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Born and raised in Columbus, OH. Grew up on campus at tOSU as my father was faculty, and I have always loved the Buckeyes. Graduated from the US Naval Academy and have served in the Navy ever since.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Keith Byars lead the Buckeyes to a come-from-behind win against Illinois in the Shoe.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: John 'Hondo' Havlicek
  • NFL TEAM: It hurts too much to be an NFL fan in Ohio.
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: None - I'd rather watch lacrosse.

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Comment 13 minutes ago

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Comment 17 minutes ago

I usually include S&P+ in mine because it's half of the F/+ rating.  FEI being the other half.

If you really want to have fun, take a look at the Massey CFB Composite index of 76 different polls and computer ranking systems. The Buckeyes are #1 there too.  The rest of the country will wake up and smell the coffee soon. I heard Zaraour and McElroy discussing it this morning on The First Team.

Comment 24 minutes ago

Good stuff, KJones.  I always look for your comments on these.

UW-Stanford.  UW started preseason at 39.5%, and now they're at 27.3%.  Stanford started at 42.1%, and is now at 49.0%.  In S&P+ raw numbers, UW has moved down two points, and Stanford has moved up one from their preseason raw score.  If they pulled preseason bias out altogether, I think Stanford has a more significant edge on the Huskies than one point. But it's only 3 or 4 games of data.

Can't wait for Saturday to get here.

Comment 2 hours ago

Cards-Tigers is going to be a banger.

That would be a fun one to go to. 

I think the UW-Stanford game will be equally fascinating, but for different reasons.

Comment 2 hours ago

Well actually...they're within 2% of each other right now in raw F/+, and there is still 30-40% preseason ranking bias. LSU started at 60.7% and Wisconsin started at 16.6%.  If you removed the preseason bias completely, Wisconsin is ranked above LSU.  It will work itself out in the next two weeks.

These ratings systems look at stats - offensive performance against the average defense among all 128 FBS teams, and vice versa.  The W-L record isn't that big of a factor.

Lets be honest.  Bucky only won that game by 2 points, and it was in Green Bay.  Play that game next weekend in the Super Dome, and I'm not convinced we get the same result. 

Comment 2 hours ago

Thanks, '64.  I discovered it during the 2014 NC season, and was amazed by it's accuracy by November. I was fed up with the capriciousness of the AP and Coaches' Polls: a team loses one game on the road and drops 15 spots, until to return to the Top 10 a month a later. This seemed to less reactive and more predictive by mid-October.

Last season, the CFP Committe made some decision that a lot of people questioned, and it appeared the answers were in the advanced analytics, especially S&P+. I'm interested in seeing if that's the case this year as well.

Comment 2 hours ago

Combination of that and OU's lone win is over ULM. Last week the Warhawks lost to Georgia Southern, another Sun Belt team.

Comment 3 hours ago

Their OOC schedule wasn't exactly a murderers row, but they have yet to let a team score a TD in the first half, and no one has scored more than 10 points. On offense, they are scoring in bunches.  We'll know for sure if they're real after this weekend and next: Ga Tech followed by FSU the 2015 State of Florida Champions.

The game I'm really looking forward to is VaTech - Miami.  It could an old school, Big East banger.