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Comment 24 Jun 2016

Haha.  I don't think they suck.  Most of the PK game is in the head and practicing the discipline of the all important form.  They may be the ones who need a little time in Tibet these summer days. 

Nugent was the very best I'd seen in a few decades.

Comment 24 Jun 2016

Sprinters are my favorites.  ...  Btw, I was under 5-8 in hs and visited Ohio State as a kicker--I had to kick because of chronic 'head knocks.'  My neurosurgeon said that the good athletes didn't have such problems--they weren't clutzy, in other words.  Then he went on about how excellent his son was, haha, whatanass.   Anyway, my estimation of myself as a high school kicker was that I was good enough to kick for a small program, but not for the Buckeyes.  I was wrong, the kicker they ended up with was nothing special.  My dad was my connection to Woody and his staff and players from the late '60s onward.  All I ever met or knew were just really excellent people.  It's why love this school and the program (And I visited psu. too--just never have liked psu or paterno, for that matter.)  And I bet, you were running in a meet before one of the spring games I attended in the mid-'70s--back when spring games attracted only a small fraction of what they do now days.  Anyway, sprinters are my favorites--for me, it's the vicarious experience of their fast acceleration to a blazing speed.  Pretty cool.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

He was always larger than life when I heard him speak, no matter what the setting.  I was a kid and in awe, but I don't think that had much to do with my perception of his charisma.  It was an innate thing. And yeah, he really didn't speak loudly at all. 

What you said about your parents' talk with him I can easily imagine.  And the fact he still had 'it' when he spoke at your high school doesn't surprise me.  Your right, it's really cool stuff to have experienced. 

Winning's important when you're head coach, but I remember Woody Hayes for his speaking and the effect it had on others.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

I never want to go through again what seemed to me a total lack of transition as what the program went through from Earle to John.  From Cooper to JT wasn't too bad.  As for the next installment(s), there were a lot of excellent alums involved (such as Spielman), but I like to credit Fickell a lot with how the program kept together.  We demand heaven from our coaches and transitioning from the JT fiasco was improbable--but, jeez, look what happened. 

Comment 22 Jun 2016

I feel that I am the only person who never heard of Iowa Pre-Flight.  I've been enlightened.  And the year's matchup displayed rare character--not that I'm against running up the score.  There were at-large considerations at play and the game demonstrated great things about people not seen enough these days.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Yes!  Another with the same thought.  I'm not a native Ohioan--half my family is, but I'm not--so some opinions I keep to myself, such as how sweet beating up on psu is.


My high school coach (very successful career as a coach and hs math teach in the state next door), said about the Tressel hire, "They could not have picked a better coach for the job."  He was the right guy at the right time, in so many ways. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

IU plays msu and the Buckeyes back-to-back and early in the season.  That's makes tough even way tougher and so is playing in a'arbor the week before their rivalry to end the season, but they certainly have other games that are winnable for them in order to cobble together a winning season.  And I like the letters on their helmets--they look good.  Trying to be positive, hah.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

"Cornell would go on to finish 8–0 in 1939, ranked No. 4 in the final AP Poll."

Apparently SOS mattered then as well and is nothing new these days.  I've got very little idea about which East teams were considered powerhouse programs, but it seemed to me at first glance, that Cornell got Boise'ed a bit by the media. 

Comment 17 Jun 2016

"his cursing and iron grip coaching style was concerning for members of the athletic department"

I have to wonder about team morale, too, when there's no benefit from the style and instead something like, eh-hm, the loss to purdue.  Meyer calls it screaming and throwing the water bottle--but I think with Meyer, it's going to be calculated for effect.  No effect, no do again--but try something else and always rely on player leadership. 

Wonder what was going on in the players' heads.