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Comment 30 Mar 2013

I'm just annoyed by at least 2 missed ten second violations.  The one near the end of the game ended in Wichita getting a three when OSU had gotten to within 4.  Could have changed the result.

But overall, OSU was just lucky to be in it at the end after a terrible 30 minutes.

Great season with a disappointing ending.  Who among us would have thought the Buckeyes would be in the elite eight 2 months ago?

Comment 15 Jan 2013

He still did something incredible.  As you mentioned, everyone was doping.  Meaning there was never a competitive advantage.  He beat people who also doped seven times in a row.  He cheated, but so did everyone else.  If no one had cheated, he probably would have seven in a row regardless.


Not saying doping was ok, just that it was a time where everyone was doing it, meaning he still had an amazing feat.

Comment 26 Nov 2012

"The Buckeyes were outscored by 48 points in the 1st quarter of all games combined (99-51) but +93 in the 2nd quarter through overtime (267-174)."

This didn't sound right so I glanced at the box scores really quick for this year.  From what I saw OSU was around even, or came out a little on top in the first quarter this year.



Comment 18 Nov 2012

Here's what I don't get.  5 media members have Ohio State ranked 10th or lower.  One person, Josh Kendall (South Carolina), has them 14th!!!! 14th!!!  I understand ranking some one loss teams ahead of OSU, but are you kidding me?!?!?  He actually had us 8th last week and dropped OSU to 14th? After a win?  I don't get the logic behind some of these choices.

Comment 14 Dec 2011

his shot as well as his shot selection has been looking great as of late.

still needs work on the defensive end though

Comment 14 Dec 2011

Beat me to it.  Beanie had the same fumble problems as a freshmen, Rod Smith has the talent, let's see what he does next year.

Comment 21 Nov 2011

3 point shooting really needs work.  Around 25% on the season with this half included.  And thats against mostly mediocre competition.