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Comment 17 Jan 2015

Not to mention it also diminishes team chemistry in that other players view your benching as making you worthy of blame. The biggest X factor for the Buckeyes this year, and the thing that I credit for this amazing post season run and the MSU win was how the team picked each other up after mistakes.  I think that is a byproduct of an excellent coaching philosophy of making decisions about playing time based on effort instead of on perfection or lack of it. 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I stayed up all night watching that game live even though I had to go to work for a 12 he shift 2 hours after it finished. I've rewatched it several times in the last year and I have a few conclusions.

1) The defense of both teams was spectacular. But the Buckeyes ability to neutralize an otherwise dominant offense was a critical difference maker.

2) OSU did not have the speed on offense to attack through the air or on the perimeter for the most part. The run plays were between the tackles and severely punished Clarett and Ross, and required significant yardage from Krenzel to keep the ball out of the Miami offense's hands, but also punished the Miami D to the point that Miami was finally the first to break in the 2nd OT. 

3) Krenzel is an unbreakable damn machine.  Dorsey may have had better stats through the season, but he found himself in the fight of his career and fought admirably, but was ultimately not up to what he had to endure. 

4) Holy Jeebus how did Chris Gamble do what he did?!?!  Over 100 plays and still a critical player at the end. 

Comment 02 Jan 2015

When I first saw the Clemson guy last year and then the first Lawtide video, I was just like WTF is this, I don't get the unprovoked hate. Then nutsack follows up and I refused to even watch it. Now with these crow videos I see that this is like a thing they do for fun to rattle cages and get hyped up for these games, and it is no different than a wwe shoot interview between people who all get along backstage or something. That's fine, and I even kind of like the way these guys handle themselves in the aftermath which is part of the code for participating in this. With that said, I have no desire to see members of Buckeye Nation do this thing, but this little feud with DJ may turn out to be one of the most entertaining side stories of a great season, so call it a guilty pleasure.  I could do without all of the vulgarity and words like uppity though.  To each their own. Go Bucks, beat the Ducks!

Comment 30 Nov 2014

"The Wolverines will be at home at the big house next season. Lots of great seats are still available."

Comment 30 Oct 2014

This is just my opinion, but I think the "Michigan Men" would hire Josh Groban himself and demand that he lead the crowd in 'You Raise Me Up' while the team takes the field in their home opener before Rich Rod ever becomes part of the HC discussion. 

Comment 26 Oct 2014

He doesn't have a lack of creativity or play calling, he runs his offense as a game of numbers and odds.  Once most options were exhausted, Barrett was the only option left. Unfortunately for PSU, dude is a serious f'ing gamer.   But today provides excellent film for OSU, with their game, and the scUM MSU game.  I see this as a good thing for the good guys if they capitalize on the opportunities. 

Comment 20 Oct 2014

It's puzzling, but if I were to guess, they are gambling that he can weather everything to date long enough to get through this season, but don't think he can make it another season without inevitably doing something stupid to drop his draft stock even more.  Of course he wouldn't see it that way....from the Jameis perspective, he would likely see it as avoiding another year of an unfounded witch hunt that reduces his draft stock.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

I just appreciate this kid and what he's doing for his team this year, and awards or lack of them won't change that.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Agree. Even though Sparty took a nap in the 4th last night, they cover their 1 on 1 match ups nearly flawlessly, and their cornerbacks are turned with their eyes on the ball at the right time without allowing their man to break free. Very few teams have that kind  talent, ability and discipline right now. I'm thrilled with the week to week improvement the Buckeyes are making, I just also believe it will take significant improvement still before they are ready to go to EL. With that said, I also believe they are capable of making these improvements and if they do, they will be conference champions. 

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I don't think the two scenarios are remotely comparable. Unlike Dantonio, Hoke has a well demonstrated pattern of poor game management and scratch your head decision making.  This has translated to very bad results on the field. That alone makes him very fireable.  Prior to getting hit in the head, Morris had no business in the game any more. He'd committed numerous turnovers and had lost his mobility in that his left leg was about useless. It was already insane to have him in there from a game management standpoint when Gardner was healthy and sitting on the sidelines. Morris staying in the game was a high risk, zero reward scenario at this point.  The best possible outcome in this scenario would be for him to not injure his leg any worse than he already had.  Take the kid out and begin the healing process. It's garbage time anyway.  I just don't see the case for keeping him in. Then, the hit happens. 

Gholston was clearly knocked out, and probsbly shouldn't have played. But I'm not a doctor. I am concerned about the decision to play him, but there is a possibility that he was evaluated properly and given an adequate clearance. I wasn't there. I also don't know if Morris was concussed or not and I don't think it is the heart of the matter except in principle.  Once he was blasted, and had difficulty standing, just what the hell is the reason to keep a healthy QB on the sidelines while a clearly failing and rapidly deteriorating situation is taking place on the field?  Put in Gardner, find a helmet that fits your third stringers head, and take Morris to the locker room and ask him some questions.  And if you can't find a helmet for your third stringer, perhaps consider using a time out.  

Dantonio's competence as a coach is not being questioned. Hoke's already done numerous things to invite questioning about his. That series was just a perfect storm of everything that is wrong with a once proud program. 

But sure, dig in your heels and plant a flag in Hoke's camp. He just needs more time and it will come together. 

Comment 29 Sep 2014

If that were all there were to it, then I'd agree.  He was clearly hobbling on one leg for at least 3 plays prior to the big hit.  He lacked the mobility to protect himself, risked agravating the leg injury more, and was more vulnerable to the hit.  Strike one.  After being hit, he is slow to get up and looks shaky and clearly not right, even when being helped.  He is left in the game for another snap.  Strike two.  After being replaced by Gardner, he is put back in after having been on the sideline for just a few minutes....lacking either the time or adequate location to perform an effective evaluation of his condition or potential for brain injury.  Strike three.  And for good measure, their coach feening ignorance about what is happening, and then saying that it is on the player (a kid trying to win a starting QB spot on an FBS 1 team) to tell him if he is ok or not to go in, at a time when he may not be thinking clearly.....well, there just is no logical defense.

I used to have the "keep Brady Hoke because he's good for OSU and great to make fun of" mindset, but this is different.  If that were my son, the transfer papers would already be filed.  This is embarrasing to the B1G, and it is embarrasing that this is OSUs big rival.  He should have been canned this morning.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

I love reading this site and don't want to come across as negative, but if I never see the 1921 talking point or any of the following statements in another article on this site, that will be just fine with me.  I think I've heard once or twice that:

-Buckeyes were 112th in pass defense in 2013

-The Loss of starting QB Braxton Miller is "devastating"

-Tuberville is 2-0 against Meyer

-O-line is still developing

End vent.