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Comment 26 Jul 2016

I wonder about the appeal of a Gameday #knockoff that doesn't cover the entire nation's interests.  I would love to see Tailgate usurp Gameday's place in the world (and all they would have to do is have slightly competent analysts) but unless they are willing to take Gameday headon and directly compete for their viewership, I don't see it happening.

Comment 25 Jul 2016
Isn't that a big risk having your high safety vacate the middle at the first sight of option? Isn't this the exact thing you want to see on a play action, post route? Or is the risk mitgated by your unblocked DE being too fast to get the pass off? Just seems weird with the outside-in technique.
Comment 13 Jul 2016

Weber, whose body has been transformed during the single year he's been in Columbus is tied for career rushing yards with both you and me.

So you're saying there's a chance...*checks mailbox for scholarship offer* #stillwaiting 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Correct me if I am wrong, but Paterno never got a chance to testify in this case is that correct?

I'm not defending whether he did or did not know or not know anything, but honestly, plantiffs/prosecutors ALWAYS say "he did it" and defendants ALWAYS say "no I didnt' the -facts- of this case are still 100% unchanged from what we already knew.


Comment 12 Jul 2016

So a court document was unsealed today where, under oath, one individual testified that a second individual told him that a third individual witnessed a fourth individual doing something he shouldn't have 25 years ago.

Sounds like a good reason to overreact and burn down the place.
#HearsayMatters #FireEverybody #FireFickell

Comment 11 Jul 2016

That's not what he was referring to.  He was talking about emotional let down after a big least, that's what I assume he meant.

Certainly demoralization is a risk of any team following a loss.

Comment 11 Jul 2016

I don't see emotional let down ever being an issue with an Urban team.  Overconfidence has been an issue (MSU in 2013), as has apathy (Indiana 2014) but coming off a high has usually led to even higher highs (TTUN-Wisky-Bama-Ducks 2014, Wisky-TTUN 2012


Comment 11 Jul 2016

The last time Northwestern played at Ohio Stadium it lost badly, a 58-7 defeat in which people marveled at Jim Tressel's vanilla offense Todd Boeckman throw four touchdown passes.

It's crazy that Todd Boeckman could rack up as many points at Urban, Zeke, and Barrett given the right circumstances. 

Comment 30 Jun 2016

1. Archie.  You cannot be a Buckeye if he's not even in your top 5. =b
2. Braxton, because he stayed committed AFTER Tatgate, and because he can kill a man with a spinmove
3. AJ Hawk, 10% luck, 20% Skill; 15% Concentrated Power of Will; 5% Pleasure; 50% Pain. 100% Reason to Remember the Name
4. The Borens, for giving TTUN the double bird before it was cool
5. Craig "freakin" Krenzel, for being the QB who continually won on willpower