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Comment 04 Feb 2016

Why would we take 2 QBs? Dont have that luxury this is going to be a small class and we can't use 2 spots for a QB when we will still have Barrett/Collier/Haskins/Gibson available

Comment 04 Feb 2016

True we are already 4 over for next year. To get anywhere near 18 we are going to have to not ask back any of the 4th year Juniors but I think that isn't likely since we would keep an existing starter over an incoming freshman. 

6 Seniors 
4th year Juniors (*=projected starter):

*J.T. Barrett (staying unless he goes to NFL)
James Clark
*Gareon Conley (staying unless he goes to NFL)
*Marcus Baugh (staying unless he goes to NFL)
*Billy Price (staying unless he goes to NFL)
Evan Lisle
*Erick Smith (staying unless he goes to NFL)
*Tyquan Lewis (staying unless he goes to NFL)
Damon Webb
*Dante Booker (staying unless he goes to NFL)
*Chris Worley (staying unless he goes to NFL)
*Mike Hill (staying unless he goes to NFL)
Tracy Sprinkle
Donovan Munger

That puts us in a really tough spot because that leaves only 5 players that are 4th year guys that may not start and aren't early NFL entry candidates. So that would give us 11 spots for 2017 if they all left and then we look at players that could leave early for the NFL.

Gareon Conley - if he has a good year we can reasonable expect him to leave and be an early draft pick
Tyquan Lewis - had a great year as the #2 guy and another good year as "the man" can open the door for the NFL
Billy Price - Lots of potential and could leave after this year with his slob brother Elflein
Chris Worley - If he has a breakout year, think Darron Lee 2014, I could see him going to get paid
Dante Booker - He is a Perry clone (maybe more athletic) and if he has a good year the NFL is waiting
Raekwon McMillan - Players like him come in and play as a freshman and don't stay 4 years

So whats that bring us to?

6 Seniors
6 early draftees
5 fourth year juniors graduating
= 17 scholarships 

And, imo, that 17 is being very "generous" 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Nope we are already over our scholarship numbers and we have 11 WRs on the roster with only 1 being a senior.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I agree that some medical hardships are just to clear space, but looking at the ones that we've had recently I haven't gotten any feeling other than that they legitimately shouldn't be playing anymore for their own safety. When you have multiple concussions or multiple ACL tears, especially on the same knee or arthritis then you should call it quits so you can function when you are 40+.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Watching the signing day press conference Meyer said something that was really interesting to me. "5th year guys at Ohio State don't exist anymore". I know Warren Ball wasn't asked back for a 5th year and I think that trend will continue, which is why I italicized the previously redshirted players. So 4th year juniors probably won't be asked back to make room for more than 6 players in the 2017 class (already at 10) since there are only a few guys I could see leaving early for the NFL (Conley, McMillan, Price,  Pridgeon).

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Chrisman grayshirt means we are 87 right now. We have 6 seniors so unless people leave early or we don't ask back ANY of the 4th year JRs we are already 4 over the limit for 2017

Comment 24 Jan 2016

We are already over 85 at this point and only 5 seniors with 10 commits already in 2017 class. So there are a lot of players that have been around that are about to be leaving.