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Comment 10 Jan 2017
OSU has more quality wins, better quality loses and played the national champion in their bowl game. OU played the 3rd best SEC team in their bo and lost to the AAC runner up. Even if the records were comparible: head2head says they got owned.
Comment 05 Jan 2017
That's fair. My point was that the revolving door at RT hasn't existed since VT2014. And while Stud did do well this year in overall production, his development of players is not what happened in 2014 or even 15. Our last 3 games and the games against PSU and Whisky were the 5 best defenses and coincidentally, all extremely opportunistic of our poor line play. I am NOT in the fire Stud camp. I just dont see why everyone assumes Ed is out the door when I would rather see him as an OLine coach than Stud.
Comment 05 Jan 2017
59-0. That's all I have to say to "we didn't play any elite defenses" Also, Nadurzzi.
Comment 03 Jan 2017
So what're the chances Tim Beck is actually a good coach and Herman recognizes that. Beck helps turn Texas around and OSU's offense continues to be subpar under Day? I was all for the #FireBeck, but with MENSA founders hiring the guy, it makes me wonder if maybe Wariner is the problem...or even Barrett.
Comment 21 Dec 2016
People who are holding his poor DC experience against him are neglecting the facts that A) He continually is promoted FROM LB coach TO DC. He does great on the smaller role, and B) He is not going to be a DC or even a Co-DC at OSU. My thoughts is that Combs gets the bump, and Davis just coaches LBs. Consider him a hire like Studwa to replace Tom Herman...