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Comment 17 Feb 2015

Bennett's leadership will be missed, but really didn't come on strong until mid-season, or maybe later.  That uwisc game was phenomenal D-line play with the lbs moving behind in support--just phenomenal.  I'm thinking that Johnson has had a huge impact on development and performance and we'll see it again right from the start, next season.  Healthy, Schutt will do well, very well under Johnson, and become the next leader up

Comment 09 Feb 2015

ll of them are my favorite picks, haha, so it's up to them to sort things out--but, I have to say Cardale does indeed throw pretty among all those other things he can do.  He certainly throws pretty just like Ginn Sr. taught him.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Still trying to understand how those turnovers didn't cost the Buckeyes much more against Oregon and the other, what's their name, yes, that saban team from the sec.  I'm thinking the turnovers were pretty much symptomatic of the Buckeyes' frenzy of effort typical of youth.  Those teams were doomed. 

And when these guys return this fall, they'll be that much more mature.  Terms like workman-like will be used. 

What's Vince doing these days?

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Yes, I agree. In fact I think it's kinda silly the amount of attention it's getting as if it were all maybe by design. 

I will say, I wish there was transparency, even if transparency comes by disclosing about the process after the fact.  The time for this kind of career decision making is really compressed--see, Herman--and I'm not sure that a lot of people understand, or know much about, the interview and hiring process.  To begin, it's not a quickie sort of thing for either the organization or personnel interviewed--and 'personnel' should be understood plural. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

As the post below says, it sux for all three.  But, like you and some others I was anxious to see Reeves back.  I guess, for me anyway, the silver lining is that I don't have to read speculative cr@p about disciplinary or academic issues being the cause for him not to play.  I remember reading posts to that effect somewhere.  I had head injuries--among other things, it really takes the fun out of the game.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I really don't know, but maybe it's a special-interest article The 11W can pick up on...  Cardale has a daughter, I believe I read somewhere--speaking from experience, daughters are great.   I'd exclude his other child, Tyvis, because he's got a custody battle of sorts going on--don't need any of that negative press stuff.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I'm an older guy, but not old, but old enough to recognize youth, players or staff, can get better, a lot better, in a short time, and I've seen it happen many times for Ohio State.  I always try to keep my mouth shut when unhappy (like watching that 6-7 season or watching a string of uncharacteristic performances by the defense).  This program always corrects for the best--and I think its our player alumni who are largely responsible for it. 

Comment 25 Jan 2015

I wouldn't speculate so much on Miller's future because he and the direction he will take from staff are entirely a wild card in and of itself.  I've watched decades of Buckeye football and I cannot recall one other player that I would describe as delivering the incredible as if it were by design. 

I agree with what you posted and I'd just add that the season wouldn't have happened without him--and the 2013 season, for that matter.  This team was a historical process and, just as many have felt, it was destined for this unprecedented national championship. 

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Todd Blackledge, I think, said the same thing about the qb group when he was commenting on the possibility of one of them leaving.  He said, that's what he observed--good chemistry. 

I recall hearing UF former players whining about Meyer playing favorites and stuff to that effect.  I cannot possibly see that being the case with any player group on this team. 

With this kind of chemistry a program recruits itself.  Meyer's got something very special going for the long term.