, since I'm sure they will, I would BOO every time they touch the ball.  I HATE booing.  Especially at kids whose circumstances are unknown to most of us and didn't break any laws, but there comes a point when you have to decide whether you are going to be a SELFLESS individual or a SELFISH individual.  If your situation is so bad that you must continually throw your teammates and the rules aside to make a buck, then get a job, go to a community college, and pay your way through school like so many of us do.



Comment 04 Jun 2011

What if Fickell, as the new Head Coach, decides that even with no new transgressions ALL of the players suspended will sit for the entire year.  It would be an extremely unpopular move and I'm not going to say that were I in his position I would do it(there are a lot of outside factors we can only imagine), but from a fundamental and moral standpoint, I believe it would be justified.  One, it would set a precedent to other players that says, "don't be a dumbass".  IMO, there should be second chances for mistakes involviing a momentary lapse of judgement. Having a premeditated plan to sell your stuff when you KNOW it is against the rules is not a momentary lack of judgement however and I feel he would be well within his rights to suspend them.  It would force the kids to be accountable and COULD (probably too late at this point but...) help make the NCAA go a little easier.  


Basically my opinion is this.  The kids should be able to do whatever they want with THEIR stuff. The NCAA is the most hypocrytical organization in America and a lot of their rules are just archaic.  However, the rule is what it is and they have to follow it because they are responsible adults.  They are not KIDS as so many people say.  They are young adults.  I am a young adult and if I mess up I suffer consequences.  And if those consequences are sufficient, I don't mess up again.  They broke the rules.  Give them the boot.  That is my opinion.


 "Good luck with your life, but I can't have you around me dragging me down.  PEACE"  That is my attitude to people who bring negativity around me and that would be how I treated the program if I were coach.

Comment 12 May 2011

My favorite is probably Rock Cartwright.  What better name for a fullback?


Funniest is former FSU receiver Dakoty Fagg.


There are others that Im sure will come to me later


Comment 07 May 2011

Bama is on probation.  If this is proven, we will WISH we were on probation.  What will happen to us will be like being in a level 2 prison for 20 years without parole and we will just be longing for the day we get to start pissing in a cup on probation.  Oh man I hope nothing foul occurred here but I just don't see anything good coming from this.  Assume the worst, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Comment 07 May 2011

Honestly, this, if proven true, will be the worst of all the revelations around the program.  This sounds similar to the Reggie Bush thing except instead of a house it is cars and instead of 1 person violating the rules it is possibly 50.  IF this is true(and I automatically assume the worst now) we are F*cked.  And by F*cked, I mean more F*cked than anyone since SMU.  This on top of the Tat 5 and the Tressel stuff would guarantee MAJOR sanctions.  USC got hit big time for Reggie, OJ, and a few others and because no one seemed to care.  While they might not be able to prove that anyone at OSU knew about this, they already know the coach or the AD didn't care to report previous violations and if 50 athletes or family members are involved in both BBall and Football we will certainly get a lack of institutional control.

I could honestly see us getting the worst sanctions since SMU got the death penalty if and only if all of this proves to be true and they find that Tressel, Smith, Gee, or anyone else acted egregiously in regards to the other violations.  I had a lot of hope untill today.  I really think without this we could have gotten off with maybe several scholarship reductions and obviously a vacated 2010 and possibly losing Tressel but probably just an extended suspension. 

If this is true though I don't see any hope that this can end in anything but disaster.  I mean I could see them sending the program to the level of an Illinois or Minnesota for several years with the amount of sanctions we would get.  That would be devastating.  I don't see any way Tressel OR Smith would be able to keep their jobs if this is true and who knows what they find with Matta if they start digging around the basketball program and all the great recruiting classes they have had since he got here.

Please.  Someone talk me off the ledge.