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Comment 02 Jan 2012

I have had medical problems all year.  I have seen many doctors with no exact cure.  However, today I was relieved of all my pain - our season is over.  However, I am so excited for the future.  Terrell, I am still pissed at you.


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Comment 09 Oct 2011

Add Dennis Talbott to the Shame also.

Comment 09 Oct 2011

Let's call it like it is - the experiment is over: Good Bye Luke.  GO back to your one dimension focal point (defense only).  How dare you come on ESPN and say that all of the folks need to dig deep inside of their pride.  For 3 week prior now, we could not block nor throw.  Why? Because we kept trying to throw the ball deep with no protection/time to throw.  I thought you guys figured that out.  JB comes in and all of the passes go deep.  BTW, who in the hell is he throwing the ball too?  75% of his balls are thrown out of bounds.  Maybe with JB in the game we should just run the old fashion sweep.  He would be better off running the ball for 2-3 yards instead of those out of bound throws.  If the season is a wash - give the freshman's a chance at least at running the ball.  The RB situation is backwards.  Hall is a good back but if you can't see Hyde as a faster Beenie Wells, then your eyesight is failing you. Slip the fullback the ball every now and then - that would keep some of the defense off of your primary runners. If the fullback can't get one yard - we got bigger problems.  Job well done to the offensive line -much improved. Welcome back Adams. Also, someone teach Miller how to hold a ball when running.  Every fan can tell he needs to improve on holding the ball (aka Bennie Wells).   MAybe some time with Troy Smith could help.

I would like to acknowledge the Buckeye Hall of Shame Team:
1.  Tattoo Parlor Owner.  Hope you rot in jail with the Miami Booster - SOB.
2.  Terrell Pryor - You F***ing Coward - you left your peers behind when you knew they would not get the same attention you did from the NFL. Heck , I actually liked you as a player - you non-throwing SOB.  See you out of the NFL in 3 years.  Al Davis passed away and with him is your only NFL supporter. 
3.  Jim Tressel.  You left us unprepared (JB) and disappointed - If Urban say's no to OSU - come back. One year away is enough punishment. Surely the NCAA can't punish us twice because of you.  ** By the way, why didn't we get Brain Kelly from Cincinnati/ND. He would rather be at OSU vice ND. JB would be selling popcorn if Brian Kelly was our coach.  He understands the "killer instinct".
4. 2011 New addition: Bobby DiGeronimo aka "The Booster". Why do you boosters think you are above us as true fans.  I hope your business goes down with the economy. That is my recommendation to all of these "business elbow rubbing boosters" - boycott them for negative impacting of our team.  The Ohio State Buckeyes represent us - the citizens of Ohio and not your personal fundraisers or picture taking bragging rights.  Buy a ticket and sit in the stadium like the rest of the fans.  You taking blame don't do crap for our team or our spirits.  You sitting around say "my bad" is like spitting in our face. Yes, we know our team will bounce back and beat a ranked team but we never had to go thru all of this had it not been for your temptation to be a "baller" vice a fan.

To all of the current Buckeyes players, learn from Posey, Art and Maurice. He (Posey) surely lost millions of dollars because of tattoos and a few hundred bucks.  How in the hell could he afford a lawyer but needed to recieve more than he earned??? Maurice Clarett even admitted it.  The player is responsible for their actions.  Maurice is trying to teach you something.  Look at Art Schlieter (mis-spelled but who cares) now in jail.  THERE IS NO SHORTCUT TO THE TOP.  It is earned with hard work and sweat to include the classroom. The majority of you will never get to the NFL and that is okay with us as fans. We love the fact that you represent us as Buckeyes and we will always honor that and you for your efforts (including you JB-just perform like a 5th year senior and stop killing our chances). Just give us 100% and know that we will never depart you.  We still wear our OSU gear in Gatorland and LSUville.   Our bumper stickers still say OSU and we do not plan to remove them. MY advice for the rest of the season - go out like gangbusters and have fun breaking the hearts of the other Big 10 Teams.  Trust us - they have no problem breaking our hearts.  Just open up a can of old fashion "Woody Hayes" ass-kicking formula and walk away this year with a smile and say it like Arnold "We'll be back"!!!!