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Comment 21 Oct 2016
High schools dont have coach micks, all will be fine. Heal up youngin, the dojo awaits!
Comment 18 Oct 2016
Sure thing. No clue where our parking spot is at, my buddy is in charge of the camper/details but ill find out. I think our only current plan is to start drinking by noon and find the nearest tailgate with a tv. We're just winging this thing with minimal prep.
Comment 18 Oct 2016
Youre bringing this one on yourself. Its your GF, not your dying wife, and it's _ichigan game. Grow a pair of balls. 1- stay home and watch it if ya want or 2- go watch it anywhere ya want on Saturday or 3- go home friday
Comment 16 Oct 2016
1 - in 3 years, we'll be calling joey bosa nick's older brother. Smallbear is unreal, another level. 2 - zone 6 is hot garbage and has regressed back to clown show level. They simply can not get open. Horrible. 3 - this win SHOULD be huge in helping a team this young grow. More valueable than the oklahoma win. 4 - no clue how hooker let the te get behind him on that 30 yard completetion in the 4th. Inexcuseable. Aside from that, kid played like safety should play. He's a MONSTER. 5 - i want to see more mike webber. Kid runs like someone just punched his grandmother. We'll find out this week what they learned. Theyre getting better but have a way to go. Last nights performance will not be enough to beat ttun.
Comment 10 Oct 2016

Not making fun of a kid and his bad sitution but cmon.  MUTLIPLE vioaltions of team rules?  It's the first god damn week of October.  How do you screw up MULTIPLE times in the 10 weeks you've been on campus?  Over 2 years? sure.  Over 3 years?  I get it.  You've been on campus 10 weeks dude lol.

Comment 09 Oct 2016
No offense, but seriously, could you not look at your tickets before the game and see B deck and your row and not realize your seats were shit? First trip to the shoe?
Comment 06 Oct 2016
4 of us heading up also for the first time. Taking a rv/camper and have a 2 day parking pass. Not dealing with the traffic mess.
Comment 04 Oct 2016

Last years team's failures/shortcomings fall on the staff 100%.

- The platoon at QB was a horrible decision from day 1.

- The transition from Herman to Warriner was god awful.  Zero excuse for it to take 11 weeks to realize Ed needed to be upstairs.

- The play calling in the MSU game was borderline criminal.  The execution wasn't much better but they were absolutely not put in the best position to win that game.