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Comment 23 Jul 2014

I saw a request for an upper deck in the south stands and figured I would attempt to show a visual as to what that would look like. Please forgive the terrible photoshop skill shown in the picture as I only know how to use the clone stamp tool in that thing. Thats why it looks like a tornado is looming in the background. If anyone can actually use photoshop as intended it would be awesome to see someone put an upper deck that looks good on there.



Comment 15 Jul 2014

Thanks for the help guys. Plans fell through.

Comment 13 Jul 2014
Yeah I wondered that. Didn't know how willing people were to shuffle around.
Comment 26 Mar 2014

I made the trip there as well. What did you think of Bragg and VJ King? I was extremely underwhelmed with Bragg, more so impressed with Pardon, his teammate, and for the second straight year at State I thought VJ completely disappeared again.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

I just watched Bragg in the State finals this weekend and he he plays exactly like Amir Williams. He plays very soft and gets bullied around the basket. He had a terrible touch around the rim as well. He missed about 4-5 shots right around the rim. Just looked very weak. I would take his teammate Derek Pardon any day. That guy plays tough and physical and knows how to use his 6'8" frame and he fights for rebounds and gets the hustle plays. He potentially, to me, could very well be Amir 2.0. I hope not because the guy has tons of potential/

Comment 25 Sep 2013
I do love the chrome helmets. The more I look though the chrome scarlet stripe on the helmet becomes less appealing. And I always loved how the original helmets on that sparkle when the lights shined on them. I LOVE these alternates. Slight changes and I'd consider wanting them as our permanent jerseys.
Comment 25 Sep 2013
Yeah last year all the promo stuff was white with gray piping. Then they took the field for Michigan and they were solid gray. That pic in the comments is from last year.
Comment 24 Dec 2012
Yeah if they undersigned last year and can stay at or under the 85 limit I believe its fine. I think this is reaching here. He starts "releasing"players to fit the 85 then let's talk.
Comment 21 Dec 2012
Love the state outline with the different wood paneling, scarlet border with the buckeye leaves is awesome as well. I just wish the court in between the 3 line and the lane was filled with the same wood as the midcourt state logo
Comment 21 Dec 2012
My question is how do you you not know? BTN hired him and you would think a check into his background would've come up with the fact he is an agent.