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Comment 5 minutes ago

Ya, Ramzy don't fuck around, he straight brings it.  I have no idea how this site has amassed the quantity and quality of writers that it has, and the rest of the sports world media seems like it's made up of 99% bleacher report hacks, Dennis Dodd wanna-be's.

Comment 1 hour ago

The piece Ramzy wrote on Bryant is one of the best pieces ever written on this site.  It will piss you off to no end to read it because he dead nuts spot on with every point, but it's 100% a MUST read.

Comment 22 hours ago
Ya, i was bein sarcastic. If this kid announces hes gonna fart tomorrow theres 1000 people waiting lined up to smell it lookin for a clue, and he just continues to crave the attention. No thank you. Anyone that doesnt see the glowing red flags with this kid is delusional.
Comment 19 Apr 2014
Half of the dipshits that have commented in this thread need to never follow recruiting again, or simply never speak about it again. Either will suffice. 1- it's APRIL still 2- last time i checked, UFM is still runnin the show.
Comment 18 Apr 2014

so far NOTHING of Torrence Gibson says leader.  He's changed his commitment time frame 3 times and announced a date that he will announce a top 10.  No thank you on him being a leader in this recruiting class.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

He already answered that, and so did Meyer about a week after the game.

- We did EVERYTHING the same as we had done all year long

- Florida did NOTHING the same as it had done all year long

- losing Mangold from 05 was a killer because our center was CLUELESS when Florida moved pre-snap and we didn't make the right calls to pick up the blitzes

both coaches have said those 3 things almost word for word in agreement.  we were flat out out coached, out executed, out prepared and Florida went into the game pissed off the way we went into the 02 Miami game and we went into the game lazy like the canes did in our 02 game.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I want whichever one that doesn't take 4 years to learn the passing aspect of the game.  Pryor and Braxton were/are both studs but I don't want to sit through 3 more years of "he's getting better, this will hopefully be the year it all comes together".

Alabama won 3 with McElroy and McCarron and neither of those could beat me in a foot race with a 10 yard head start.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

no, but i will be waiting until we have db's that have been here for a combined 12 years and can learn who is responsible for covering whom rather than stand around looking at each other lost while the wr/te stand in the end zone all alone with the ball.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

It's not just about the money.  It's about the fact that for the last 2 years our defense has been a complete failure and until we see on the field in a real game that things have changed, there's no reason to be optimistic.  Watching a spring game will in no way answer that question and most sane people are tired of hearing "they're getting ready to turn it around and it will come together".

Comment 06 Apr 2014
This site is so lucky to have so many people that know more about recruiting than Meyer.
Comment 06 Apr 2014
This site is so lucky to have so many people that know more about recruiting than Meyer.
Comment 03 Apr 2014

fathom hitting that AND knowing one day youre getting half of the great one's bank account lol.  dustin johnson wins life.

Comment 03 Apr 2014

He's up a year too early, bottom line.  The kid has potential out the wazoo, but if it weren't for his wheels there's NO WAY he's up right now.  He hit .250 in Louisville last year.  Why in the hell we didn't spend the money we saved on Arroyo to keep Choo, move him to left and keep him in the lead off spot, Hamilton in center and batting 8 is beyond me.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

i obviously have no clue what im doing, it just goes on seemingly forever until its filled and i get a "game over, youre a moron" message hehe 

Comment 01 Apr 2014
In the last week, hes went from committing after his senior year, to mid-summer, to after his senior year again, now hes announcing a date hes going to name a leader? Lol, i dont give a shit where this kid goes, way too much drama/look at me bullshit.
Comment 25 Mar 2014

Troy had Holmes, Gonzalez, Ginn, Robiskie and Hartline.  All 5 of them drew NFL paychecks and 4 of them are still in the league.

Germaine got to start for ONE year in 98, and he beat Michigan also.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

The average age of this board is never more apparent than when Troy Smith's name gets brought up lol.  Troy was great and he earned his Heisman and every trophy he ever won.  But there's a reason that almost every single season passing record belongs to Joe Germaine.  The dude was a killer and the numbers don't lie.  

Troy could scramble, but as far as a pure passer, he can't carry Joe's lunch on his best day.