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Current Sailor serving in the Pacific Northwest. Buckeye for life. My grandfather set the tone when he passed and gave me his 1958 Class Ring, after completing his Agricultural engineering degree. My nine year old son's name is Braxton

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Comment 18 May 2015

When a pass play breaks down, what do you feel MOST comfortable resorting to? Do you feel more comfortable scrambling north/south to gain field on your own? Or do you prefer to roll east/west to allow receivers time to get open? Would you MOST describe your athleticism a strength in allowing pass plays to develop while avoiding pressure or to gain yardage running? Granted both are valuable in their own right, but with which are you MOST comfortable? O-H!!

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Though I'm afraid it will come across as cliche; I answered Yes. He is the best player on the team. They are all the best player on the team. The best players on the best team in the Nation. This isn't some "everybody wins a trophy" mentality, rather, the team can not be seperated into indiviual pieces, as the accomplishment is a product of the whole, not the individuals- who only through each piece performing it's own role, will the machine funtion at it's maximum efficiency.

(If that makes sense)

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Midshipman and Army Cadets still have to maintain physical readiness standards that apply to all service members, so we are disadvantaged in relation to what body type we can put on the OFF/DEF lines, Triple option isn't "gimmiky", its fundamental, execution-based football that utilizes misdirection and  flexible, on-the-fly strategy to overcome the disadvantage of athlete body types at particular positions.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

"Put on 4 my city" in a silhouette of Ohio atop a city skyline (presumably representative of Dayton or Columbus)

“Putting on” can mean estimably representing one’s city, doing charitable acts, or watching out for the well-being of the people from your neighborhood


Comment 01 Aug 2013

The Offense is not my concern to any degree. Period. The offense will perform at a level at the very least comparable to last year, which proved more than sufficient. 

Grant's ability to assume the role as the anchor of the defense in the center of the field is far more pressing in my eyes.  The struggles of our linebackers to correctly assess the offenses they were facing, take good pursuit angles, hit the right gaps, and finish a play with strong, sure tackles... THESE are the issues (honestly throughout most of the defense) that kept the majority of those games close last year, with the exception of MSU and Wisky. if not for the lack of the ability to close down opposing offenses, our W's last year would have been a helluva lot more decisive...

The Curtis Grant saga is a much bigger position battle/development that I intend to follow as closely as possible, not to mention how our D-Line stops runs and whether or not they over pursue on pass rushes, and whether our secondary quits relying on the "hit stick" in open space... Show me a sound, fundamental defense and I will finally commit to raising my hopes or expectations to match something akin to my Fellow Buckeye connoisseurs...  

Comment 30 Jul 2013

I can see how an individual would perceive brute strength and extreme conditioning would translate to fighting prowess...


I think he would disagree


Comment 30 Jul 2013

Not high and not mighty... quite the opposite. Mr Hyde seems low and gracious, in that he quotes a verse that states by the strength of Christ (i.e. not his own) he can overcome or "face" all things; that, my fellow buckeye is called humility. Which would be the opposite of High and/or mighty.


other translations then the one previously stated

Comment 26 Jul 2013
So happy my son's name is Braxton... (born in 04, pure coincidence...) Everytime they say his name on the television his eyes light up and his attention is so acute and intense. He absolutely loves Xbrax and I can not think of a better role model than this young man for my son to aspire to... outside of me of course... ;)
Comment 19 Jun 2013

When was the last time you saw S&G line up the same number of backs as the Maryland I in the 'Shoe? No it may not be new to the game in concept, but it is definitely not a formation that would have been called in the last 2 or 3 eras of tOSU coaching staff. 

I recognize how a lot of critics are less than sold on the concept, but you can not argue that it presents us an opportunity to put multiple play makers on the field simultaneously. Should it be used as a base formation? absolutely not, but it shows promise when it comes to our skillset, especially having a QB that runs damn near as well as any of our other backs. As a wrinkle, bad ass, Just Sayin' 

Comment 19 Jun 2013

I don't think very much excites me more about the 2013 S&G season then seeing this wrinkle perform. Hyde, Smith, Dunn/Ball, for multiple power option/read plays, or sub in shifty-ness of Marshall/Wilson for a NASTY speed option... 


*Insert Goosebumps*... <---That just happened  

Comment 19 Jun 2013

Fair enough. I absolutely understand your logic... I suppose this is just the rhetoric that replays in my mind to control the voices screaming about losing another high visibility prospect to another (read: inferior) program.  ;) (:

Comment 19 Jun 2013

I agree that realistically, it is the most PRUDENT course of action to take a QB EVERY class. With that being said, what that translates into is- at times, settling for a QB for the sake of having a player on the roster who identifies himself at that position. This can, in lean years, mean selecting a candidate from what is available, (every position has bottom of the barrel years). This, in my humble opinion, can be as bad or worse than (especially in our hampered scholarship position) using a coveted scholarship for a player that will ride the bench through 4 years of advanced chemistry for free and never even have the faith of his coaching staff to take a meaningful snap. 

Conversely, If you hold out during an especially lean year, rather than suck it up and accept a "fire insurance" commitment, you can utilize that scholarship to "shore up leaking compartments" or "righting lists" in other position groups, from higher quality, more impactful players who will perform not only in class, but on the field as well.

Comment 14 Jun 2013

I couldn't agree with you more... I love BraxTron (my son's name is Braxton also, thought it was original and uncommon in Jan of 2004- guess who his favorite player is...), but last year I thought I was the only one who thought he took entirely TOO long to make a read on the DE and decide to give or keep... El Guapo carried for great gains often but I felt like his touches were entirely too limited... Interested if the 11W community agrees or disagrees??

Comment 10 Jun 2013

Eli Apple was able to get on campus early. This has given him the opportunity to participate in spring practices, had solid time in spring game (seemed to get in some quality reps on tough match-ups), and has, in my mind, shown some of the leadership qualities UFM is looking for in this class through his commitment and heart. I can't help but imagine he'll be first to peel that black.