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Comment 25 Aug 2016
Cant wait for Sunday, i love this show. My only complaint remains neither Box, nor Nas' 2 attorneys have mentioned the fact Nas didnt have any blood on him after leaving a crime scene that looked like the texas chainsaw massacre.
Comment 24 Aug 2016
The real question is will he announce hes transferring to Columbus with no offer again.
Comment 22 Aug 2016
Unfortunately, il padrino is right. Ive collected for 35+ years and at one time had 250k+ cards. The industry is in the toilet with no signs of returning any time soon.
Comment 21 Aug 2016
Some streams last night were choppy but after trying a few i found a good one.
Comment 20 Aug 2016
Amazon firestick + kodi app people, watching it for free.
Comment 14 Aug 2016
Take those chicken carcasses after youre done and throw em in big pot and make a smoked chicken stock. Then take that stock and make chicken and noodles with home made noodles ftom scratch. There are no words to describe how good it is. The smoke flavor will envelop everything. The look of "wtf is that flavor you managed to get in there?" on people's faces is priceless. Hands down best chicken and noodle/dumplings youve ever had.
Comment 05 Aug 2016
Matthew McCaunaghy, or however the yell its spelled. Ive wanted to punch him in the face since 2005 and his nut swingin antics on texas' sidelines. As soon as they started losing again, he vanished faster than kaiser sozay.
Comment 02 Aug 2016
Go look at each article the past week then tell me that. And between 2017 and 2018 were tecruiting over 200+ kids but they just happen to talk about the same 4-5 every day? For christ sake Andrew even copied the 247 profile pictures of each new 5* the way birm did. That wasnt relative to the story. You think that was a coincidence. Downvote away, i dont give a shit. But if you cant see this happeni g every night youre blind.