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Comment 24 hours ago
12. And are you pimping your daughter out on a football fan site? High risk-high reward brother
Comment 29 Aug 2015
The 11Th 11w server? 11^2????!!!! This calls for an 85 yards through the heart of the south gif! Why? Cause whenever is there not a good time for an 85 yards throgh the heart of the south gif? Dont leave me hanging peeps :D
Comment 28 Aug 2015
Obviously theres a ton of drama-llama stuff going on here, but.... 1. MSU, VT, and PennState were all much better defenses against the spread than any of the peoples we faced in the playoff. 2. Yes, JT had "pad your stats games" BUT Cardale played in those games too, so taking the TEAM stats doesnt work. 3. Yes, Eze and Jones helped each other out a ton. Thats why it was more of (not a, but more of a) traditional pro-set than a spread those last 3 games. 4. Herman gameplanned around Cardale. "First option Receiver left or first option Receiver right, then run." Thats what Cardale did in Wisky and Alabama games 7 out of 10 passing attempts. 5. Devin Smith bailed out Cardale of at least 2 interceptions during the playoff. Thata fine, thats how deep ball throws go. But a qtr of an inch to the left and Smith makes 1 td vs Wisky instead of 3. 6. I love Cardale Jones as a person, as a player, and as a role model for growth. But he is not more efficient at running URBANs offense. 7. Team stats do not equal individual stats. Thats why the call them team and individual stats.
Comment 28 Aug 2015
Boooo. You either dont get twitter/socialmedia/hapiness in general or you dont understand how to follow someone. Tweeting a recruit to come to your school is childish and sad. Following CJ12's comedy routine online is childish and funny. I dont keep up much with twitter or fb, but to call the whole lot bad because some guys abuse it is like saying all cars are bad because some people cant drive on ice.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
"It's practice man, I wasn't really a practice player. I guess I didn't appreciate it as much. I did practice hard but just knowing that practice, practice, practice — then you get to the game and things become so much easier and you have that confidence to go out there and play, make the plays," Barrett said after the Michigan State win. "Because you've seen it so many times in practice. You think there's something else I'm trying to tell you, it's practice." We talking 'bout practice? Not a game. Practice? Practice?