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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The last play of the game in the National Championship game against Miami.

    For me, hitting a 3 run double (after striking out twice) off the fence as a 13 y/o in Babe Ruth against the best pitcher in the league. You should have seen the look on his face after that!!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: That's a tough one--so many--so little time--ok Archie
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 19 Jul 2012

Whadaya' think? Should I stick with coaching football?

Comment 19 Jul 2012

Psst.... my caddy, next hole my driver is going to end up between his legs, He thinks I didn't see him checking out Nicki !!!

Comment 05 Feb 2012

Bret Beluga had vision of Wisky being one of the top 2 teams in the B1G along with Michigan. With Tressel out and tOSU looking like a lengthy slide may be in the works his wet dream turned into a nightmare when Urban showed up in town. Now all his plans of B1G dominace just got flushed down the toilet.

Poor Bret     DEAL WITH IT!!!

Comment 20 Jan 2012

Oh yea--Five Guys--after eating the fries I can hardly walk out of the establishment

Comment 19 Jan 2012

Is that Larry Hunter from my old stompin' grounds-Nerk?  I believe I use to run around with his younger brother Randy when I was a kid. I remember Randy talking about his older brother and BB and thought he later began coaching.


Comment 19 Jan 2012

Well-- as un-cool as it makes me look--you had me going there!

Comment 19 Jan 2012

He just wanted to see if anybody was actually reading his articles-- apparently, you're the only one.

Comment 18 Jan 2012

Ok Sarah-- you are creeping me out on the Toccoa Falls/Twilight connection. I don't follow the Twilight Series either but my granddaughter was born in the Stephens County Hospital right next to Toccoa Falls College.  I'll have to keep a close eye on her now!!

Comment 14 Jan 2012

Storm Klein has been a real disappointment and maybe a lot of that has to do with being from Nerk, especially the way he was hyped--maybe they should have used him as a fullback. 

His speed and attack angles were very suspect from what I saw this year  - he looked like he was dragging a dead body behind him.

Comment 07 Dec 2011

I remember a bowl game a few years ago where it was in the 50's in Florida (think it was Wisc in the bowl) and the southern team players were hudled around heaters on the sidelines.

Hell yes, I'd like to get Florida, LSU or Alabama in the shoe in mid December. Half of them won't want to leave their hotel room.

Comment 05 Dec 2011

How many "Game of the Century" are you allowed in one CFB season?


Danny (Dipshit) Sheridan now refers to the SEC west as the NFL/SEC West.  I just think some of these sports guys have a crush on Saban and Lesticles. Let's see how NFL they are after a few years of not oversigning and have to work with the same number of recruits as everyone else.

Yes-- I do believe Saban and Miles are good coaches--(Miles is a little qwerky though) but there is definitely an advantage to clearing your 85 scholarship list of dead weight each year and moving in good recruits you have on stand-by.

It's amazing how filling a few holes in the roster can turn you from a good team into a great team.

Comment 16 Nov 2011

"because it's not like ESPN cut into the Ohio State-Florida game on the Deuce to show this happening. That would have been ridiculous since it was already on regular ESPN"

I about blew a gasket when they cut away--Couldn't they have just mentioned that ESPN was covering it and if you wanted to you could tune to see history--but no-ESPN, just like your mother, knows what's best for you to see and not see.

Comment 05 Nov 2011

Hope this is Jared Lee's last year or next year he'll be playing at Southeast North Dakota Jesuit University.

Comment 05 Nov 2011

I just thought of something. If the Tat5 would have just kicked the shit out of a bunch guys outside a bar on High St and got arrested for battery, they would all be playing this year

Comment 05 Nov 2011

After witnessing Saban's tantrum on the sidelines-- I must admit--I'm impressed the way Fickell can stay cool, calm and collected when the shit hits the fan.


Comment 05 Nov 2011

That was a bit rich. Gary Danielson blamed Jarred Lee's interception on a low snap. I thought he just threw a bad pass.

Comment 05 Nov 2011

Not only is this game the "Game of the Century", if you watch the ESPiN documentary RollTide/War Eagle--some are claiming that the Alabama/Auburn rivalry is the greatest rivalry in college football.

I say "excuse me?"