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Comment 16 Jan 2017

I like his O-line pedigree and the way he's integrated his O-line execution into the success of his offense.  What I'm looking for in 2017 is less 2015-msu kinda stuff (not helped by a key illness), which is near certainty.  Can't speak to the allegations against him at IU, but I always appreciated the teams.  Always a JTB believer.  The focus last season for development and remedy, imo, was the O-line.  I saw everything else at the closest to be a second concern--including playcalling, which was meh to poor, but showed up worst or a shambles against tough defense and capable offense.  Fix the O-line and get it into the O-game--> Should then see a dramatic consistent improvement.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Wilson rarely leaned on the quarterback to run the ball ....

Jeesh, great reading this analysis and review of Wilson--so many key points and great job setting the context for the development.  Made me think of 'athlete personnel vs offense invention' as a chkn egg question.  Also made me think there are similar 'athlete personnel' changes going on on defensive side, in terms of body build and skills set.  The college game keeps evolving.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Great summary. 

My 3c about Herman:  The Buckeyes really didn't qualify as an explosive offense until the unknown howitzer stepped in. The potential was there and sometimes showed itself in a game, such as that msu game, which was relatively late in the season.  But, imo, the shock and awe of the NC offense derived from Cardale's accidental entrance, Herman's aggressiveness established under Meyer's post-1H psu direction, and the peaked development of the prodigious track-star speed and ability of Devin Smith, which had been cultivated by Meyer throughout Smith's career. 

Just a footnote to my footnote:  I read more than once here, immediately following the NC game, how we'd miss Devin Smith. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Meyer is of course the man in front of the curtain, but Kevin Wilson is I think the man behind the curtain regarding a decent portion of personnel changes.  From my ignorant perspective, the WR group now looks wide open for competition and I'd guess the group is Wilson's focal point and epicenter for really beeg change in the offense.  Should be a very interesting spring.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Great news and great news in context of everything else going on.  I wonder if Jamarco, Price et al. have helped reassure the recruits.  I don't underestimate the influence of our players.  And Pat's decision last year really set this continuity and staying-on stuff up for the future, imo.  Let's not waste the these guys' trust.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I would probably have different thoughts if Michigan hired a coach followed by these allegations.

Because their track record is practically 180 opposite.  Really, though, I'd bet any whiff of Wilson doing the alleged stuff with our trainers and players will cause a clean sweep.  From an outsider's pov, it's a real gamble Meyer as CEO is taking with Wilson.