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Comment 08 Aug 2016

Just read it.. You call that "going into" like he was given such a hard time? ROFL...... I would like to see you handle life in the real world instead of your safe space.

All anyone did was ask is are you SURE it is the player you are claiming it is. If it is then you should report him to the AD to get any damages fixed and he declined. 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

No just pointing out that just because one is ranked higher than the other doesn't mean the higher ranked player will be better.

Curtis Grant or Ryan Shazier

You can do it all day. Doesn't mean the highly ranked player is bad or wont end up the better player though. Any player that Urban lets commit is a good player. 

I'm sure the recruit rankings would look a lot different if it was done by top college coaches instead of the media.

Comment 25 Jun 2016

Melo can play defense and he would for LeBron and a ring. Melo is a better 3 pt shooter and a more versatile scorer than Love. Melo can also run the 2nd team as the man when LeBron goes out.

Thompson, Melo, LeBron, JR, Irving 

Bench: Frye, Shump, Delly, Melo, Mo

Comment 22 Jun 2016

Expiring contract for the Knicks. If he works out they get a star player if it doesn't (most likely) they have tons of room to go after other free agents to pair with Godzingis. 

Comment 15 Jun 2016

I've heard Celtics would give 2 players + 3rd pick for Love and Ford has a 3 team trade with Melo and Irving which I would be a big fan of ( have called for it since LeBron came back )

Comment 29 May 2016

Yeah but Urban won the battle first at UF, Cam stole a laptop or something and got kicked out.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I believe players take money from booster everywhere, that is normal. But I doubt many places have Asst ADs that are giving out money like this.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I don't have a problem with it since they gave him a year notice on it pretty much. If they did it like harbaugh and asked a week before signing day, that would be more problematic.