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NE stands for New England. Grew up in Connecticut where Huskeymania made me a college basketball fan. Went to college in Ohio where the Buckeyes made me a college football fan.


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Comment 23 Sep 2016

I think Noah Brown can be the deep threat as he was in one of his touchdowns.  

If he continues to be un-guardable like this going forward, I'd look for defenses to stop trying to beat him one-on-one, thus opening up other opportunities for a few un-proven receivers waiting for their chance.  One other thing too, is I will admit to saying I was unimpressed with the play of Brown prior to this last game partly due to all of the hype, and it's just a testament to what a difference one game can make.  I think we aren't done seeing breakout performances from zone 6.

Comment 22 Sep 2016

Urban's x factors that make him so effective in college ball are things that I don't see translating well to the pros.  It's just my opinion, but I really think what sets him apart from his peers is not scheme (even though it is proven, he's not the only one using it with success) or emphasis on fundamentals (he's a master of this as well, but there are other very disciplined teams out there that still don't enjoy the success that Urban does) so much as it is his ability to obtain full buy-in from his athletes and full philosophical alignment from his staff.  The college game has the right environmental factors for this.  This is the stage in life where athletes need a mentor more than any other and Urban thrives in that role.  There is also the element of school pride and tradition which all college coaches use for motivation, but Urban takes that to another level both in recruiting and setting the tone to prepare his staff and players for big games.

In the NFL, what are players motivated by more than money and self interest?  Pride in the city they represent?  Unless you have a Drew Brees/New Orleans kind of relationship (which developed more out of circumstance than tradition and upbringing), that sentiment is absent in the league where trades and contracts rule the day.  Tradition? Not really.  There are a few tradition rich franchises in the NFL, but odds favor that you end up coaching a team that is in a stadium less than 20 years old and your bosses are threatening the taxpayers of the city to foot the bill for a new stadium (while still paying the bill for the one they're now going to pay to tear down) or they're moving.  Recruiting?  Meyer wins because he wins in on the field and in the living room.  Take this arrow out of his quiver in the pros.

If there is ever a person who could defy my expectations and find a way to make it work, it would be Urban Meyer; I just think he would have to reinvent his entire mojo on the road to success in the NFL.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

It's all water under the bridge now, but even for a veteran team, I found the 2015 season opener to be meh.  I re-watched the 2015 VT game yesterday and I have to say that it was not enjoyable to watch, with a few exceptions for the highlight reel plays that we all know.  The rest of it was pretty flat, from special teams play, to not being able to put an offensive drive together with any sense of rhythm, to the defense not being able to get off the field on third down (over and over and over again).  Luckily the defense shored up after that game to become the stubborn and stingy unit that it was for the rest of the season.

But it's a brand new season now!

Go Bucks, Beat BG!!!

Comment 09 Jan 2016

Apparently, he wasn't aware people move to different states.

To many lifelong PA residents, it is very rare to meet someone who wasn't also born and raised there. You were his unicorn. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

There are many in between the two extremes too. It's a big fanbase with a broad spectrum of passion. It is possible to love this team without it causing prolonged misery.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

And perhaps there is the answer to our questions all season. One team tonight was a team playing for each other, and the other is a group of guys playing for their futures. 

Edit: I don't believe this is true for these guys, but their response to this, the first sign of adversity this season is to make these kind of announcements before the season is over and at the beginning of hate week...I don't know how to feel about it but there is no positive spin to put on it. 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

I thought he played well in coverage except in the end zone where he was behind the targeted receiver with no chance to disrupt the play for both Gopher touchdowns.  He does a good job of getting his head turned at the right time in order to maintain his ability to make a play without getting flagged between the end zones though.  

He has been suspect at times this season, but in the past, especially the post season last year, steps up when the pressure is on in big moments. Bama tried all night to match Amari Cooper against Apple instead of Grant and Apple was lights out when that happened. 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

The offense was more effective when Cardale got the ball out quickly. His under throws and bad reads where he doesn't target open receivers is becoming a chronic problem, however there were drives where this was beautifully absent in that he was a quick and decisive executor. When he isn't, they stall though and that happens more often than not. Many times receivers created separation and had to come back to the ball. This was most noticeable in Thomas' frustration in the end zone when he had the separation but jones didn't get the ball out fast enough and by the time it got to Thomas, he was out of space and covered. 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

False. Muffed punts was the reason the game was close.  JT had an 80 yd touchdown run also. 

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I like the way the offense works so much better with JT right now, but I understand that the coaches are trying to develop a very prolific set of skills for certain positions which, if developed, will make the Buckeyes very tough to beat.  They must be able to execute it in practice because the staff seems committed to it.  The game execution is just not there so JT appears to be the backup plan when plan A fails.  

With that said, I didn't hear the booing of Jones last night on TV, but if that's true, well then I think the folks that would do that need to have a sit down with Phil Esposito.  I know the environment and dynamics at play aren't nearly the same as they were with the Summit Series, but the principles are the same.  And when the team came home victorious, they didn't forget that some of their "fans' did this when the chips were down.