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Comment 23 Mar 2017

spot on!  And their house made garlic butter, I could lick that shit off the parking lot.  I don't even look at the menu any more.  I listen to what the special is and if it sounds like something I'm the mood for I get it.  If not, I just get the Italian plate so I get a little bit of everything.  That was actually where my fiancé and I went on our first real date in 2010.  Last year, at the very same table there, is where I proposed to her.  Big fan of Moretti's, absolute tucked away hidden gem.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

I was watching the Tennessee game with a Tennessee fan from Knoxville that happened to be in Columbus that week.  You could almost see his soul leaving his body during that 2nd half comeback, like an southern orange version of Patrick Swazye in Ghost, but way more depressed hehehe.  We were at the crowne sports bar in Powell, poor guy had a ROUGH time that night after halftime.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I've heard of Elmo's and wanted to hit that place up the Friday before our last trip to Indy in 2014 for the B1G championship game.  Quickly realized you're not making a reservation to that place the day of lol.  Thanks for the reminder though, hopefully this December.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

/\  What this guy said /\

Charge me whatever the hell you want to charge me, but bring me what I ask for.  I don't mind paying more for the same thing I can do at home for less because I'm not doing the work, I'm sitting on my ass drinking while you cook and you're cleaning up all the mess.  But the medium rare steak that comes to the table with zero pink inside pisses me off beyond description.  You have now just completely ruined a great piece of meat, that I will now have to eat rather than A) wait another 20 minutes for a new one done right and/or B) eat a different steak that has been spit on for sending the first one back.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

1- Sausage gravy & biscuits

One of my favorite things for breakfast and without a doubt one of the easiest things in the world to make.  Order it in a restaurant and you get complete garbage.

2- Steak

I haven't ordered a steak in a restaurant in I don't know how many years.  After the 100th time of ordering whatever cut I've selected and asked for it medium rare only to see it come out medium+......never again.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

I was smart enough to not run on foot.  I was however dumb enough to run 80+mph in a Camaro that was not mine, stoned, and upon turning down a gravel road to get away, missed the road and turned into a guys driveway hehehe. 

Cop: "where are you headed son?"

Me: "home?"

Dude that owns the house on his front porch: "who the hell are you?"

lotta handcuffs and name calling after that part lol 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

11W jail - no

real jail - yes, twice

Once in college, over night for trying to outrun a cop to avoid a speeding ticket, stoned, stupid, shit happens. Once again in my late 20's, spent about 6-8 hrs in jail over a computer error.  Wayne county Ohio, biggest bunch of dipshits I've ever encountered.  Cost me $300 to bail out and $200+ to get my car out of impound.  Went to court, proved I was right and it was all a computer error, was refunded my $300 bail but not the $200 for them towing my car.  (I got a speeding ticket like 5 years earlier in that same car the week I bought it, my insurance was active but hadn't received my new card yet, so my old card still showed the previous vehicle, they marked me in the system as driving with no license in error, 5 years later I get stopped for a routine license check, shit hits the fan)

Comment 21 Mar 2017

"The first-team defensive line was Sam Hubbard, Michael Hill, Dre'Mont Jones and Tyquan Lewis, though it appeared Lewis and Hill were limited during contact drills. That's likely because both are fifth-year seniors and part of Urban Meyer's 2,000-rep club which limits players in spring ball. Nick Bosa, Jalyn Holmes, Robert Landers and DaVon Hamilton appeared to be the ones who rotated running with the first team in place of Lewis and Hill."

record setting numbers coming on defense this year, this gonna be fun to watch

Comment 15 Mar 2017

had this Rhinegeist last weekend, VERY good.

Saison Blue

Wheat Saison

A light Saison that features locally sourced organic wheat from Blue Oven, toasted in house. Spicy pepper notes are enhanced by orangey Mandarina Bavaria hops.

| ABV 6.4% | IBU 35 | Malts Pilsner, Toasted Local Wheat, Vienna, Acid Malt | Hops Magnum, Mandarina Bavaria | Availability Limited Release |

Comment 10 Mar 2017

as a lifelong cowboys fan that watched John Riggings drag 3 guys at once up and down the field 4 yards a rush, over and over and over and over, and Dexter Manley's illiterate ass mangle our o-line for years, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the hell out of this ;)