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Comment 16 hours ago

Right now, I'd like to see Cardale get another series or two, too.  And maybe even get him worked into the game on occasion, as they did with Wilson taking the direct snap.  On the whole I think the defense is doing well and I like how the sub/rotations going on.  But, yes, the O-line seems vulnerable and the QB position, too.  In tough games, any of those positions hurting could bring on nasty flashbacks--and for a young team, it'd be an extra challenge they wouldn't need.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

That last remark is no disrespect for their wins so far.  I'm just looking at the next defense and the away location.  It should be a very good measurement of the Buckeye O--which happens to be the most exciting performance from campus I've seen in decades. 

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Looks as if the vatech loss gave the Buckeyes the launch pad they need for the rest of the season--and it's possible, had they survived the vatech game, they might not have seen themselves get so far, so fast, and to the point they could see themselves at the end of this season.  I'm looking forward to the psu game.  It ought to be a decent test for Barrett&Co.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Thanks for the excellent review.  I hadn't known their defensive front was that much to consider, so I'm getting the idea the Buckeye O-line will be key in setting the tempo.  Nova appears to be a spaz, but he does have athletic receivers an a strong running back.  I'd expect the Buckeyes to make big plays on defense, but they win heavy if the O-line moves people and protects Barrett.  Nova's going to spaz, though, in any case.

Comment 15 Oct 2014

"If" is that awful, notorious word, but, if the Buckeye pass defense hadn't ...., they'd not have been twice disappointed and we just simply would be gratified to see Barrett stepping and being the man he's turning out to be. 

Comment 15 Oct 2014

"I think we’ve got to be good at open-field tackling and keeping the ball in front of us."

Not the words I'd expect from the opponents' D-line when talking about stopping a balanced offense.  Those kinds of words can you get behind, and, if the offense is very good in the red zone, then the dogs gonna get let loose.  I understand Meyer's continued emphasis on the O-line's growth.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

You're right, of course.  I just think that these guys--these guys in particular, needed something to light that swagger fuse.  There was some clip before a televised game, maybe the NAVY game, in which one the Buckeyes was saying they had a chip on their shoulder, they had something to prove, they were better than their last two losses--and maybe it was a defensive player.  To me it sounded sorta for tv, one of those pre-game sound bites to warm up the audience--I don't want to say it sounded 'contrived' because I'm sure the Buckeyes were feeling that way.  I just don't think it genuinely was inspiring them. 

Watching them now, they're inspired.  Especially the defense--if they can eliminate small single digit number of breakdowns, they'll have performances that match their offense. And then maybe Meyer will say something like, now that was championship level defense. 

The defense is so close to having their own break-out shut-down game.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

In my experience, it's been the big break between the regular and post-season that can be so detrimental one way or the other for teams.  While I appreciate generally what the concern is now for the Buckeyes, my sense is that this team won't lose anything this time around either--In fact, I expect the opposite. 

Since losing that vatech lockup at 21-21, I've been really impressed with the character of this team even when they've messed a play.  To realize their potential, they've got to continue being even more than resilient.  They've got to keep bouncing back even better than before--each time, every time. 

That somewhat pained look on Meyer's face after the Maryland game tells me all I want to know about how he's going to exploit these two weeks. 

Comment 09 Oct 2014

My guess is that he's speaking genuinely about concern for momentum loss, in a general sense, but at the same time he's exploiting these two weeks just as before--the extra time now is good for both offense and defense.  His words are more for the others to listen to.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Yes, good work, thanks.  It improves watching the game and helps define major differences between this year and last year.  And it points to a few questions that only the Buckeye staff can answer definitively. 

Comment 04 Oct 2014

I grew up listening to the Big2-little8 thing.  Anyway, may I just suggest here, that you're isolating the early, ooc games with mcneese, oregon and lsu and inflating their importance as metrics for those 2014 teams' quality--for instance, do you really believe the vatech game is/was a season evaluation  of the 2014 Buckeyes?  The rest of your comment, the way I read it, says no.  If "awful" means you're unhappy pissed etc. with those games' outcomes, yeah, I certainly could let your sentiment stand.  But, I was pointing out first in my comment, that excellence and consistency are an apparent issue so far this season.  I was also saying that thinking (not feeling) leads one to the view that the conference isn't "awful."  That UO vs rr game, btw, you could swing entirely in another direction when it comes to conferences, especially if you look at rr's schedule (UTSA).

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Great review, thanks.  But I gotta say, the conference isn't "awful."  The conference might not yet consistently offer exemplar football and some of its football can just be plain bad--Is that really news to anyone?  But a decent portion of the conference can and should be expected to play good football.  And as noted, there are a couple of nice surprises, too, from its new members.  It's really time to let the B1G-bad media meme go for good.  And as for Brandon, one person isn't, nor has it been, the problem up there for some time ... for that, go back to how the school and some of the alums handled Lloyd Carr. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

I'm still tuning my Meyer comprehension skills and so what I'm hearing from him is his expectation first, for success between his OT's via Elliot, from which all other things offense will flow, and secondly, a dominant performance from his D-line against their run, which will set up a much better showing from his secondary.  In my lifetime, listening to guys like him is so much better than listening to anything coming out of DC.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

"Us being Marylanders, not specifically the University of Maryland"

I've no problem with the flag, no problem with Marylanders' showing their colors, but this is one school in the state using the state flag for all over itself.  And then, because it's not enough to also have the state name on the jersey front, the state name also has to be bold on the helmet backside.  What we've got here is a type of failure to communicate.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

Especially when you see "MARYLAND" on the helmet back, you know identity is a mental health issue with these people.  That said, I'm glad they didn't try working pink into their scheme.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

That's a good observation.  Most likely it's going to be Elliott, especially because he's showing that he can catch well, too.  And with the others all as significant alternatives (including Barrett), it's only going to help Elliott.  I'm guessing that's a part of what Meyer envisions for him when he's saying that Elliott could become one of Ohio State's great backs.  Might not show the hand until EL, though.