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Comment 02 Mar 2013

Unless the soccer buckeyes have been getting a lot of action lately, I don't think anyone has done any "pitch-storming." Seriously, its a field. We're not in Swansea.


Couldn't help but think of this article.....

Comment 18 Nov 2012

Wow, what awesome photos. Too bad you didnt get one of "the fumble" though. It would have made the perfect background photo for use at work down here in SEC country. Oh well, Philly running in the punt return will do just as well.

Comment 29 Oct 2012

It's definitely hard to see past that huge choke job the Bulldogs pulled in Columbia. However, I do believe that when it comes to rankings you have to give teams the right to improve. And while I have felt that Florida was a WAY overrated #2 the defensive performance by UGA really impressed me. But hey, I tend to get way over critical of the Bucks and over analyze every performance so maybe that's why I'm being hard on them here. If we didn't play down(up) to the level of  competition every week I'd be a lot higher on the team.

Comment 29 Oct 2012

I think moving South Carolina up 6 spots after beating an extremely average Volunteer team and losing their star player was way too generous. And I hate to say it but Georgia has to be ranked higher than the Buckeyes based on athletes alone. Completely agree with the top 4 though. I can't believe how many people are punishing Oregon for handling their business week in and week out. After the top 10 it really is a crap shoot this year. There's just so many average teams. Love the site, keep up the awesome work.

Comment 02 Sep 2010

Hey can anyone help me out, I was planning on streaming the game off of BTN online but now the page has disappeared. Are they not streaming?