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Comment 26 Apr 2016

Sorry, when I said "you" I didn't mean you, literally.  Your post was 100% accurate and well thought out.  It's just pitiful that every time MSU is brought up in any thread here it's followed up by the same typical replies, that are all bullshit.  I did not mean to direct what I said at your post, just the majority of the replies.

"Screw Sparty, we're going to beat them by 50 this year!" - like last year and '13?

"We'll have twice the talent this year than Sparty will have!" -  like last year and '13?

"Urban won't let them slip this year!" - like last year?

Right now, we've got no reason to even say their name unless it's to say "Sparty walked in our house and beat our ass with half the talent and a back-up QB".  Anything beyond that is just fools talking to sound foolish.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

talent on the field does not matter in this series.  If you haven't figured that out after the last 2 losses to them, i'm not sure why you're even watching football.  In both loses, we've been out-executed, out-prepared and out-coached.  the fact we lost to them last year with the amount of talent we're sending to the nfl this weekend should have caused the entire staff to donate half of their salary to cancer research at the james.

Comment 24 Apr 2016
Agree 100%, unfortunately i was at that game as well. Howerever, if our safeties could cover your average slow fat 6th grader, that game wouldnt have been close to begin with. Our pass defense was pathetic, our safeties blew their responsibilty time after time. Again, msu was better prepared and better coached. Urban's mental meltdown with not giving hyde the ball was just the icing on the cake.
Comment 24 Apr 2016
Just being honest. Im still just as pissed as anyone over that game, and probably more so than 99% of fans since i paid a bunch of money to freeze my soaked and wet nuts off and watch it in person. But sparty deserves respect, theyve earned it. Twice theyve made our coaching staff look like a 2nd rate collection of morons.
Comment 24 Apr 2016
Anyone trying to knock sparty for anything just makes themselves look like a fool. We have ZERO room to say a word about them. Dino took a less talented team, marched them into Columbus and laid his nuts or urbans chin.
Comment 18 Apr 2016

Even with the most sizeable of trainwreck athletes, I typically take the high road and just say nothing.  But with all sincerity, fuck that douchebag!  I've never wanted to see someone fail in life more than KWjr.  From his shitty heisman pose over a 5 foot 7 inch cb from East Montana Technical college, to his "I'm a fake soldier" rant, he's needed to catch aids on his face for me to ever die a happy man.

Comment 16 Apr 2016
"Most people ride with the Scarlet team. Not me. I like my spring game teams like my lover's pubic hair: Gray. Now somebody tap the damn keg of illicit FourLoko. Daddy's parched." You sir, are my inspiration this weekend. Hard tellin what cheap swill my degenerate hillbilly softball compadres drag out of their ford rangers and toss into a cooler today and call beer. My money is on some variation of the Busch brand. But you can bet your funky cat lovin ass i'll be raisin them in your honor today for those 2 gems lol!!
Comment 13 Apr 2016

I'm not even amazed any more at Ramzy's pieces.  It's like watching Jordan's 197th buzzer beater.  I don't know how many sheckles you're squeezing out of 11W a month but you aint gettin yours son, they're gettin you on the cheap.

"Ohio State got four years of Will Smith. The rest of the world only got 34. We got lucky. The world got cheated."  Hell of a piece again!!