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Comment 18 hours ago

This was a really good piece!  Collier's smart and has great character, a very balanced disposition.  Sorry he didn't get to play because the little I saw of him really looked very promising.  Very glad he chose to be a Buckeye.  Best of luck to him and his future family

Comment 19 Apr 2017

1st and 10 at PSU 25

(2OT) PENN ST Penalty, Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Mike Hull) to the PnSt 12 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at PSU 12

(2OT) Ezekiel Elliott run for 2 yds to the PnSt 10

2nd and 8 at PSU 10

(2OT) J.T. Barrett run for 6 yds to the PnSt 4

3rd and 2 at PSU 4

(2OT) J.T. Barrett run for 4 yds for a TD, (Sean Nuernberger KICK)

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I've marked your fandom for T-Mac all along, going way back into last year, so now every time the guy makes a play lou and mmays flash in front of my eyes.  Dixon's my sentimental fav, right now.  I really like our two TE play as well.  Both looked sharp--Alexander looked like a showtime playmaker.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I understand.  I agree with what you say, but I hadn't seen so much of the in/out/in rightfromthestart shared time between the two backups before, during a spring game.  I thought it worked well--yes, under the spring game circumstances--but quite a bit of it was uptempo (most of what I've seen so far)--and I'm not sure (not sure--but not claiming it's so) I've seen so much uptempo during a spring game, either.  I thought the two looked beyond their respective years in age and development, soo ...  And as I said picking a starter to replace JT--that would be a different matter.  

Wilson is making a big difference, here.

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Had to record the game.  Half way through.  I'd say Dixon is my sentimental favorite for the fall--wow.  Have to say too, that there are two young QBs developing who are extremely talented.  If I were Meyer I'd try to not name a No.2 and just have the tandem in mind in case they're needed--especially since they appear to work the same squad equally well, without much seam at all, and even with their two different but excellent QB skill sets.  [To start, that's a different matter.]  The QB position just keeps getting better under Meyer--and I really don't think this staff will squander the wealth.  Wilson looked quite intense--I liked that a lot.

Comment 11 Apr 2017

I agree, and I think you can certainly have both skill sets executed by the WR position.  One thing that's impressed me first off about Meyer's offense is that it depends upon downfield blockers and how it's consistent with everything else, everything, he teaches and expects from his players.  His best teams have WRs that block, because Meyer runs the ball. 

Comment 09 Apr 2017

"Growth" clearly is used figuratively here.  The man has awesome stature.  He ought to have an awesome future--sooner better than later for the Buckeyes.  Really, though, that quality of moving on to the next play or game without letting things go crazy (Had to make that allusion to my era) was something he was showing late in the season, too, last year.  I definitely recognized his maturity already.