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Comment 23 May 2016
My dad had a similar issue about 12-14 years ago, caused his entire crawlspace to be flooded with sewage water. Long story short, my son flushed one of his little toys down the toilet and that caused it hehe.
Comment 23 May 2016
"Delany nailed BTN. The price on the Big Ten brick has never been higher and its poised for historic broadcast deals. If he adds Texas and Oklahoma before sliding off into retirement then Chicago should bulldoze its non-crying Michael Jordan statue and replace it with one of Delany sitting on a cast-iron pile of $100 bills." That right there is why we should get a paid day off of work every year to observe dj byrnes day.
Comment 08 May 2016
Fuck pmi, its legal robbery is all it amounts to. Avoid it at all costs. Sell now, best time to sell a house in 10 years. The down side is that its also the worst time to buy. Theres very little on the market. We sold in august and just finished building new, moved in this weekend.