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Comment 26 Mar 2014

I made the trip there as well. What did you think of Bragg and VJ King? I was extremely underwhelmed with Bragg, more so impressed with Pardon, his teammate, and for the second straight year at State I thought VJ completely disappeared again.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

I just watched Bragg in the State finals this weekend and he he plays exactly like Amir Williams. He plays very soft and gets bullied around the basket. He had a terrible touch around the rim as well. He missed about 4-5 shots right around the rim. Just looked very weak. I would take his teammate Derek Pardon any day. That guy plays tough and physical and knows how to use his 6'8" frame and he fights for rebounds and gets the hustle plays. He potentially, to me, could very well be Amir 2.0. I hope not because the guy has tons of potential/

Comment 25 Sep 2013
I do love the chrome helmets. The more I look though the chrome scarlet stripe on the helmet becomes less appealing. And I always loved how the original helmets on that sparkle when the lights shined on them. I LOVE these alternates. Slight changes and I'd consider wanting them as our permanent jerseys.
Comment 25 Sep 2013
Yeah last year all the promo stuff was white with gray piping. Then they took the field for Michigan and they were solid gray. That pic in the comments is from last year.
Comment 24 Dec 2012
Yeah if they undersigned last year and can stay at or under the 85 limit I believe its fine. I think this is reaching here. He starts "releasing"players to fit the 85 then let's talk.
Comment 21 Dec 2012
Love the state outline with the different wood paneling, scarlet border with the buckeye leaves is awesome as well. I just wish the court in between the 3 line and the lane was filled with the same wood as the midcourt state logo
Comment 21 Dec 2012
My question is how do you you not know? BTN hired him and you would think a check into his background would've come up with the fact he is an agent.
Comment 25 Nov 2012
Yeah, maybe. I just can't justify putting Georgia behind Florida. Especially since they beat Florida head to head on the field.
Comment 25 Nov 2012
Bama and Oregon losses I'd say are pretty equal with Bama having a more impressive win over LSU compared to the Ducks win over SC. I'd give Georgia edge in polls over Oregon due to beating Florida.over Polls get confusing to me. Putting teams in order is hard for me because I feel individual matchups could be different. ND and OSU clear 1 and 2 for me... But then... I'd pick Oregon over Georgia would pick Bama over Oregon. Id pick Georgia over Florida Florida over Oregon. Florida over Bama Id pick Bama over Georgia. That's how i feel about individual matchups and i really can't figure out who to rank in what order based off that. So polls with a strict order this week is what I mentioned above. Georgia gets 3rd because they beat Florida head to head, but I feel Florida is better than Bama. But I also feel Bama is better then Georgia. So what I do is I either have to put Bama ahead of a Georgia or after a Florida. It all gets me in my head
Comment 25 Nov 2012
Well Georgia deserves to be ahead of Florida for sure due to head to head. I'd have ND, OSU, Georgia(beat UF), Florida, Alabama, Oregon Then whoever wins the SEC goes to championship. I'd have Bama jump to 3 with a win and have them jump Florida. My thinking is Florida deserves to be ahead now but if Bama wins SEC they get that extra win and took care of business against Georgia, who beat UF for that division.
Comment 13 Nov 2012
I'm very hesitant about a black facemask. Other than that I love these. Love huge tv numbers and love the wider stripe. I wouldn't mind if we took these on permanently.
Comment 10 Nov 2012
I wouldn't exactly agree. I see the concern though. Johnny Football I believe is a btter passer than Brax and he is slippery and was able to get away from Bama defenders. That's how they struggled on D tonight. Brax running is Johnny Football on steroids. Bama struggles with guys like that. Their acceleration and quick bursts does serious damage against bamas strength. I would be concerned about our defense but i believe they do better against pro style offenses.
Comment 22 Oct 2012
Bravo sir. I completely agree with this sentiment. As frustrating as these guys can be I just love the winning. Happy to root for 9-0 even if it comes to be after a sloppy win.