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Comment 19 hours ago
Beck, Wariner, Meyer, I don't care which you pick to blame for OCoordinator decisions...but it is not the oline's coach's fault when his players execute phenominally against a better defense in week 7 and then look like a highschool team in week 8. PennState realized we had no confidence in the deep ball and so they didnt even gameplan to take it away. Jones and Price and especially Jordan did what they could do with the tools they had, from my view. #MyOpinionOnly
Comment 22 hours ago

I disagree on all the coaches being in hot water. Beck, Wariner, and Smith are in deep.  Even though the OL was beat up tonight, as Urban stated, it wasn't a failure of personnel. Unless you are of the opinion that PennState's DL and LBs are better than Whisky's, I'm going with "Our offense wasn't put in a position to succeed in the play calling and our receivers weren't executing."

Comment 20 Oct 2016
is there a reason these kinds of threads don't pop on the main page? Maybe throw a MOD BLOG in front or something so people know it's not "legit" 11W content. But I didn't even know you were doing this until it was mentioned in an APPoll article. I would read this every week.
Comment 17 Oct 2016
I'm trying to figure out why the role swap isn't a built in feature of the coverage? Is having Latimore sprint across the field how they would normally expect to counter that? Cause when I saw Hooker swap with him at the beginning if the 3rd quarter was the first time I thought we were going to win since the second fieldgoal we kicked.
Comment 17 Oct 2016
Because "what happens when they go in motion and don't hand it off?" Lattimore isn't just taking Hooker's assignment for one play. He has to convert to being a safety any time the WR goes in jetsweep motion, and vice versa for Arnette. While I have no doubt Hooker could line up and play CB the whole game, it is a lot harder to shift from CB to Safety who now must also defend one of the best rushing attacks in the nation. Im curious if on top of that, this role swapping was their second option. I dont have all 5 plays in front of me, but iirc they tried splitting the DL to hold better contain for a couple tries before doing the role swap. At least, it sure seemed like there was a mile between our interior linemen.