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Comment 18 Feb 2017

I have said it several times this season but I will say it again.

When JeSean Tate is the best player on your team, your team isnt very good.

I love Tate and he plays hard but everything he gets is from effort and old school play down low.

  If Loving, Thompson and Lyle all could bring some consistency in their effort on both ends the way Tate does, this team would be in the upper half of the conference.

Sad to see Thad go out this way

Comment 11 Feb 2017

A trade including Romo and Picks......LOL

dude can't be too smart if he thinks that could get done.


"I want to go to a team that is already good because I don't want the pressure to have to perform and I'm a pussy"

Comment 05 Feb 2017

After Friday night's less than stellar effort I was happy to see them stay gritty and keep working for all 3 periods.   I took a lot of heat during the at yesterday at my sons soccer game in Ann Arbor and as it always seems to happen, as soon as weasel fans start chirping they end up making themselves look stupid.  I took great joy in keeping my weasel acquanitences up to date on the scores both games yesterday.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

I am going with my son tonight....hoping for some good action and most of all win.  Sucks to be so shorthanded going into this 2 games series but I have been happy with the efforts. The 2 losses last weekend stung but they skated well.  The defense has been pretty solid.

Still hoping to get reasonable tickets to tomorrow's hardwood tilt.

Go Buckeyes

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Good for Luke.

Still not keen on Gibson's comments about "Ohio State doing him like that".   Kid made a mistake and whether it was worthy of getting kicked out or not.....sometimes you have to own your actions and put the blame on yourself.

Comment 29 Jan 2017

and I guess Jasean Tate

Kid plays hard for the most part but can't shoot and  he is too short for his game.   The fact he is the best player on the team screams medocrity

Comment 27 Jan 2017

"There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and the people who create it. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good."

This is exactly what I was doing 5 minute into the 3rd quarter coach Warriner.

That being said, 31-0 means that you are going to be a coach somewhere else.

Good Luck and thanks for being such big part of the magical run of 2014.  Once a buckeye, always a buckeye.

Comment 22 Jan 2017

My favorite 2 teams are whoever is playing Michigan and whoever is beating the Steelers.  Fuck them and their sex offender qb and the cheating asses.  Revolutionary running style my ass.... Anybody that watches football knows that Laveon Bell dances until his Oline has ahold of everyone then cuts.  Happy to hear Boomer say it.