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Comment 22 Aug 2016

Going a little crazy with all the media slobbering all over Kelly on his actions/response.  He's the best guy ever, only thinking about the University first, acting before the University, etc..  

Is it wrong for me to think back on how a different situation was handled in terms of his contribution and the Universities basic lack of an appropriate response/action (that actually resulted in the death of a student)?

Comment 22 Aug 2016

I am not one to defend NBC but those videos are streaming just fine for me.  You on a Napster era modem?

Comment 20 Aug 2016

I have a few of those.  A classic!

Comment 04 Aug 2016

There are plenty of bars in Wrigleyville around the stadium ball park

Fixed that for you.  Not a Cubs fan but Wrigley Field is not a stadium.  Sacrilege even for this Indians fan.  ;-)

Comment 31 Jul 2016

Too late in my opinion.  Opportunity lost now that growth has taken place and they eliminated the infrastructure that was in place (see other comments).  Anything now would be cost prohibitive and could not support itself IMHO.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

"Can't put this on just Paterno"

I can and I will.  Paterno should, and did, take the fall because he could have stopped what was happening years/decades before it finally came to light.  Instead he enabled Sandusky by ignoring what was happening and allowing him to stay affiliated with the university and allow him to use the facilities for his camps.  Plenty of blame to go around?  Sure.  But JoePa likely had the closest relation to Sandusky as anyone at the university.  He knew, he ignored, and now children (at the time) are scarred for life because of what the POS Sandusky did to them, including all the ones who were violated after JoePa found out about what was going on.

Finally, what little I know about Schiano leaves me little doubt that if he saw or knew of any activities like this, he would have beat the living crap out of JS.  Trust Mike McQueary and his statements?  The fact that he left that shower room after witnessing what he did and leaving that boy alone with Sandusky says all I need to know about him.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Mrs. Buck and I use Prime Music extensively (both on iPhones and Sonos home speakers) and Prime Shipping.  Lots of good movies, shows, etc. include some pretty good original content (Bosch, Hand of God, Mad Dogs, Man in the High Castle, etc.).

There are also many movies/tv series (and original content) that you can download onto your iPad.  I do all the time as I fly/travel frequently.

We definitely get our monies worth!

Comment 04 Jul 2016

Today is the last day but if you can handle crowds, go to RibFest in Naperville.  Dozens of vendors competing for best ribs/BBQ so maybe you will taste something there that brings back memories.  You can also buy their sauces, get online information, etc.