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Comment 20 Sep 2014
You sir, receive my very first upvote. Congratulations.
Comment 19 Sep 2014
Thanks. I got a suggestion for Buckeye donuts elsewhere too
Comment 19 Sep 2014
Did you just threadjack a threadjacking?
Comment 19 Sep 2014
Freeeeeeedoooooooommmmmm!!!! Wait, what? Yall VOTED to stay? I had my entrails ripped out for this!?
Comment 18 Sep 2014
It offends me and I wish they wouldnt do it. I love my Bucks but hate foul language. But I support their right to say what they want. Theyre Americans and all....
Comment 18 Sep 2014
Torrance Gibson is changing his visit plans. I hate that I keep clicking on those articles like a bad soap opera addict.
Comment 18 Sep 2014
Sorry, I love the idea Spence being back, but if he has a legitimate drug problem (not just a party judgment problem) he needs to not play this season. Drug addiction is no petty thing to kick and a harsh wake up call (like a season suspension) is often whats needed. Everyone is different, but rare is the person who beats addiction with only positive reinforcement. Ot just cant compete when your brain is hardwired for happy pills. Now if he just is stupid at parties he needs a lot of time in the sandbox...all. season. long.
Comment 15 Sep 2014
Three very vuable solutions. But you left off a willingness to sever ties with mediocre leadership (heres looking at you Iowa) and the now available New Jersey pipeline expansion provides.
Comment 06 Sep 2014

Sorry, I realize what that sounded like.  I meant, had JT and Winston both been at FSU the same year, JT could have earned the start before Winston ever had a chance.

I still hold out that Winston's heisman was due more to FSU being number 1 than any supremely athletic talent he provides.  If Winston was playing on Indiana's team, he wouldn't have even been looked at.

I did not mean that if JT transferred to FSU he would start over Winston... even I am not that big of a homer. ;)

Comment 05 Sep 2014
I said the same thing during the Navy game. JT looks slow, but only because weve been spoiled with pryor/miller. JT would start on any team in the nation besides Oregon and FSU...and maybe even at FSU.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
Sorry Ben, By the time I posted this you had already lost your posting privileges. Hope you log in again under a new name and continue the insightful dialogue. Best of luck to your team. Should be a fun matchup. :)