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Comment 20 Jan 2016
PennState 2014 jumps off the dang screen too Ramzy. Elliot had 2 carries in the 4th and 2 in both OTs all for less than 3 yards. I respect your opinion and love your articles. But this seems to be reporting with the end in mind by ommitting relevant examples contrary to your argument.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
1. If your only loss is to the national champ when you talk to sooner fans all year who bash on your team its an easy comeback....since they also lost hypothetically. Yeah, that makes me feel better. And as long as we are relegated to an "afterthought new years 6 bowl" either way, hating sparty does nothing for me. 2. Cause I watched Clemson piledrive Braxton. I didnt say I hated clemson, just that I dont like them. My hate is reserved for ttun, oklahoma, and the entire sec, 3. Im sorry, did you not notice how fast perception (read polling data and cfp rankings) shifted with 3 B1G bowl wins last year? A sparty win only helps the rankings of OSU next year. A loss, like it or not, hurts it. A very distant 4, I like Dino. I like Beamer. I like Jerry Kill. I like good football coaches who elevate lesser programs with good defense and a great football attitude. Im sorry you cant get over a couple losses that were the fault of OUR coaches, not Dino. He's a good guy, a great coach, and is half responsible for one national title for OSU. If that makes me less of a fan in your book, then Ill just enjoy my lowred status all NYE while rooting for Sparty and then again the next day while watching my team beat the domers. Either way bitterness is the path to the darkside.
Comment 29 Dec 2015
Im full on rooting for Sparty. 1. Its better to lose to a national champion than a 2 loss sparty. 2. I hate bama, the sooners, and have a general distaste for clemson. 3. Spartys win makes B1G East the real deal. Especially since they go thru alabama. 4. A very very distant 4....I like dino. Every day of the year but one.
Comment 14 Dec 2015
One thing that wasnt discussed is that a 2-3 loss OSU still plays a 1-2 loss big team in bowls because.....thats right $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ B1G's bowl record cant completely be explained away by this, but then again, I direct your attention to 5-7 Nebraska vs 8-3 UCLA. Wait....I direct your attention to 5-7 Minnesota. Done.
Comment 14 Dec 2015
The funny part of this is I think root ended up with a net positive shift in UV after all the arguing. New strategy: make downvotable first comment, politely defend it.....VIP lounge is mine!!