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Comment 29 Apr 2016

I believe players take money from booster everywhere, that is normal. But I doubt many places have Asst ADs that are giving out money like this.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I don't have a problem with it since they gave him a year notice on it pretty much. If they did it like harbaugh and asked a week before signing day, that would be more problematic.

Comment 09 Apr 2016

All of that was to lead up to mass production Model3. You don't come out with a brand new concept like say an iPhone and have the first iteration be the iPhone 6s. You have developmental steps which the company opens says the roadster, S, and X were all there to fund and mass produce the model 3. 

Tesla is also going to be producing 50% of all lithium ion batteries at their new plant in Nevada, so they have a sound business model that could sell batteries even if they didn't make cars.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

Youtube/Google might be a player. They recently tried to buy Twitch for streaming video games and have put a big investment into live streaming on youtube when their bid was rejected in favor of Amazon. Getting traditional sports on their platform would go a long way towards helping grow that platform out. Plus everyone is familiar with youtube already and you can watch it from anywhere you want. 

Comment 02 Apr 2016

But an electric engine is much more efficient than a gas burning engine so even if you use "dirty" energy to recharge your electric car, it is cleaner in the end. But it is getting more affordable to get a whole home solar system that powers all your needs.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

u can find a nice one on craigslist for $500-700