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Comment 18 May 2016

They're basically asking to be arrested.  My personal rule is only break one law at a time.  And try to be discreet when doing so.  Not that I'm a menace to society or anything.  It's bad enough to carry around a personally registered fire arm and a bag of drugs, but definitely don't carry around a stolen weapon ever.  

Comment 10 May 2016

I love me some Kawhi too.  Still mad the Pacers traded him for George fucking Hill.  Kawhi and I coulda been besties.

Comment 10 May 2016

Fair enough.  Guess I just didn't realize how polarizing some people view Steph.  I wouldn't put him in the elite top tier all-around player category yet, but elite shooter?  Fuck yeah.  Give him a few more years with this production level and his detractors may be singing a different tune.

Comment 10 May 2016

Oh I definitely agree.  Not trying to downplay Larry Legend's accomplishments, but also not trying to downplay Steph's just because the NBA is more of a perimeter game now.  

Comment 10 May 2016

What's with all the Curry hate?  Dude is the best shooter I've ever seen.  He's fun to watch and seems to be a genuinely good person.  It's ok to want the Cavs to win it all, I do too, but Steph is the real deal.  And saying he's only done it for 2 years, while he's only been MVP caliber the past two seasons, I don't see his production dropping off any time soon.  He's just hitting his prime.

Comment 10 May 2016

I really REALLY hope we get a CLE v. GS Finals again.  No offense to the Spurs and Pop, but I'd rather watch LeBron and Steph.  The matchups in that series alone would be fascinating.  Does Love guard Green, or Thompson?  How many possessions do you put LeBron on Steph?  Do you play Dellavadova more minutes for defense than you would otherwise taking out JR?  I hope it happens.

Comment 10 May 2016

Jordan missed roughly 70 games in his career.

Kobe has missed at least that.  

LeBron has missed games.

"The greats" still miss games.  I'm sure everyone in the hall of fame missed time due to injury.  Saying Steph is soft and should've played through it is unfair.  The goal isn't to beat Houston, it's to beat everyone.  Giving him time to rest gives GS the best chance to do so.

Comment 10 May 2016

It's interesting to me how a team interacts with each other can have as much of an effect on the game as each players skill set.  Lue found the right button to push with Love and it's paying dividends.   

Comment 10 May 2016

Did you personally examine his injury to determine the severity?  How can you say he shouldn't have missed a single game?  Athletes get injured.  They miss games.  Clearly GS didn't need Steph to beat Houston, why not give his injury extra time to rest?   

By your logic Peyton Manning should've played the entire 2012 season.  Or is he just soft too?