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Comment 07 Dec 2016
Was the BigEast also a conference left out of that horrible 2011 title game? The only bright spots of that year were highering UFM and the afformentioned title game FORCING a playoff to happen. SEC vs SEC? Aint nobody got time for that.
Comment 10 Nov 2016
565, but it is tough because that includes a defensive touchdown. Maryland will get 2 3 and outs in a row :/
Comment 08 Nov 2016
Has anyone heard from Dixon lately? I dont remember his name being called at all. This depth chart is actually more infuriating than the past 8. They updated that Wilson is in the PR doghouse, (rightfully so) but still list 9! costartets!? Come on Urbz. I was giving you a pass when I thought you just had these autopublish because you didnt care about the media....but now it seems like November and you're still waiting for players to "separate themselves." You know it is not going to happen (in the last 2 weeks of the season) just like you know that you are still only going to -start- 1 player at each position. You're not crowning them queen...just bolding their name. Sorry. Rant over.