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Comment 27 Jul 2015

In view of my screen name, I figured I'd better weigh into this discussion.  I grew up in Newcomerstown and lived there pretty much until I moved to Atlanta in 1980.  I would take issue with the idea that everyone in Newcomerstown knew Woody Hayes and that he hung out there so often.  I did see him in action there on several occasions, but he wasn't there often.  I saw him more often as a student at tOSU, which I was in 1971-75 and again from 1977-1980.  Most notably for me, he stopped by my brother's hospital room at the Ohio State University Hospital.  (It wasn't the James Center back then.)  My brother was a good football player, seriously injured in our homecoming game against Ridgewood in 1973.  Coach Hayes came by to visit him and our family twice, once leaving a signed edition of "You Win with People."  Shortly after the Clemson debacle, I spotted Woody walking through the McDonald's area in the old Student Union.  I called out to him and he stopped.  When I told him I was from Newcomerstown and that we were behind him, he paused to chat with me about people we knew in common and asked how they were.  He was always a gentleman in my presence, and expressed a real interest in life back home.  He'll always be a hero to me.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

It worries me when I read that someone thinks we will waltz into Blacksburg and blow away VT in game one.  I do expect to win handily, but VT is very well coached.  They and their fans will be sky high.  And we will be battling the over-confidence that comes with being the defending NCs.  Makes me lose sleep already.  And it's only April 6.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

For so long as we have UFM at the helm, we can afford to let other teams flood the market with early offers and not follow down that path.  He and his coaches have an uncanny knack for flipping the kids we want the most.  Without UFM, I'd be much more concerned.  Hopefully before we have to worry about that scenario, the rules will have changed to get this under control.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I'm hopeful for Schutt to step up.  A year ago, we were having this conversation about the MLB, and the question was whether a former 5-start recruit who had disappointed to date could step up and have a strong senior year.  Few at that time expressed the opinion that Curtis Grant would be able to do that.  But he came on strong and contributed monumentally.  Come on Mr. Schutt!  It's your turn. 

Comment 30 Mar 2015

This means a lot to me.  As I've mentioned elsewhere, I was blessed to grow up in Woody's hometown.  To all of us there, he was a hero.  Anyone who grew up in Newcomerstown learned to root for the Buckeyes before we were old enough to know why.  As a student at tOSU (where else?), I had the good fortune to speak with Woody a few times.  He was always gracious to me and took time to chat about the old home town and to ask about people he remembered.  My most memorable and last conversation with him was a few weeks after the Gator Bowl incident.  I was sitting in the old Student Union, in the area just off the McDonalds restaurant near 12th Street.  He came walking through, alone, dressed in a trench coat and walking quickly.  I assumed he was heading toward an unpleasant meeting of some kind.  Still, I risked calling out to him.  He turned toward me, and I was aware that he probably expected to be heckled by some student.  I said, "Coach, I'm from Newcomerstown, and I want you to know we still love you there."  That must have touched his heart, because he stopped in his tracks to smile and spend time with me catching up on things and inquiring about some of his favorite hometown friends.  And then, he was off to whatever meeting he was facing.  It couldn't have been pleasant for him.  Seeing this video makes me remember it all, and brings tears to my eyes.