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Comment 28 Feb 2017
not so fast, that construction debt is a liability, but what they constructed hits the assst line. As is, their construction debt at today's interest rates is probably akin to same-as-cash for you or I. And even at the analogy above, if you make 50k a year, and owe 100k on your can still take your kids to Disneyland without being a terrible father.
Comment 22 Feb 2017
Could it be possible they excluded Pryor because "Come play QB at Ohio State! We will prepare you to play WR in the NFL" may not be the recruiting take they want? I dont know that's the case, but to my memory 95% of TP highlights are running the ball and an awesome push off reception from a guy named Todd
Comment 16 Feb 2017
TIL: a new word, a new invention (antigeav treadmills??!), and a new way to taunt my two least favorite people in college sports. This is a power skully by any definition, but that made it rise to new levels. I wouldn't put $5 on Young for the Browns. After blowing the first pick of the draft on a no name corner, the Browns are going to trade up to get the 3rd best QB on the board and build a team around him...he will inevitably be gone after 2 seasons.
Comment 30 Jan 2017
Really hoping there's an aggregate blog post on "JT Barret sucks" comments that posts around Dec 10th...right after he wins the B1G Title, goes 4-0 against TTUN, makes the playoff and at least gets invited to New York. Of course, if none of that happens, I really hope this comment doesn't show up on a "Wilson is bad, actually" aggregate post.
Comment 25 Jan 2017
"Knox's entry into the Fiesta Bowl was the uh-oh moment that quickly gained tension after he nailed the mannequin challenge on that disastrous jet sweep" That's brutal Ramzy
Comment 23 Jan 2017
To quote Mrs. Brady "He cant ----- throw the ball and catch it too." When JT had Devin Smith, he was a Heisman finalist. When he had Michael Thomas, he looked like the heir apparent passed over because of the loyalty of Cardalemania. When he lost both, he looked like a coB1G Play of the Year. Give the man an open receiver anywhere (inside 40 yards) and the questions evaporate. Give him blanketed, young recievers and a spotty line where he must throw on the run into tight coverage deep downfield because we have no intermediate/horizontal/screen game....then yeah, maybe he looks less than Heisman worthy.
Comment 23 Jan 2017
Coaches had a heisman candidate disappear a year early when they were certain their allstar freshman would have been ready by game 8 if needed. The fact that the 1st string disappeared during the summer, along with the head coach/offensive coordinator, and half the production early doesnt mean Tress wasn't prepared. Joe was a break glass in case of NCAA indictment...just like Stephen Collier.