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  • SPORTS MOMENT: In the Shoe for the 1972 win over TTUN. Gradishar and Middleton were on fire.

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Comment 3 hours ago

I remember seeing one of the lettermen jackets on campus for the first time.  For two years, I lived on the 10th floor of Smith Hall on South Campus, one floor above Randy Gradishar and friends.  At first, I was confused by the cream colored sleeves.  But as soon as I realized this was an honest to by God tOSU lettermen's jacket, worn by real Buckeye footballers, I fell in love with the look.  Now, I'm so happy when I spot one in an airport somewhere. 

Comment 05 Mar 2015

As an older fan, I have to cast my votes for Tatum and Gradishar. 

Comment 05 Mar 2015

I for one am impressed by FishDucks' objective admiration for a coach and a team that have just broken their hearts.  I hope some Buckeye fans will take him up on his invitation to engage in a serious conversation about Xs and Os.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

In the voice of that movie trailer guy:

"In a world without starlight, . . . one man was determined to lead a nation to greatness.  Inexperience, early setbacks, a chorus of doubters, even death, could not stop him and his plans for . . . the Buckeye Nation."   

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Without knowing what would come later, I remember going to bed that night thinking I'd just experienced the most amazing, unexpected, thrilling game I had ever seen.  I was so wired I couldn't sleep.  The next morning, I was back at the TV early watching it all over again. Thank you for bringing it all back to me.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

So, what's the early thinking on Gibson's position in all of this?  I've been thinking all along that his future with us would be at another position, if he came here at all.  In fact, I assumed that the uncertainty about his ever playing QB at tOSU would send him to LSU.  And yet, here he is.  I'd sure like to know what the conversations were like between him and UFM coming down the stretch.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

We shouldn't allow ourselves to be bullied into a tougher early season schedule.  I love having one quality OOC opponent early in the year to get me excited in September.  But easing into the schedule isn't a bad thing.  Our history and reputation will get us there in the end if we win our games.  Why risk an early upset just to please the talking heads?

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Sorry to say it, and hope I'm wrong, but after two shoulder surgeries I don't believe BM will have the arm strength necessary to play QB at the highest level.  If he's going to be a pro player, he'll have to do it at a different position.  No better place to learn that then here under Meyer. 

With JTB unlikely to see meaningful action in the spring, CJ will get all of the QB1 snaps.  He will continue to improve, and this will make him the starter in September.  Given JTB's reputation for outstanding character and leadership, he will accept the backup role with grace, while continuing to be the locker room leader.  CJ will stay only through next season, before declaring and going high.

JTB will start in 2016 and play well enough to win a Heisman.  This will cause him to declare early.

By 2017, we'll be enjoying the next wave of talent:  Collier, Gibson and, hopefully, Burrow.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

This is my prediction:  Following two shoulder surgeries, BM will never have the arm strength to play QB at the highest level.  No better place to learn a new position than here under Meyer.  JTB will not be ready to go in spring practice, so CJ will get all of the QB1 snaps, setting him up as the starter in September.  Given JTB's outstanding reputation for leadership and character, he will accept the backup role with grace and remain the locker room leader.  CJ will stay only through 2015, then declare be picked high.  JTB will then start, but stay only through 2016, maybe picking up a Heisman along on the way.  In 2017, we'll be enjoying the next wave of talent: Collier, Gibson and, hopefully, Burrow.