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Comment 23 Mar 2017

On a personal level on up to the public stage, Woody was a measure of magic and inspiration I've never seen or heard in anyone else in collegiate sports.  I think time just made him better as a person, no matter that his tactical skills had deteriorated--kinda like that song we all hear so often: 

Time and change will surely (truly) show
How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!

BK, ehh, fits a category I might get tagged for being political if I mentioned, but the guy did win, did inspire champions, and made people laugh for various reasons intended or not. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Harbaugh took it a step further Tuesday while doing a national media circuit to promote ... the bondage of other nuts.

To pull a movie quote:  "You can't make up such a thing as that. I dare you to try."

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Loved this article.

One of my favorite WWH games below: classic Woody, classic Woody-Bo.  I was there, elementary school kid in a student section at the south end.  I saw nothing of the game, but one of the most impressive experiences in that great stadium.  Champ Henson was a fav of mine--The guy, I can see now, had terrific leverage to move a pile forward.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

The O-line, exactly--I expect that there will be an adjustment to Wilson and the adjustment will be for the better.  I base my expectation on what I read here a month or so ago about Wilson's offense.  I'm not sure how quickly the adjustment will be made--whether or not it will be done in gradations. 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

If we're talking last season, I put most of my 'concern' on the staff.  Just in over simplified terms that I can understand, the staff configuration/hierarchy for play calling was muddled and absent the coherent dynamic of seasons before. 

I really expect that this season will show new rigor and disciplined execution, especially in terms of play series, which I'd attribute to the key changes in O-staff.  Just a new regime in terms of structure and force.  The flavor's still going to be Buckeye.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Last season is last season and last season's done.  This season should be new and fresh.  JT will likely have his characteristic lapse from time to time, but he ought to have a great season overall, which will quiet the question of whether or not he's outperformed those waiting behind him to play. 

The men's basketball is a concern. I don't share Mr. Smith's confidence.