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Comment 12 hours ago

I gotta lead a lot of what I type with, I think, or, imo, because I'm going by memories decades old--and that was depressing alone writing that.  Anyway, I do think, we got the right guy, Earle, at the time.  I just don't think he met his potential--rather, he didn't come any where near his potential, for some reason.  And that's something of interest while reading each round of three hard shots of pain.  Recruiting?  I don't know, there were some really fine talented guys to go through his program.  One general vague memory I had was that the losses to the so-so or should've-beaten teams were played flat, or uninspired.  It happens everywhere and anytime, but in this period it seemed to become somewhat of a routine.

Comment 17 hours ago

Vlade Janakievski was an excellent PKer.  That's one of two banal but true observations, while the other one is that UCLA's line looked huge and strong that Saturday and I think I recall walking away and feeling lucky the game hadn't finished worse. 

WWH's short catalog of reasons for why his teams lost comes to mind too frequently--this time, 'fat headed' pops out. 

Comment 19 hours ago

"I was thinking too much. I don't play very well when I think too much."  I think Cardale said just pretty much the same thing and you could see it in his throwing motion.  'Thinking too much' kills performance.  One of the weird truths about athletics.  Eh, better for these guys' futures to have learned it last year. 

Comment 27 Jul 2016

A person can't put his/her employer in such a position, even when the person is more important than the organization's president.  It's that simple. 

I thought he pulled a 'patton' intentionally, but I changed my mind.  Went to a few of these games this season.  There were development and challenges from the start of the season and throughout, but things just weren't quite right.  Wish he would've treated himself better and retired after the Colorado bowl win.  But, you know, I watched the Clemson highlights for their season--that was a very good team and WWH 'missed it by that much.' 

I had to read his commencement speech again.  Quite a visionary, one of the great ones.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I like the schedule this year better than last because it ought to better bring into focus difficulties or needed adjustments.  Last year's had a nice start to it, but for the 2015 team's caliber of talent and experience it didn't have what was needed in terms of an additional test.  A substantial test and an earlier overall build in the level of difficulty should suit this 2016 team, well.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I'm laughing, but, really great players want some great games in the mix.  I think it's about finding that sweet balance, which is hard to do in college football.  My hs team were state champions in hockey my senior year.  They admired Ohio State and the teams Ohio State played--tough....  I also kinda think the guys needed a bit more greatness in the earlier part of their schedule last year, especially following their postseason run. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

That OU game I listened to over AM radio because in PA there was, and probably still is, just not much of a market for Ohio State.  The rally fading in and out was fantastic to hear.  Definitely one of the unique high-quality games I can remember during the Coach's time.  Wasn't Uwe gesturing to the crowd to up the noise during that T.O.?  You have steel like that when you have no effn clue of the substance of what you're doing and where you're at.  If it were in pill form, it would be a banned substance.

In line with uniform and equipment observations, I'm thinking these shoulder pads these past several years, more or less, make the players look like transformers.  They're rather huge--and tres cool paired with mesh, crop, and tear-away jerseys.  

Comment 26 Jul 2016

The Miami game I think was the one game featured in that BBC documentary on Woody.  I also think I recall seeing a Miami OL puke on the field because of heat, which is confusing because the recorded temp was pretty nice--but, the sun was out the entire game.  The game reminded me more of a scrimmage.  It had a strange feel to it.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Matt's account for this year's u mo game made me think about some of those much earlier, prehayesian games that were flaky losses, too, and not because he was the same writer interpreting the games.  It's the certain series of events within a game that must happen to produce the outcome.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

I probably dreamed this, but I thought I heard that Woody took a baseball bat to the umich helmet and threw oranges in order to light up his players (hahah)....  All told it wasn't a bad year.  There are worse things than winning Oranges. 

*Have to say, too, his words after The Game were very classy.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Was on my way to the beach late in the game, listening to the umary broadcast over satellite.  I'll never forget their reaction to Cardale's hurdle.  Radio ain't dead yet, because sometimes you have to hear the words before you can believe your eyes....  For me, the biggest change in terms of talent has the qb guys Meyer's brought on board and the guys carried over and developed from JT's tenure.  Few times if there are any compare to the qb depth....  Though I agree, one game at a time, overlook no one.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

The guy was an archetype, our archetype, and, not only for his players and his staff and his school and his fans, I think you're reading that the older guys--and the guys even older than the older guys--wanted more for his sake, too, because he worked for all of those opportunities.  Breaks and choices aside, I'd wish he'd exercised more self-discipline, not necessarily commensurate with what he expected of his players and staff, but just a bit more discipline infused in his personal ethics.  To see him him introduced by Jennings and speak at that commencement was, in my eyes, really gratifying.  That speech gets quoted by people aren't even Buckeye fans.  He did much more than prodigious win-loss stuff. 

Comment 24 Jul 2016

The guy looks like a stand-in. 

"Griffin's father worked long and hard to support his family, knowing that the best he could do for his children was to give them a chance at a good education. At one point, he worked three jobs, balancing his days between driving a sanitation truck, cleaning a school and then working in a steel foundry at night." ( Archie Griffin - Growing Up - Eastmoor, Football, Fullback, and Play - JRank Articles )

But, I thought I was told his dad was also a minister?