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Comment 09 Aug 2012

If someone comes into your home and begins to trash your belongings, you have the right to use whatever force neccessary to remove that person from your property. I don't care if it is a man or woman. If this person would have been a man, none of this BS would have ever happened. But, all these dumb ass police bow down to every woman who cries domestic violence and haul the guys off to jail right away. She is the one who filed for the restraining order and then went to his apartment. She should have been arrested on the spot for violating the terms of the order she filed. A bump on the head is no reason to arrest someone when. Especially when you are being removed from their property for causing the situation. She was the idiot for going to his apartment in the first place.

Comment 31 Jul 2012

I would give him a drug test and see what the results say. I don't believe the BS coming from the police now. So, is the mom getting charged with the possession and pipe?