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Comment 17 Jan 2014
The pay of assistant coaches has risen, but so has the cost of attending colleges. I attended The OSU from 98-00 and now I am in NC and back in school. How many tuition hikes has there been in that time? I know there have been a few. Also studies show that then cost of books for classes have risen over 700% since the late 70's. (Was an article on Yahoo recently) Everything raises in price over time. Infalation causes it and also market demand. The market demand is almost requiring people to get college degrees any more to get high paying jobs, but most companies or colleges are not compensating me for that cost. The salary for that particle job didn't get higher, just the restrictions on getting it did. So these kids are getting this for free. Maybe their stipend doesn't help on a car payment, but neither does the 24 hours I can work a week while taking a full course load. I also don't get free tutors. Most campuses charge for using the workout facilities anymore. And everyone always skips over medical coverage. A student athlete gets hurt, be it in a game, practice, or on break at home, it is covered and generally by great doctors. They get sick and need a hospital stay it is covered. Student healthcare insurance is at least $700 a semester. And you still pay out of pocket for co-pays and such. God forbid I need surgery, because I played an intramural sport and blew a knee. These are just a few things I can think. If these athletes think they are going to make it, apply for the student loans they need to help out. I am uncertain what my degree is going to get me, but I am getting loans because I have to so I can afford just college, not just lifestyle. Sorry, I have had a fever for a few days so this might not be put together the best way, but the points are still there.
Comment 12 Aug 2012

Hopefully you guys can get up and running soon.  Need some new shirts for the new season. 


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Comment 10 Nov 2011

JoePa had no power over the guy.  He had left coaching in 1999.  The university allowed him to have an office their still.  And JoePa never witnessed anything.  A grad student witnessed it and first went to his own father then they went to JoePa.  JoePa in turn put the information up the chain of command.  All he had was hearsay and he passed it on.  Again he had no power over Sandusky for he was not a coach for him anymore.  The AD and President had the power over him. 

And also though the AD and Vice President are the ones who actually have charges against them, one decided to leave on his own and the other is only on a leave of absence.  Why are they not fired and why is Penn State helping them with their legal troubles??


JoePa is getting railroaded here and it is sad.  Being the face of the program he gets fired though he did everything he was supposed too.  Could he have done more?  Maybe, but he still had passed on the info that he knew which it turn was not a whole hell of a lot.