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Comment 22 Oct 2014
Googler shows me quantity, not quality. If im going to waste time on an oppo-ants website, it better be a good one!
Comment 08 Oct 2014
Saying a kid "was gone but he turned it around and is now a productive part of the team is like saying "i was a d student, but i turned it around and graduated valedictorian." It is not embaressing, it adds to the accomplishment. Its a lot different than saying that kids is going to be gone if he doesnt. Thats embaressing. If you are proud of the accomplishment, a bad history makes it better not worse, more remarkable, not less.
Comment 29 Sep 2014
I disagree. I see people complaining about the D without evaluating it. Look at the pass Bell got burned on. He is all over that receiver. That was an amazing play by Kiel and Moore, not a gaff by Bell. The slant right before half was on Ash though. No need to press cover with 50 seconds and 83 yards to go.
Comment 29 Sep 2014
Would you like him to say the cover 4 scheme is to blame? Ozone has a beautiful picture that confirms what i saw: Bell and co played tight man-coverage and got veey narrowly beat. You cant beat every long bomb with a QB leike Kiel. You can just keep him from winning.