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Comment 8 hours ago
Excellent write up. And excellent video work. Love this a lot better than the gif method. Another thing I love? The triple stack receiver set to the opposite side before a rb wheel/vert combo. With some of these motions coming a split second before the snap, I dont know how defenses even look competent much less play that way.
Comment 20 Sep 2016

And when it comes down to it, the only coach in Meyer's league is Nick Saban and Dantonio. They are the only ones that can match Meyer with talent, facilities, recruiting, development, and game-management

 Just because the guy doesn't have the same budget doesn't mean he's not on the same level with the other two.  You put Dantonio at Alabama and he would win equal or more titles than Saban. 

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Depends.  I remember one play where they were slanting to Bosa and Bosa dropped back into coverage so they could send a LB from the other side to overload.

That was an RT so doesn't quite fit the bill, but the same thing could occur.

In that scenario, if the LT's DE goes into coverage and the defense overwhelms the right side on a passing play, the LT can't go find a man to block (3 yards down field) and can't get to the right side of the line because he has to protect the left zone (and he's slow)...I don't know what he should do.

But yeah, this LT did blow it.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I also had this thought. (but very much enjoyed the work).
It especially became a problem in the transition from the drive comparison to "burst plays" 

I spent a couple seconds thinking "No way we gave up all those plays" then I saw the Rushing/passing

Comment 19 Sep 2016
Thank you Buckeyes and Buckeye fans. I've lived in OK for 28 years and last weekend I was there in the 3rd quarter when the droves of classless fans walked out on their team. 360+ days of 100% silence from OU fans. I love it. I haven't experienced it since....January of 2015. :) #shoutout to those who stayed to listen to a foreign horde ring out O-H-I-O in your home stadium. You the real MVP....well, not really, but you hung in there like a man.
Comment 14 Sep 2016
"Adjusting to a defense" isn't like changing the col on madden. Do to the switch up calls, and disguised coverage, it may take you an entire quarter just to recognize the defense. Teams aren't lining up in their base package on every play. And even when they run multiple plays in their new base package, it doesn't mean it worked on every play. So you have to identify that they changed bases, identify the new base, identify that the new base is a problem, identify what the specific issuue is that is frustrating a specific set of plays and then extrapolate what to call in the future or how to adjust the current plays to fit against the scheme. All said, adjusting to a defense can be done by the early second quarter if it is obvious...halftime if it is not. Trust the guy with 3 national titles.
Comment 13 Sep 2016
Oklahoma losing to OSU is irrelevant to Houston's chances. If OK wins the big12 and the Pac12 or acc champ has 2 losses they are in. If OK doesn't win the big12 Houston doesn't get in anyway. (For Oklahoma to not win the big12 they will need to lose to tx or Baylor AND Baylor/Texas not have more than one conference loss. A 1-loss tx is jumping Houston)
Comment 13 Sep 2016

South OKC has absolutely nothing to offer you, with the exception of strip clubs.

No, not even the strip clubs. **I have never been to one** but I worked at a hotel next to one of the more "infamous" ones.  Every girl that travelled in to work there or brought her 'friend' back to the hotel was hideous, like "Jake from State Farm" hideous.  Don't go.

Alternatively, having lived in the city for 6 years, I know of lots of great spots in OKC that don't involve an STD. 

Comment 09 Sep 2016

My prediction: This game will go into overtime.

Not because the score is even close, but because all the 3 & out, hurry up, incomplete passes are going to make this game into a 4 hour marathon.

Good thing I like marathons...