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Born and raised in Columbus, OH. Grew up on campus at tOSU as my father was faculty, and I have always loved the Buckeyes. Graduated from the US Naval Academy and have served in the Navy ever since.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Keith Byars lead the Buckeyes to a come-from-behind win against Illinois in the Shoe.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: John 'Hondo' Havlicek
  • NFL TEAM: It hurts too much to be an NFL fan in Ohio.
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
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Comment 3 hours ago

Thanks, Cincy.  Let's hope I'm right.

I just found a nice breakdown of the Buckeye's on Football Study Hall.  Looking at the receiving stats, something jumped off the page.  The receiver with highest catch rate (79.4%), highest success rate (61.8%), and most yards per catch/target (13.0/10.4), is only targeted 9.3% of the time (fourth among all receivers).  They need to throw the damn ball to Dontre Wilson.

Comment 4 hours ago

Work got a little busy today, so I didn't have time to put together a new thread.  So, I'm bumping this one, and updated it to mark the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Thank you again to the Greatest Generation. May we live up to your spirit and and earn the great gift of your sacrifice.

Comment 4 hours ago

Former Senator and retired Marine Colonel Glenn is the last of the Mercury 7 astronauts, and the only Marine selected as part of that auspicious group. He has outlasted them all, despite being born almost two years prior to the next oldest. (Glenn was born in 1921. Wally Schirra and Alan Shepard were born in '23). I can remember looking at a globe when I was in fourth grade, and the track of his three orbits in Friendship 7 was clearly marked with a dashed line. That is one of the earlier memories I have of wanting to fly.

John Glenn was one of the two legislators, who gave me a nomination to the Naval Academy.  I wouldn't be where I am today without him.

I hope he recovers.

Comment 4 hours ago

Putting together my weekly F/+ Ratings, and took a deep dive into S&P+ for the CFP semifinal games.  I think the Buckeyes are going to be just fine.

The Buckeyes' worst three games offensively were against TTUN, Wisconsin and PSU.  They rank #1, #5 and #16 in S&P+ Defense.  Clemson ranks #6.  But here's the big difference: TTUN, Wisconsin and PSU are ranked #3, #16 and #27 in Rushing S&P+ Defense.  Clemson is ranked #32 (Indiana is #20 and Northwestern is #35 for comparison).  The tigers are also ranked #39 on Standard Downs (1st & 10, 2nd & 7 or less, and 3rd & 4 or less).  TTUN, Wisc, and PSU are #2, #12 and #25 on Standard Downs (IU was #29).  As far as the front 7 go, Clemson is nearly tied with PSU for Front 7 Havoc Rate. So they can definitely cause problems on passing downs.

The question then becomes, "How good is the Buckeyes' rushing attack?"  Glad you asked. tOSU is the #12 Offense overall in S&P+.  They're the #2 Rushing S&P+ and #6 on Standard Downs when they have the ball. Even more important, the Buckeyes Success Rate (getting yardage on schedule) has them ranked #5 in the nation. The Buckeyes are look very similar to Louisville when you break down their offensive profile, just less explosive.  Clemson has only faced three offenses better than the Buckeyes in S&P+: #2 Louisville, #4 Pitt and #6 FSU.  Clemson beat L'ville by 6, lost to Pitt by 1 and beat FSU by 3.

When Clemson has the ball - tOSU is the #3 defense in S&P+.  The best Clemson has faced all season is #7 Auburn, #14 Miami and #15 Louisville.  Without question, this will be the best defense the Tigers have seen all year.  The Buckeyes' strengths on D match up well with Clemson's offensive numbers.

TL/DR: S&P+ says this match-up favors the Buckeyes. I'm thinking it'll look like the 2014 Sugar Bowl and be about a 3-7 point game.

Comment 4 hours ago

I heard someone on College Sports Nation today talking about the issues at Oregon being more than just coaching.  Everyone's doing the fancy uniforms and helmets, a lot of teams running a spread offense with dual threat QBs. Oregon is no longer a novelty.  And Eugene ain't exactly in the middle of fertile recruiting ground.  Waco on the other hand, is surrounded by quality recruits within a few hours drive time.  And you don't have to convince them to move half way across the country to Eugene.

Comment 8 hours ago

He has already proven that he can turn a program around (Rutgers) and he has coached in the NFL.

I don't think big time programs are sold on Coach Schiano as proven head coach at the Power Five level, and here's why.  The 'rise' of Rutgers under Schiano (HC from 2001 to 2011) coincided with the 'decline' of the Big East. 

In Coach Schiano's first four seasons, Rutgers won a total of 12 games.  His first winning season (7-5) was 2005. In '06 they went 11-2, came in 2nd the Big East, went to the Insight Bowl and finished #12 in the AP Poll.  That was the high water mark. From 2007-2009, Rutgers never won more than 9 games, and had a 4-8 season in 2010.

What was more significant in the Big East at the time was the teams that the ACC poached from the conference.  Va Tech and Miami left in 2004. BC was right behind them in 2005. Then Rutgers goes 11-2 in 2006 against a slate of UNC, Illinois, Ohio, Howard, USF, Navy, Pitt, UConn, Louisville (final ranking #6), UC, Syracuse and WVU (final ranking #10). The Scarlet Knights beat Louisville and lost to WVU.  Essentially, Rutgers was playing in the American Athletic Conference before it became the AAC.  The years they won 8-11 games, they weren't playing Miami, Va Tech and BC.

I'm not saying that Coach Schiano didn't vastly improve the quality of football at Rutgers; he did.  But, it's not like he turned them into a perennial Top 25 team, or conference championship team. They were ranked at the end of one season, and they never won their conference.

I think he's a great coach.  But, I think his jump to the NFL was premature, and I think he needs to prove himself at a middle tier program before a blue blood or major Power Five school will take a chance on him.

Comment 8 hours ago

WVU (9-3) was the Big East Champ that year and were ranked #23 going into the bowl selection. They were a non-factor.

1-loss Stanford and 1-loss oSu were the teams that got left out.  1-loss Houston (Kevin Sumlin) and 1-loss Boise State were also teams that never got consideration. Houston destroyed Penn State in the Cotton Bowl, and BSU destroyed ASU in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Comment 9 hours ago

False equivalence indeed.  It seems to be contagious around the CFB viewing/commentating/reporting world.  Danny Kannel, UM fans, SEC fans, PSU fans, Baylor/TCU/OU/Big 12 fans.  Every day I hear another bad comparison to explain why Ohio State should not be in the CFP.  The problem is, there has never been a set of circumstances like this before with which to compare. 

In a word, the 2016 Buckeyes are...incomparable.

Comment 10 hours ago

Apparently, Taggart was the Ducks' second choice.  They offered the job to Matt Rhule, but he opted to take the Baylor position instead.

Oregon, which fired Mark Helfrich last week after a 4-8 season, offered the job to Temple's Matt Rhule on Monday night but had to change directions when Rhule chose to go to Baylor instead.

It also appears that this move is costing Taggart a bit of money.

Comment 12 hours ago

Taggart is a good hire, IMHO, for Oregon.  If you saw any of USF's games this season, their offense was exciting and very good.  They finished the year as the #3 Offense in S&P+.  It does seem like a bit of a flyer to take, but he should fit in well there.

In looking at his coaching stops, I was surprised to see that he was the RB coach at Stanford from '07-09 under That Coach.

Comment 16 hours ago

Best of luck to Coach Rhule. Personally, from what I've observed, this is a great hire by Baylor. Rhule is nothing like Briles, but he's a great coach. Temple got kicked out of the Big East they were so bad. What he's done to resurrect that program is nothing short of amazing. I have no doubt he'll be successful in Waco. BU can only go up from where they are right now. 

Comment 06 Dec 2016

#16 in 2016. 

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Mr. Barrett, you are the man in the arena. May you take your team to victory.