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Comment 18 hours ago

1. Archie.  You cannot be a Buckeye if he's not even in your top 5. =b
2. Braxton, because he stayed committed AFTER Tatgate, and because he can kill a man with a spinmove
3. AJ Hawk, 10% luck, 20% Skill; 15% Concentrated Power of Will; 5% Pleasure; 50% Pain. 100% Reason to Remember the Name
4. The Borens, for giving TTUN the double bird before it was cool
5. Craig "freakin" Krenzel, for being the QB who continually won on willpower

Comment 28 Jun 2016

(Poor Tim Beck. If Ohio State doesn't have an explosive offense by Week 3 there's going to be a forum post asking why Urban just won't hire Spinner instead.)

I think that forum post gets started halftime of the OU game if we're not up by 14 or more.

We'll have to do DNA testing to see if the blood on those shoes comes from Saban or the Oregon Nose Tackle. 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

As for the move to FOX, let's hope it doesn't come to fruition. Outside of Gus Johnson, Fox Sports broadcasts are corny and it pays millions of dollars to the likes of Skip Bayless, Clay Travis, Colin Cowherd, and Jason Whitlock. 

Colin Cowherd does not deserve to be in that group.  There are bad takes, and then there is Skip Bayless.   

Comment 14 Jun 2016
It sounds like Bosa is fighting to be an exception. I hate that. If 8 of 9 guys and their last 3 first round draftees are paid one way, just accept the 17million. The good will from being known as a team guy your first 2 years is way more valuable then the plus or minus 500,000 this makes.
Comment 10 Jun 2016
0. They are losing $0 and as a percentage of their total sales they are losing 0%. You can't lose a sale to someone who makes a better product, a cheaper product, or a product with better service accoutriments. You can only fail to earn the sale. Ohio State isn't losing money to counterfeiters, they are failing to earn money from consumers. Make your product better, cheaper, or with better service if you want to eliminate the counterfeit.
Comment 09 Jun 2016
Can we rewrite rhis article to account for JT Barrett's alleged assault of his girlfriend? I understand the hot topic right now is swimmers getting away with rape when they shouldn't, but this article doesn't also account for women who make allegations that shouldn't. There are 2 sides to this coin. Men who devalue women by excusing rape to the destruction of the woman and women who devalue rape by including actions that are not to the destruction of the man.
Comment 08 Jun 2016

The fact that you mention an inconsequential incompletion from a game 2 years ago and more than one individual knows offhand what you're talking about means you, like I, have been watching that game too many times.

.....and yet, this oddly makes me want to go watch it again

Comment 08 Jun 2016

My wife is a non-football entity, but she watches games with me because I got that written into the marriage contract.

About halftime she asked "Can we go? this game is over right?"  I looked at her and said, "This isn't just a game anymore, this is HISTORY."