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Comment 01 Feb 2012

dat pass (rush)!  in 3-4 years:


spence, schutt, pittmann, washington, rotating in marcus + people from other classes



Comment 01 Jun 2011

IMO there's a chance OSU can be better off.  JT was great, but definately not the best coach in the land. 

JT was a good program builder and player developer, but after last year I don't see him ever winning another NC.  he beat up on michigan and the big 10 when those teams were in a rut.  he squeaked out a NC with Cooper's leftovers and has come close with his own a few times.  he didn't have what a lot of top recruits were looking for, despite OSU being at the top in terms of fan support, athletic facilities, national exposure, and recruiting location - the only real top tier school in the north/midwest with the demise of michigan.  if any other B10 schools had elite coaches over this timeframe, JT's record would be different. 


also sasying this as an alumni who does not enjoy this being the 1st thing when they hear where you went to school.  I went to a top25 program in my field, and would like it to be known for the education and not scandals. 

Comment 04 May 2011

commitment to football is the biggest difference imo.  and the lack of partying/drugs/alcohol.  reason why boise, utah, byu, tcu can turn 2/3 stars into a competetive team.  there isn't anything else to do in boise but practice and work out. 


Comment 20 Apr 2011

agree, im guessing 2/3 of our plays will be out of 1WR, 2TE, 2 back sets.  hopefully the coaches can whip up enough variation since the other 4 can all be good receiving threats. 

Comment 20 Apr 2011

I think the D will perform pretty well.  All this talk about Sabino's/others' physical talents being better? than Homan/Rolle, but lack of experience hurting him.

Keep in mind 3 years in the program actually running plays for like an hour a day (complete guess) is a ton more time than <30 min once per week for 13 games. 

I never played organized football but is there that much learned in games that you don't pick up from practice?  I'd expect them to have a very good sense of where to be in a defensive play and reading the offense. 

Comment 31 Mar 2011

impressed with the 5 mechanical engineering majors.  big time commitment for either that or football.  think 1 of them is a scholarship class just decided they'd walk on to the team?

Comment 25 Mar 2011

whats the best stream to watch this online?  the 1st round game using the ad at the top of this article worked for like 30 sec then wouldn't reload

Comment 24 Mar 2011

i love the description of Craft's "Norad-like defense" in the break down link in the 1st bullet point

Comment 23 Mar 2011

has bauserman ever looked better than KG?  the coaches have been fine with him in the number 2 spot for mop up duty because he has more experience and is less likely to do something dumb while running out the clock. 


KG lit up the spring game and from everything I've heard about practice, has looked like the clear best option to throw the ball and tuck and run it if need be. 

Comment 23 Mar 2011

I dont think Boom got 85% of carries last year...maybe in the close end of season games


even more so than holding on to the ball, boom's edge lies in what to do on passing downs...being in the right place at the right time and blocking skills. 


I, for one, welcome our new running backs.  Calling it now, tressel knows he has the spring to teach at least one of them to have the feature back mentality regarding fumbling blocking and recieving.  boom will get less than 50% of the carries against Nebraska, and other close games

Comment 22 Mar 2011

agreed, the line performance is going to determine how the new QB's handle the offense.  none are going to be any good passing without more time than pryor needed.  running backs and Boren are going to be great (better?) than last year, but it's up to the guards and tackle to pave the road.  Wat worries me is the line has underperformed for the 1st half of the season the last 2 years. 

what is the line for the 1st 5?

Norwell(Adams) Hall, Brewster, Mewhort, Shugarts?





Comment 17 Mar 2011

does this mean he just sits out the games?  or is not going to be around the practices for that time.  if he sits out the games, no big deal.  i have always thought we could do better from letting others call the plays

Comment 07 Mar 2011

if he knew in april, tress would have made them return the money immediately.  possibly with the hope they would not be punished for making a mistake but then correcting it and coming forward about it.   

Comment 09 Feb 2011

why is Craft's butt so big in that picture??????????????  I feel like I should make the "dat ass" face

Comment 02 Feb 2011

add a CB and this is a whole starting defense in a few years.  according to Scout's position ranks,


DE9-Miller   DT8-Bennett   DT10-Farris   DE14-Hayes

OLB1-Grant   MLB14-Price   OLB5- Shazier

CB5-Grant   S11-Tanner   S30-Cash

also DT hale and LB Crowell

Comment 31 Jan 2011

ultimately I trust Tress and he has a record of finding diamonds in the rough, but we have 9 3/2 star recruits in this class.  maybe a LS will contribute and save us a blocked punt or missed FG over the next 4 years, but got to wonder if he cant do better with the 4 and 5 stars?  texas in coach limbo, FSU with a new coach, USC banned from bowl games, and florida with a new coach.  all out recruiting the best overall coach of the last decade. 

Comment 27 Jan 2011

lettuce be reality, TP is > troy. 

Troy had San Antonio Holmes: mid 1st rounder, Superbowl MVP, Ginn, 7th overall who despite his lack of recieving skills was a huge threat, Gonzo, 31st pick, Roy Hall: 5th rounder, and young Robiskie and Hartline. 

TP has Sanz, Posey, with freshman Duron Carter and Corey Brown as his # 3 each year? 


as a Jr troy might have been a little better at making reads, but how many times is TP pressured in the pocket that Troy would have gotten sacked or thrown away.  how many more defenders does he outrun than troy?

Comment 10 Jan 2011

people said the same thing about current Jr's and sophs...those were arguably the 2 best classes of those years. 


we also are ranked 6th by espn, 2nd by scout, 7th by rivals...maybe move up a little with a good finish...but others can get more signings too

Comment 10 Jan 2011

agreed, these kids showed a ton of promise early on but have just been behind one of the best defenses in the country. 


the secondary is not losing its 4 best...Barnet, corey brown, have looked good this year.   OJ, Bryant are starters now. 

Comment 02 Jan 2011

arkansas has signed 135 players in the last 5 years to OSU's 99. 


i LOLed that in this time tressel has signed 10 WRs and 12 RBs.  ark's are 17WRs and 8 RB. 

Comment 30 Dec 2010

this year's seniors were frosh vs LSU.  5th yr seniors (Tyler Moeller) were frosh vs Florida.


dont know of anyone that played, (maybe checkwa since he started as a soph) but it still hurts that your teammates got outplayed

Comment 30 Dec 2010

SEC players take less of a beating every week.  look at RichRod's offense falling apart once it gets into the B10 schedule every year.  It's flashy 1 game at a time. 


i cant see why some bowls dont just move to NY, chicago, etc.  they would still be a decent destination for people to travel to, and would get extra publicity as being the only bowls in harsh weather.  The problem is norther schools/fanbases are too willing to go south to bowl games