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Comment 02 May 2013

I don't like the contrasting color for a collar.  In fact, I've never seen a football jersey that does this that I do like, to me it looks tacked on and strange.  Overall I like this better than what they wear now, although I could take or leave the helmet change.  The gold Buckeye leaves are brilliant and should be implemented today.  I liked the small buckeye leaves stitched above the name plate on the 2012 pro combat jerseys; I thought it would be good to add these to the regular jersey, one for each varsity letter earned.  Walt's idea for the gold Buckeye leaves is easily better though.

Comment 15 Mar 2012

Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless ask you to kindly shut the hell up.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

"Former head coach Bruce Earle voiced his discontent......"  Former player Russell Anderson thinks something is off about this....

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Trey DePriest went to Alabama.  He played as a reserve and on special teams as a true freshman this past year, won't be surprised if he has a breakout 2012.

The year before was Jordan Hicks to Texas.  I don't think he's been an All American, but he does look like he is going to live up to his hype.

Comment 03 Feb 2012

"...I could tell our offensive line didn't look the way we needed them to look."  Sigh, the least surprising sentence I've read in months.  I feel for Boston College, they really stepped in it.

Comment 28 Jan 2012

Are these the fools that added the T-shirt cannon nonsense to Buckeye games?  "Look out, Brutus is on the loose!"  *Huge sigh*  Having an Integrys Energy T shirt shot at me does not improve gameday.

I feel like this consulting group will recommend various gimmicks, "proving" their worth by listing other schools with good attendence that use them.  Correlation is not causation.

Comment 13 Jan 2012

I'll see your Bell, Newsome and Shazier and raise you a Jordan Hicks, Trey DePriest and Shazier. Here's to hoping Grant steps up and Sabino has a carrer year.

Comment 12 Jan 2012

I lived in Mack Hall as well, although 10 years ago.  If I remeber right, Steve Bellisari got busted for drunk driving after running a stop sign/red light at 12th and Neil in 2001.

Comment 12 Sep 2011

That's what I want from a leader; instead of being accountable, claim your situation is harder than someone else's, inferring it's "not my fault".  Spurrier has this mindset also, although he blatantly will throw anyone under the bus.

Comment 10 Sep 2011

Anyone else see Minny coach Jerry Kill have a seizure?  Very scary.

Comment 05 Sep 2011

"Shapiro was able to con affluent, educated folks out of nearly a billion dollars. Given his manipulative talents, how are we surprised that kids (who come from a slightly different "socio-economic" background) couldn't turn down $175?"

This is a false premise.  It implies that the players were tricked into breaking the rules.  They accepted the money/lodging/parties, etc. b/c they weren't interested in the rules, felt they wouldn't get caught, or were just living for today and not worrying about what consequence might come tomorrow.

Comment 25 Aug 2011

I agree the linked article was a pile of trash.  However, I've liked a lot of the other stuff posted on the site.  FWIW, grantland is Bill Simmons "spin off" from ESPN, and he has some good writers on staff.  Unfortunately, if this article is any indication, the college football writer they picked is an epic fail.

Comment 09 Jun 2011

That drives me nuts as well.  I just hoped they fixed it so D lineman and LBs don't jump 40 inches in the air anytime I throw a pass between the hash marks.  Also, having the interior O lineman actually block someone when I run a PA play would be nice.

Comment 30 May 2011

Insane.  Unless there is a lot we don't know about, this is fucking ridiculous. 

Comment 12 May 2011

Akron had a corner, now with the Bills, named Reggie Corner.  Sparty had a QB named Jeff Smoker which I always thought was funny.  A couple of other college football players that stick in my mind are Chris Smelley and De'Cody Fagg.

As for OSU, my favorite is Van Ness Decree.  That is a strong name.

The name that had to be the toughest to deal with is Lucious Pusey.  I don't remember where he went to school, but if I remember right he had his last name changed, for obvious reasons.