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Comment 24 May 2017

celebrate a blocked punt against Ohio State

That will not happen again.  Nor will a blocked FG attempt.

Comment 24 May 2017

At the start of Meyer's tenure, I just didn't think that the D, even with the Silver Bullet D of the recent past, was going to be a hallmark of Meyer's career here, but, I just stop and reflect on the defense side of things and its progression, the staff especially, the D's been phenomenal.  And now It really looks as if the O-side is taking a similar turn.  My bandana's off to Meyer and the staff he's assembled. 

Comment 19 May 2017

I grew up with the whoa nelly guy and to me his voice was fall saturdays, but that game, that tandem of announcers, was absolutely the worst, and still is the worst, in my memory.  It's when I started turning off the sound and playing instead our band or something like ACDC or Dead Schlelmcherlers--no disrespect intended, my brain just freezes spelling that name.

Comment 12 May 2017

I thought he was lightning fast and had developed into a very good receiver.  I don't think the Buckeye O gave him enough exposure and opportunity to overcome public memory of his injury. 

I'm not familiar with the nfl/team medical clearance process, but a foot is foot, not a brain, and if he's getting a large majority of medical support for his overall fitness, including his foot, he deserves a real opportunity at the Sunday level--but, I'm just one of his fans and fellow alums.

Comment 11 May 2017

Well, I read 'strings' and couldn't get beyond the size of Archie's shoulder pads because I was trying to connect textile, grasp, and plastic-on-plastic impact.  A little disturbing how things have changed.  I liked those heavier grill facemasks, too--tres '70s.

Comment 10 May 2017

Do schools still shelter their players?  I remember (still) a Chicago Trib series on athletic programs and academics in our conference and the way schools such as umich and, I believe, nwu sheltered their players by enrolling them in courses for keeping the players out of the mainstream academic coursework.  That was back in the '90s--and specific mention was made that Ohio St and our guy Cooper, for all his November failings, did not shelter his players.. 

I ask because this academic ranking stuff annoys me when the playing field isn't level.  It doesn't do justice to the achievements of a student like Cardale. 

Comment 09 May 2017

One thing Johnston did aside from distance was place his punts dead wherever the staff wanted them to hit.  There was no carpet bombing, so I think that, yes, competition and injury insurance, but this program reached for and looks to maintain a skill and finesse level beyond distance, hang time, and consistency. 

I hardly think the position is settled and the person emerging as the better punter may not be the better punter in all situations.  Both punters are very athletic in physical qualities and in terms of eye-hand-foot coordination!  Consider them both to offer the team an extraordinary level of a mixed skill set. 

*When  you stand next to a gifted punter who's practicing, you'll hear the laces spin like a missile. 

Comment 08 May 2017

Wow, the talent Meyer&Co. bring into the team.  You'd think saturation but his system depends upon it--and the players all of them benefit.

Punters happen to be a fav of mine.  This guy has a whip at the end of his kick--a lot of strength but in form.  He's definitely welcomed.