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Comment 17 Dec 2014

The guy is a Heisman Winner who played quarterback for Meyer at UF and is now a sportscaster for SEC-ESPN, and people somehow think that he's in Columbus before tOSU's CFP game against 'Bama to be the OC/QB coach.  Seriously?  The only coaching job he's up for is Bremerton HS in WA.

One of the funniest satire pieces yet on Tebow.  Nice guy, but a coach?

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Great article.  It points to tOSU's coaching staff's ability to teach, develop and coach the talent they have.

I see tOSU moving up from the 'scarlet' to the 'grey' on this chart.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

And Barret would have less than 300 yds passing and only 3 TDs if Marshall's sweeps counted as rushes (which they were) instead of passes. And 65 of Elliot's 107 yards came on one play.  Giving up a couple big plays is just as bad as giving up 20 10-yd gains, when they lead to points.

Regardless of how Coleman got to 228 yards, the Buckeye defense failed to contain him.  They have to fix that.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I think it's both.  Look at the close games or games the Buckeye's struggled for a few quarters: they lost or tied in the turnover battle, and/or they couldn't hold the opposing team below their rushing average. Navy, Va Tech, PSU, MSU, Minn, IU.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

BuckeyeRef, I agree with the others here.  I'm not being condescending, because I don't know how much you know of the history of the game, but that is just crazy talk.

Try reading this article, and you'll understand why no Buckeye can look past this Saturday and TTUN.  Or this one:

"Ohio State spoiled perfect seasons for Michigan in 1944, (OSU won 18-14), 1970 (Ohio State won, 20-9), 1972 (Ohio State won, 14-11), 1973 (teams tied, 10-10), 1974 (Ohio State won, 12-10) and 2006 (Ohio State won, 42-39).

TSUN returned the favor, spoiling OSU perfect seasons in 1969 (Michigan won, 24-12), 1973 (teams tied, 10-10), 1993 (Michigan won, 28-0), 1995 (Michigan won, 31-23) and 1996 (Michigan won, 13-9)."

And I will personally never forget 1987, 5 days after Earle Bruce was fired and the Buckeyes were 5-4-1 heading to Ann Arbor.  They upset the 7-3 Wolverines 23-20.

I'll won't stop worrying about this game until after the clock hits 0 and the team sings Carmen Ohio.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I think you meant Kansas's defense, not TCU's?  I agree, and an afternoon game in Lawrence comes nowhere near a white out in Happy Valley at night in terms of home field advantage.  My point was merely that all of the Top 8 teams have an 'ugly' win or two on their resume.

I agree wholeheartedly that TCU and Baylor have relatively weak schedules, especially OOC.  Add to that the lack of a conference championship - I seem to remember the ESPN talking heads blasting the B1G for that a few years ago - and they should not be ranked ahead of the Buckeyes.

In the end, I think it will come down to the number of bowl eligible teams that the one-loss teams beat, and those opponents records.  The ACC has had a terrible OOC showing this year (several losses to the Group of 5 and not many quality Power-5 wins), and the SEC is still undetermined.  The best outcome is an SEC East champion winning the conference.  Maybe a 2-loss UCLA knocking off the Ducks in a close game.  Unfortunately, the Buckeyes big wins (MSU and MInn) only get cheapened when ORE and TCU lose. 

Hook 'Em Horns!  Go Wildcats!  Let's go Tigers (all three from the SEC, it doesn't matter which)!

Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Actually, the Buckeyes have been in more than one game that close this year.  I was in Baltimore when Navy lead OSU at halftime.  That game was much closer than the final score depicts.   And I seem to remember watching OSU sleep through the second half in Happy Valley, and needing double overtime to beat 6-5 PSU, which is still recovering from the loss of scholarships.

I'm not defending the ranking of TCU and Baylor, just pointing out that using TCU's poor showing against Kansas and not recognizing OSU's warts only tells half the story.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Perhaps the change of perception has more to do with many teams' performance on the field, which has improved or diminished the 'perceived quality' of wins and losses.

For example, FSU has ZERO wins over a team with less than 3 losses and that is ranked in the AP Top 25, or above 22 in the CFP (22 Clemson & 24 Louisville). Miss St has one win over AP #16/CFP #14 Auburn (7-3), and ZERO wins over a team with less than 3 losses).  'Bama has one win over AP #4/CFP #4 Miss St. (9-1). ORE has 2 wins over ranked teams with less than 3 losses: #10/11 MSU and #11/9 UCLA. tOSU has wins over two ranked teams, one of which has less than 3 losses: MSU and UR/#25 Minn.

If you dig deeper into the teams that FSU and Miss St have beaten, their opponents that have winning records have done so against teams with losing records.  Take FSU's "quality" wins: Clem, which has wins against teams with a combined W-L of 29-32: Louisville's wins are over opponents with a combined 30-43 record; and ND's wins were over teams with a 32-38 record.  FSU's win over Miami stands alone as an opponent whose wins were against teams with a record over .500 (33-27).

As for tOSU's albatross, the loss to Va Tech.  That dead fish is beginning to lose its odor.  Va Tech is one of only 3 FBS teams to have beaten at least 2 ranked teams with less than 3 losses: tOSU and Duke.  Only ORE and UCLA can also make that claim.  With 2-8 Wake Forrest and 4-6 UVA remaining for the Hokies, it looks like Beamer and company may end up 7-5 ending the season on a 3-game winning streak (including a win over Duke) and bowl bound.  That loss will still look bad no matter what, but it might as well have happened last season based on the Buckeye team that played in East Lansing and Twin Cities.

Baylor's problem is the exact opposite.  The Mountaineers have KSU and ISU remaining, making them a good shot for ending 7-5 and losing 3 of their last 4, including a big road loss to middling Texas.  Baylor's loss to WVU continues to get worse, and the best Baylor can do is win out vs. OkSt, TexTech and KSU.  The irony is a win over OkSt will probably end the Pokes shot at being .500 and getting to a bowl, and by beating KSU, Baylor knocks the Wildcats out of the Top 25 leaving the Bears with a single win over a ranked team, and only 4 wins over .500 or better, bowl-bound teams (OU, TCU, UT and KSU).

I put the Buckeyes at #5 for now, and #3 after Miss St loses another game or fails to win its division/conference.  An undefeated FSU is #4 at best based on their weak schedule.

Anyone notice the ACC has lost a lot of games to non-Power 5 teams (Akron, ECU and such).  And, I think they're about .333 against Power 5 teams.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I'll amend my previous post - TBDFITL except for BennyBucks.  C'mon, man. Stay classy.

OBTW - since you probably haven't served and wouldn't know - the U.S. Naval Academy produces career officers for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps (the uniform Jack is wearing above). No Marine Colonel worth his salt would have treated a fellow officer like that. Hooray for Hollywood.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Don't confuse a non-prolific passing team with "not particularly good".  The last time Navy and tOSU met, a kid named Ricky Dobbs went 9 for 13 passing for 156 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT against the Buckeyes in the Shoe. It was his single best passing game of the season, and it was the best completion percentage and tied for most TD passes of any offense tOSU played that year.

Keenan Reynolds, based on what I've seen the past two years, is Dobbs' equal in the passing game and a better triple option QB.

I foresee Navy only "going to the air' when the secondary gets frustrated and complacent and begins to run past Navy's WRs to get to the rushers. This game will be all about discipline.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I agree with you on the first count - Navy has proven they can move the ball effectively year after year. But it's not because of so-called "chop blocks".  You sound like Charlie Weiss and Lou Holtz, who wined incessantly about about Navy's 250-pound O-linemen hurting their 320-pound D-linemen.

Navy uses cut blocks, which are completely legal under the rules.  A "chop block" is an illegal block when a player already engaged above the waist is blocked my a second player below the waist.  This results in a 15 yard penalty imposed against the offending team. Navy's smaller O-linemen and slotbacks use legal cutblocks to get lower than larger defenders to get leverage.  It's exactly what every football coach tells blockers to do at every level. Get low, get leverage, win the battle.

Bottom line, it's not the blocking. Navy uses wide spilts, spreads the line, and effectively employs the triple option.  It's similar to the zone read that Oregon uses, except it comes right at you instead of waiting in the backfield for the read.  The QB takes what the defense gives him, and as long as he protects the ball and makes good reads there are usually 3-4 yards to get on nearly any play.

This should be a great game, and we should hope that no players on either team get hurt. Everyone loses when players get injured, especially players who plan to fly airplanes, drive ships and submarines, or lead Marines in the defense of our great country.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

First they'll have to prove they can shed their blockers, then tackle the runner.  Navy's receivers and slot backs block downfield better than just about any other team.  When the DBs start cheating and go for the runners, Reynolds steps back and passes.  He doesn't throw many, but last year he completed 53% of his attempts and had a 140 QB rating. On top of that, he only had 2 INTs out of 128 attempts, which is about twice as good as Miller did percentage wise (7 INTs, 255 attempts).  This game won't test the secondary in the manner everyone needs to see to believe, but it will test them.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Love all the great, positive comments by TBDFITL, and I too can't wait for the game to start. Although I was born and bred on Buckeye Football, I'll be cheering for my alma mater, tUSNA on Saturday. I hope we can renew this Home & Home deal, or even a neutral site game in the future. Here's to a game as competitive and exciting as 2009.