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Comment 26 Nov 2014

I feel for Noah Spence. I screwed up plenty when I was that age. And honestly would have failed several urine tests myself (had I been in his position).

Good luck to you young man. I wish nothing but the best for you. And please get that diploma. Some day I hope to see you in an airport (or anywhere actually) and get the opportunity to shake the hand of a fellow alumnus.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Are the BTN honchos insane? Pat Forde is a notorious Big-Ten-hater.

1) Why would they put him on the air?

2) Why would they pay him to be on the air?

Comment 04 Nov 2014

It was 2 guys (I assume who are affiliated with Finebaum's show). They pretended to do a talkshow hosted by Big Ten fans (sorry Big 10 according to their marker & posterboard "graphics") in which said fans have nothing to talk about re the playoff.

The message being that the Big Ten is so pathetic, it's fans can't even discuss the playoff.

<sarcasm>Solid humorous writing.</sarcasm>

Comment 04 Oct 2014

According to some band members who got into a discussion about it here on 11W (before the site update) -- band members also had to start posting people strategically around their seating area. Because fans in the stadium were trying to steal their hats and pieces of their instruments after halftime.

That's definitely bad behavior and I want it documented so the university (and more importantly those assholes at BSD) can't deny PSU fans act like fucking criminals when it comes to us. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

To anyone going to that game, I encourage you to video any instances of hostile/bad behavior toward Buckeye fans. Especially any directed at tOSUMB since this will be their first visit to Happy Valley since the infamous 2005 piss-bottle incident. (Which according to BSD is a myth and never happened btw.)

If possible, please post videos to youtube so that we can do a forum post on 11W that links to them. Thanks.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Again just for clarification.

This was primo property that the Bush family was residing in. If memory serves, the house was like a million dollar home. So yeah, this was a really big deal. It wasn't campus housing.

And the fact that Carroll got the hell out of dodge makes me think that he knew about the house as well.

Here's the wiki page on the USC RB coach, Todd McNair.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Uh... it wasn't discounted rent -- his family lived there free and clear until Bush failed to sign with those agents. They filed suit and the rest is history.

And the USC RB coach knew about that house. That's why he received a show-cause penalty.

If you look in the 11W archives, Ramzy did a write-up on what went down.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Re Waters and the band controversy. I think there better not be even a whiff in this independent investigation that the new administration over-reacted. Grand-standing to make a point is something we've already been thru during the Holbrook era. And one Holbrook was one too many.

And no I don't think the band and it's aura of excellence are going to be unaffected by this. Hearing from former Wisconsin band members about the repercussions of their scandal -- sounds like their band is now a shell of what it once was. Don't want that to happen to us.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

You don't know how correct you are. I occasionally run into their fans down here in NC. They're never alums or students. Always some Jim-Bob who desperately wants to troll a Buckeye. Knowing the state of our DBs and LBs I cringed when they announced our Orange Bowl opponent. These bozos are going to crow about that 40-35 "blow-out" for the next decade.

Fun times in the bible-belt. :-(

Comment 20 Jul 2014

There's no way Khalil Mack stays at Buffalo in this hypothetical segregation of cfb. More than the additional benefits, staying behind would probably limit professional opportunities.

No one's going to do that if getting into the NFL is your goal.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I wished they never tore that bldg down. Like having a castle on campus.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

About that NC prediction... there's no fucking way that the ACC gets two teams in the playoff. None.