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Comment 6 hours ago
If youre in columbus, call this place and ask for dr frost. I trust no one else with my buddy. He is absolutely phenomenal.
Comment 6 hours ago
1 from the 80's....Carlos Snow. If youre not old enough to have seen him in high school at CAPE or at tOSU, go back and find some highlites. Absolutely filthy.
Comment 12 hours ago

Just got off the phone with some cranky ol bitch in Indy if that gives you a precursor to how the call went.  Long story short, they have removed the "automatically upgrade me to best seats available option" just this year.  I'm going to talk with Carrie tomorrow (the lady in charge of their ticket renewal process, she's awesome but at a golf outing today) and try to get some common sense answers out of her rather that this dumb twat I just spoke to that should not be allowed to hold a legal paying job.

I'll update tomorrow when I know more and I'm not pissed off to the point and I'm ready to drive to Indy and go Wayne Brady choke a bitch mode.

Comment 25 Jun 2016
Still will not lose any sleep over a 5'9 wr, let alone 1 whose 2nd choice is a team qb'd for the last 10 years by a collection of scrubs that would make ya yearn for joe bauserman.
Comment 25 Jun 2016
offseason + staff not able to replace birm yet + staff not telling us shit other than "be patient" = this thread. It is what it is.
Comment 24 Jun 2016

There's a box to check, or at least there always was, that said something like upgrade to best available or something or like that.  I know last year I upgraded from 400 level to 200 level so should be field level this year.

Comment 23 Jun 2016
Can someone just link this to the front page of 11w every night at 7:45, this shit aint rocket science, problem solved hehehe
Comment 23 Jun 2016
Would if i could, but im not the only one going up there on the 23rd. Plus his old lady and the baby are going out of town that weekend so thats his weekend for a pass to go play. I also have house guests coming to my place on 7-30. Im just shit out of luck, no way around it short of breaking a promise, and i ihavent done that once in 43 yrs.
Comment 23 Jun 2016
I know, it sucks. I made a promise to a buddy who moved up to cleveland last year, and i havent been up to his place yet. "You pick the weekend and im there, i promise." Ill be god damned if he doesnt schedule it for 7-23.
Comment 21 Jun 2016
Buy from the B1G, face value, and you can upgrade every year. This will be my 3rd year buying directly from the B1G and i'll have 4 on field level for face.