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Comment 21 Jul 2014

The girl on the right is the one who dealt it..The guy behind is smellin' it

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Let's get the author's take. Maybe because he doesn't hate us as much as we hate him, he'll  graciously allow us to be "middle south buckeyes" ?

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Seems odd to try and get done with recruiting before senior season but then remain open to visits/other schools...oh well, it's his life. 

Comment 04 May 2014

I agree with one of the above posters in that he would thrive if he was in Ash's system. Roby has great size, strength and athleticism but maybe lacked a little on the technical part of his game. If Ash would have been the coordinator when Roby entered the program and he was coached into Ash's philosophy he could have been a monster. Imagine Darqueze Dennard, the guy was a stud at MSU. Now imagine Roby in Narduzzi's system for 3-4 years. Nothing against Darqueze (I really like his game) but Roby could have been something else if he was getting coached up in that system. 

This is not to say Coombs was a bad coach for Roby, but I agree that in another system/philosophy Roby could have been a little better. Roby going to the Seahawks would be a great fit for him, I bet Sherman, Chancellor, and Thomas could coach him up and make Roby an effective member of their "Legion of Boom".

Comment 14 Apr 2014

When Rashad Frazier and Tyquan Lewis harassed quarterbacks and offensive linemen, it almost acted as the birth of a deep rotation. Tommy Schutt, Michael Hill, Donovan Munger, Steve Miller, Tracy Sprinkle and Chris Carter also are part of that group.

 I'm not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere, but what the heck has happened to Jamal Marcus?  He had a solid year spelling Spence, seems like he plays with a high motor. Has he somehow found his way into Urban's doghouse?

Comment 25 Mar 2014

I had a teacher in high school who was a "sweeper". He said the same thing, him and his wife would enter as many sweepstakes as they could and they actually won some pretty nice things. Off the top of my head I remember him telling us he had won 2 cars, kept one and sold the other for 20k, not too bad if you ask me. 

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Q putting down the talent level of this roster, and the incoming class leaves a little bit of a bitter taste about him. Does he not realize the class that he came in with is very similar to the class Ohio State is signing this year?

C- Amir Williams 4* ----> C Probably won't get Turner, but they will find someone solid 

PF- Trey Mcdonald 3*----> PF Dave Bell 3/4* 

SF Slam Thompson 4*, ----> SF Ja'Sean Tate 4*

SF LaQuinton Ross 4* ----> SF Keita Bates Diop 4*

PG Shannon Scott 4* -----> SG Deangelo Russel 5* -->

Next years lineup if Q stays

PG- Scott

SG- Russel (maybe)

SF- Slammy

PF/Stretch 4- Q

C- Amir

Bench- Kam Williams, Della Valle, Marc Loving, Trey Mcdonald + Keita-Bates, Tate, Bell

That lineup isn't spectacular but they would still probably win 20+ games

Comment 21 Mar 2014

I get what you're saying, but Dayton plays in the A10.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

I noticed you took Devante Peete out of St. Thomas Aquinas off the new list. Is this because his interest in the Buckeyes has simmered down or because of new involvements with other receivers who would get priority over Peete? I really like his size (6'5) because it seems like the buckeyes are short on "Red-Zone Threat" receivers (I know this is a spread and speedsters will gain priority over more traditional receivers).

I'm not sure how well the typical red-zone threat fits into this offense's philosophy, but M. Thomas and Jeff Greene seem like the only guys on the current roster who fit that mold and their eligibility will be up in a few years leaving nobody behind them unless Urbz can grab somebody. 

Guys like Kelvin Benjamin and Mike Evans really really helped their respective Qb's this season (J. Winston, J. Manziel) because they could snatch passes out of the clouds, IMO Braxton really needed somebody like that the past few seasons.....paging Michael Thomas

Comment 20 Feb 2014

I personally love ET as player however I have not watched him much while he has been in Philly. He's definitely a good compliment for the Pacers but a couple of my Sixer-fan friends (who watch the games much more than I), say that he's not as good as advertised. Not sure if they are just asshole Philly Fans or are they correct? Loved his game while at tOSU but I don't watch much NBA until the late playoff rounds. If Stephenson decides to bolt for a paycheck after this season (free agency) then ET could be a good 2nd option if they want to resign him.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Solid. Just curious, if he indeed does become the first QB commit, how does that affect the T. Gibson recruitment? (Obviously he is the crown jewel) Probably a little early to tell?

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Espin knows they are the most influential sports network and that just about everyone who cares about sports will digest their info through their various outlets. It just sucks that most of the viewers actually believe the crap that spews out of these guys mouths. I can't stand it when I'm having a sports conversation with somebody, and all they can do is reiterate what the talking heads said on SportsCenter/CFB Live/NFL Live etc.  Alluding to a post above, just watch a segment of sports center (sike no), it's freaking MTV/TMZ for sports. A bunch of flashy headlines/scripts read aloud by men and women plastered in makeup.

Watch the games, form your own opinions.  Avoid their tv station and their website as much as you can.


Comment 12 Feb 2014

"You can react to your key and there’s only one speed – it’s full speed. That’s the way we have to play.” 

Yes yes yes, can't wait to see Vonn Bell in the secondary once the season rolls around. He already has a nose for the football, I'm sure with some proper coaching he could be a Grade-A ball hawk. Who's the last truly nasty, ball-hawking safety the bucks have had?  It has been awhile. Donte wHitner?

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Rebounding Rebounding Rebounding. scUM has a gazillian offensive rebounds.  Oh and it would have been nice if somebody besides Lenzelle Smith Jr. would make a 3!

So frustrating, team has me pulling my hair out.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Man this really bites. If/when we see him in the news making plays for Texas/TexasA&M/TexasTech/whoever , it will bite even more. 

Fully respect/back his decision though. My mother has been ill for a few years now and I completely understand the itch to want to help. Best of wishes to Mike's father and family. 

Comment 09 Feb 2014

Down goes Sparty, they've been banged up lately though. No Dawson or Appeling today, and Payne had previously been out for some time too. It must be an aggravating season for MSU fans with all these key injuries. If they're healthy, that roster should run away with a B1G regular season crown.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

Shucks, always liked CB. The only thing I have against him is that he often went for the big hit, not the form tackle. AKA Denard in the 2012 game getting sandwiched but still running for a TD.  Although when he went down against Wisconsin I think we all realized that he was a critical cog in the secondary.

-Best of luck in the NFL, Go Bucks