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Comment 17 Feb 2017

That article is one reason why baseball is still the greatest pro sport on the planet. 

Comment 17 Feb 2017

Im not going to beat you up too bad but your logic don't fly on a couple points.

"The system is not broken, just needs tweaked"  The offensive system sucks.  It grew beyond stale, stagnant and predictable.  Our offense is predicated around getting the ball to guys in space.  We had absolutely no shot at doing that for 2 years.  That's beyond tweaking.  Our last offensive staff not only didn't put the team in the best position to win, they handcuffed them.

"Work on Prince's footwork and ability to maintain leverage"  I can assure you they have been trying to do that for over a year.  It's just not there.  You can work on a camry all you want, it aint turning into a corvette.  Prince was our best option, and that option simply isn't good enough at RT.  Guard? maybe.

"find a right guard"  actually not worried about this one, we're ok here

"convince JT to unleash the ball and take more risks"  This one should fix itself as well this year with the new staff, hopefully.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

jesus Christ I didn't need to read that today, wow, wasn't ready for that.  gotta root for that cat now

Comment 17 Feb 2017

I'm very excited for the change and it was obviously long overdue.  I fully believe and expect to see a complete 180 on our offensive production this year.  But it still blows my mind that Urban didn't shitcan the entire offensive system half way through 2015.  How it took 2 years, and at minimum one blown nc, to make this change is still mind boggling to me.  My old lady knows absolutely squat about X's and O's and less than half way through 2015 she was already asking "WTF is wrong with them, is all this because that one coach left?".

oh well, onward and upward 

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Terry Glenn

Only one I've ever seen go from dead stop to full speed as fast as Ginn.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Reds will lose 100 games again, our front office remains the joke of MLB, my boycott of GABP goes to year #2.  Another shitty year.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

this (but it wont shock me 1 bit to see Lewis play at the elite level this year, dude is a beast)

Comment 14 Feb 2017
You cant be serious. Our offensive coaching staff may have (they did) sucked balls the last 2 years but our d line is FAR from average.
Comment 10 Feb 2017

"I've said this a few times in 11W Slack and am likely to be bludgeoned for it here but I'm firmly in the camp that Tate Martell doesn't play a down at Ohio State."

The homers will rain hatred in droves hehehe, be ready.  I said the exact same thing about Torrence Gibson never playing a down here at QB and it was like a[mod edit] I said the exact same thing about Tate Martel, same thing, the entire thread turned into a daycare.

Comment 09 Feb 2017
There's a surplus of stupidity going around, just housecleaning. At this rate, by March we'll have threads begging for an alternate uniform rotation matching Oregon's, people clamoring for tate martel to get playing time and predicting trevon grimes to exceed 1100 yards this season.