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Comment 25 Aug 2014

As a 12 year veteran of coaching youth football ages 8-12, I can attest to you that there is absolutely nothing worse than today's parents. Please keep in mind we have a winning tradition and program, having won a league title in 5 of the twelve seasons on the staff.  We have some proven formulas to help fashion young men as young men first and football players second.  Our kids ASK for extra push ups and leg lifts, because they remember how fit they were last season and want that again. They know fitness helps keep them safe.  That's how great their attitudes are.  Problem is, they come with parents and they don't always understand that until al child will fully engage in the contact drills, there is a safety issue in games and scrimmages.  There used to be a spirit of team and volunteerism on the sidelines when I started this.  Parents could work with their children off the field and appreciated your time and sacrifice.  Now these younger parents are the 20% do 80% of the work types - they don't want to and claim they can't pay but spend $100 on shirts with the kids name on it.  I've even had players say they don't want to go in the game and then the Dad wants to argue after the game, and tell you how their child wouldn't say that.  Because of the violence, this is not an 'everyone plays equal time' sport.  These kids that are scared of getting hurt, tend to get hurt - they just need to engage sooner or later and it will all be fine.  Hopefully Krenzel wasn't one of these parents.  If you play the game long enough, you're going to get your clock cleaned every so often.  It's how you get up from and come back from that event that determines who you are as a player and goes a long way towards shaping a young man.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

All of this stuff from a guy who's a Notre Dame fan?  Top of the list of historically over-rated football teams.  This season will be no different.  Really, you follow Notre of the irrelevant football team food chain.  Too bad they dropped (*&igan.  That annual poor football clinic was always good for a laugh.