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Comment 17 Jul 2014

Wiggins looks like a star in the making, I wouldn't trade him. The T-wolves will get desperate in Feb. and take Waiters/Bennett and a 1st round pick.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

I wouldn't say sweltering heat is a plus. If your going to have that heat at least live near the beach. Not in hickville.

Comment 24 May 2014

If they get get over the circle jerk of getting a "michigan man" and not run good coaches out of town, then they can move forward. It is fun to watch their failure though.

Comment 21 May 2014

Columbus has school option so they just have to live in the district and can go to any school they want. They are closing Brookhaven though.

Comment 20 May 2014


I think with the issues football is having with injuries etc, basketball is in prime position to take over the #1 sport in the USA within the next 50 years. I think something that would help this along is to have universal rules for all levels of basketball.

I would like:

  • 24 second shot clock
  • 8 seconds to cross half court
  • Once advanced to front court cannot throw inbounds to back half of the court
  • Jump ball for tie ups 
  • NBA 3 point line (23 ft 9 in)
  • 4 twelve minute quarters
  • 6 foul limit
  • 4 timeouts for whole game (1 expires at end of the 1st half)
  • FIBA restricted area 
  • Make court 1 foot wider
  • Can touch the ball over the cylinder 

Anything else???