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Comment 23 Jan 2015

Much like the 2002 BCS Championship Team, this team was not dominated by a single outstanding player.  Every member was pulling his weight and taking on the burden equally.  As it should be.  The fact they were able to shut down the Top 3 Heisman candidates shouldn't be a surprise.  It's a testament the reality that the Team is far superior to any individual.

As far as the trolling goes, we seem to forget that these are college students, who talk smack with each other every day on the practice field.  If Powell and Lee are comfortable dishing it out, they take on the yoke of having to take it like men if/when it gets dished back out to them in the future.  Coach Meyer knows each team the Buckeyes face next year is itching to take a shot at the title.  He's been there before.  This is the first time for these players.  They deserve the opportunity to enjoy this - it's rare opportunity.  But I agree they need to keep it classy, and not stoop to the level of the SEC. 

Of course, if Powell had directly asked his question to Mark May, Schlabach, or the rest of the Buckeye haters at ESPN, Buckeye Leaf Helmet Sticker Guy would have had to pasted one more on his helmet.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I'm actually more confident about this game than I was the Sugar Bowl.  I picked tOSU to win that one by 10.  The biggest factor for me was the psychological hurdle for the fans, team and UFM of beating 'Bama and the U of SEC. 

I don't see that as an issue with the Ducks.  tOSU is playing as the underdog, again, which works well for the coaching staff.  Statistically, the teams stacking fairly evenly, but I think the Buckeyes are playing dominant football and much more loose than the Ducks

.I'm taking the Buckeyes by 13 in this one. 

Comment 08 Jan 2015

MOD EDIT (please do not copy and past entire articles from other sources) - link to article below.  It's worth the read.  Bottom Line: this is the first team in the NCG to have lost to team like VaTech:

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Classy post.  Agree wholeheartedly that the loss to VaTech actually wasn't near as bad as ESPN wants to make it out to be.  Your Hokies knocked off Duke, nearly beat an outstanding GaTech team, and knocked off a good UC team in a bowl game. With the exception of Wake (still don't get that one) every team they lost to was .500 or better in the regular season and went bowling. Five losses by a total of 20 points - that's closer to being 12-1 than any other 7-5 team can claim this year. 

Looking forward to the game next year, but need to get through next Monday first.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Big differences I see statistically:

  • Sacks Delivered: tOSU 43 (#9), ORE 36 (tied with 5 others for #23)
  • 4th Down attempts/conversions: ORE 17 of 26 (tied for #10), tOSU 10 of 19 (tied with 13 others for #53)
  • Penalties/yds: tOSU 79 for 681 yds (#57), ORE 113 for 1004 yds (#10)

Check out Football Outsider for some truly eye-watering stats:
For example, Offensive Line Yards (yds gained adjusted for opponents effectiveness): ORE #1, tOSU #2. 

Overall, ORE #1, tOSU #2,  That's based on over 20,000 possessions across all of FBS this year.

The biggest difference I find in these stats is in D-Line sack rate: tOSU #10, ORE #71 (

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Defense has to hold the Ducks to 5 TD drives or fewer of 7-8 plays or more, hold on 3rd down, force some punts and FG attempts, and force a turnover or two.  Offense has to score points, lots of points.  Forget about TOP and controlling the clock.  The Ducks don't care about the clock.  Most of their drives are 3-5 plays and less than 2 minutes.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

If you look at the games ORE struggled, it was when teams were able to score points hanging with them blow for blow, while finding a way to slow down the offense. Their four closest games, and only loss, came between 20 Sep and 24 Oct.  WSU scored 31 and only lost by a TD. AU scored 31 and won by a TD. UCLA scored 30 and lost by 12.  Cal scored 41 and lost by 18.  Every other game was bow out, and opponents never scored more than 28 (including MSU - 27 pts.).  NOTE: WSU, UCLA and Cal were all road games. 

Cal passed for 367 and rushed for 193.  The amazing thing is Cal forced 3 punts, a FG, a fumble and an interception.  If not for turning the ball over on downs early in the 4th, that game might have been much closer.  ORE's offense was incredibly efficient though: no scoring drive longer than 7 plays, most were 3-5 plays.

The truly amazing game was against WSU.  WSU passed for 436 and rushed for 63.  ORE only had 4 drives over 6 plays, all in the 2nd half: 1 resulted in a TD, 1 FG, 1 missed FG, and 1 clock killer at the end.  But, WSU forced 3 punts and a fumble in the 1st half, and 2 FG attempts in the 2nd.  The Cougar defense managed 5 sacks and 7 TFL in the 1st half, and they held the Ducks to an abysmal 5 of 14 on 3rd down for the game.

Not coincidentally, over that same period the Ducks were hurting along the O-Line:

August 11: Tyler Johnstone’s ACL tear first reported. Out for the season.
September 6: Haniteli Lousi missed Michigan State game after injuring his leg sometime during preps. Returned on Oct. 24 versus Cal.
September 6: Andre Yruretagoyena injured his right leg. Returned Nov. 22 versus Colorado.
September 13: Jake Fisher injured his left leg. Returned Oct. 11 versus UCLA.
October 18: Hamani Stevens left the Washington game with an ankle injury. Returned Oct. 24 versus Cal.
November 1: Matt Pierson injured his left knee. Back for the CFP.
November 8: Hroniss Grasu injured his left leg. Back for the CFP.

The Buckeyes have to score toe-to-toe with ORE and avoid giving up the big play.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Another way to look at it is that tOSU "got their yards" against some of the best rushing defenses in the country, getting close to or exceeding their rushing average for the season. That means the Buckeyes were probably held below their average by some lesser rushing defenses, or they were able to pass so easily then didn't need to run the ball as much.

An interesting aspect is that tOSU faced these top 20 rushing defenses in the last 21/2 months of the season: PSU - 25 Oct; MSU - 8 Nov; UM - 29 Nov; Wisc - 6 Dec; 'Bama - 1 Jan. And, only The Game was at home: the other games were all road games or 'neutral' sites.  This is definitely evidence that the O Line is the 'most improved player' for the Buckeyes, and that Tom Herman found ways to attack defenses with the run.

Bottom line: Herman will take what the ORE defense gives him (run or pass) and rack up as many points as he can.  It'll be up to the defense to slow down Mariota and the Ducks.  ORE doesn't care about TOP.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Amen.  You can change personnel and systems all you want, but in the end you have to change the culture.  It's the hardest and last thing to change in any organization. The fact that Coach Meyer did it in such a short time is a testament to his leadership and understanding of team dynamics.

I read an article in which Coach Meyer described the leadership training he invested in the coaching staff last spring.  It sounded a lot like what we institutionalized in the military, and it has clearly paid huge dividends.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I prefer to think of Smith as Hawkeye - hitting them with long, deadly precision shots, just to keep with your Avengers theme.

Oh, and you left out the team-building and leadership of Nick Fury (UFM).

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Something we haven't seen against Oregon is coaches using their timeouts like basketball.  Pick a point in an Oregon drive (between midfield and the Red Zone, or when they reach the Red Zone) and call time out.  Rest the D, make substitutions, change your formations, disrupt Frost and Mariota's rhythm.  Don't worry about saving TOs for your offense.  In a 2 min drill, use the boundary, 1st downs and incomplete passes to control clock.  If you run of out play clock, take the 5 yd penalty; you can make it up on the next play with your offense.

The Ducks average 47 PPG, or 6-7 TDs per game.  You have 6 TOs across the game, so why not use them to prevent TDs and possibly force FGs on 6 drives.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

ORE's passing numbers mostly came against nine PAC teams that are ranked 90th or worst in the nation in Passing D YPG.  Their opponents, In order of best to worst:  Stanford (7th), MSU (26th), FSU (51st), Wyoming (68th), UCLA (90th), Utah (92nd), Ore St (95th), CU (102nd), AU (121st), UW (124th), WSU (127th), Cal (128th - DFL).  Statistically, FSU is the 3rd best pass defense ORE faced all season.

Compare that to the Buckeyes rushing stats against their opponents' rush defenses.  tOSU ranks 10th nationally in rushing averaging 262 YPG.  That came against three teams in the Top 10 in Rush D YPG (PSU 1st, Bama 2nd, MSU 6th), two more in the Top 25 (Wisc 17th & UM 15th), and a 6th team ranked 41st (Va Tech oddly enough). Against the five Top 25 rush defenses the Buckeyes faced: PSU (1st), Bama (2nd), MSU (6th), UM (15th), Wisc (17th), the Buckeyes racked up 219 yds, 281 yds, 268 yds, 233 yds, and 301 yds respectively.

I believe ORE is a good team, but I'm convinced their stats are inflated by poor PAC defense, whereas the Buckeyes earned their rushing yards the hard way.

And the Heisman goes to...a five-way tie: Taylor Decker, Billy Price, Jacoby Boren, Pat Elflein, and Darryl Baldwin.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

How about TCU's pathetic road game against Kansas, who was coached by an interim HC?

Four means a P-5 team is always left out.  That's fine.  If you didn't make it, next year you'll schedule tougher OOC games, and you'll work harder to win your conference. 

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Remember when UC was the Big East Champion and automatic bid in the BCS in '09 and '10?  Or, unranked UConn losing 48-20 to #7 OU in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl? 

Those three games are why 1) the Big lEast came unraveled in college football and 2) the CFP did not want automatic conference bids into the playoff.

Go back through the BCS era, and it's very difficult to find teams past #4 that truly would have been competitive or added anything meaningful to the process. There is a rare exception, but as a rule, once you get past #4, you are into the 2-loss teams.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

I don't think people are giving this team enough credit for their amazing performance last week.  Just to put tOSU's accomplishments against #1 ranked 'Bama (the best rushing defense statistically) in this year's Sugar Bowl in perspective:

  • Points Scored:  42 - Tied for 5th all time in Sugar Bowl
  • Rushing Yds per Attempt:  6.7 YPA - 3rd all time in Sugar Bowl
  • Total Offense: 537 yds - 4th all time in Sugar Bowl
  • Individual Rushing Yds:  Ezekiel Elliot 230 yds - 1st all time in Sugar Bowl.  2nd all time for BCS bowl games
  • Longest run from scrimmage: Ezekiel Elliot, 85 yds (TD) - 2nd all time in Sugar Bowl

Anyone who doesn't believe Zek Elliot is the 'real deal', check out some of the more notable RBs in the Sugar Bowl:

  • Herschel Walker's best Sugar Bowls were 150 and 103 yd games
  • Bo Jackson rushed for 130 yds
  • Jerome Bettis rushed for 150 yds
  • Tony Dorsett rushed for 202 yds

This is one of the best teams tOSU has ever fielded.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

The guy is a Heisman Winner who played quarterback for Meyer at UF and is now a sportscaster for SEC-ESPN, and people somehow think that he's in Columbus before tOSU's CFP game against 'Bama to be the OC/QB coach.  Seriously?  The only coaching job he's up for is Bremerton HS in WA.

One of the funniest satire pieces yet on Tebow.  Nice guy, but a coach?

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Great article.  It points to tOSU's coaching staff's ability to teach, develop and coach the talent they have.

I see tOSU moving up from the 'scarlet' to the 'grey' on this chart.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

And Barret would have less than 300 yds passing and only 3 TDs if Marshall's sweeps counted as rushes (which they were) instead of passes. And 65 of Elliot's 107 yards came on one play.  Giving up a couple big plays is just as bad as giving up 20 10-yd gains, when they lead to points.

Regardless of how Coleman got to 228 yards, the Buckeye defense failed to contain him.  They have to fix that.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I think it's both.  Look at the close games or games the Buckeye's struggled for a few quarters: they lost or tied in the turnover battle, and/or they couldn't hold the opposing team below their rushing average. Navy, Va Tech, PSU, MSU, Minn, IU.