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Comment 23 Nov 2015
I needed my Monday Skully to help put saturday to rest. Im not sure when 11-1 began feeling like failure, and in a sense I hope it always does, but Im ready for our one game season to start. Get dumped then, whole state of TSUN.
Comment 16 Nov 2015
"After a dominating defensive performance, 13 players were named 'silver bullets.'" FTFY Urbz Honestly though, since when is a 28-3 win "sluggish, an escape or just getting by"?? Dont feed me that fsu crap, we arent sleepwalking or winning on a last second tipped pass (tcu), we are dominating games. Quit asking "is this very impressive win good enough?" Just say, "very impressive win" and get ready for sparty.
Comment 16 Nov 2015
DJ, Im disappointed there was no comments about the Iron King's future heir-maker in Rhonda. I can't wait for Ramzeys article too. He pegged me way to good a few weeks back with his "you've forgotten that football is all big plays because youve been gorging yourself on wisconsin too much." So ready for MSU to cry. JT light em up. Its on!
Comment 13 Nov 2015
Ezekiel, you might be the best player I've ever coached, but you're not yet. Don't ever forget you got here because you're a grinder. Thats the difference between Florida Meyer and OSU Meyer. I dont think he was out recruiting lawless thugs, but he was definitely hoping Tebow rubbed off on the others and not actively developing young men like he is now. This Meyer? I'm proud, and not just thankful, he is our coach.
Comment 11 Nov 2015
How dare you reduce all the agnst and drama down to a neatly drafted chart of undeniable facts! This is an outrage.
Comment 09 Nov 2015
Replay should be removed entirely except for turnovers and tds. Refs make good calls and bad calls. Thats the game. It goes both ways. Im tired of ten minute breaks trying to decide if a player led with his helmet or if the ball was down on the 32.3 yardline or the 32.4 yardline. Just play the game.
Comment 30 Oct 2015
You mentioned Ed, but left off this gem: Brady Hoke: Things fizzled out for him at Michigan, but remember this is also the guy that won Coach of the Year honors in every league he’s been a head coach in—the MAC, the Mountain West and the Big Ten.