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Comment 29 Jun 2015

First, I don't care who wins the Heisman.  It means so little anymore. Second, I hate it when I see Zeke for Heisman, JT for Heisman, Braxton for Heisman, or any other Buckeye.  There's enough pressure as it is, and none of them need anymore.

Third, my guess is that the offense changes a lot, and that Beck will be running it (outside of Urban) by midseason.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

You mean the same Cleveland that was just crushed by GS?  The same team who's best player wouldn't allow the coach to coach, and an owner so weak that he allowed it to happen?

Just curious.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

The only thing I can say is.............................................My condolences.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Only in short marriages.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Anyone who really grills their food would never consider propane, which is just an outside stove.

Comment 18 Jun 2015

I get what you mean to say, but you make it sound so easy!  I'm not defending the players who got into trouble, but the ones who don't. They work their a**s off, yet you make things sound so easy.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

So after spending a few hrs. patting yourself on the back, that wasn't enough for you?  Tell me what you did today that helped someone other than yourself.  That would be worth reading.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Sparty don't get enough credit, yo

Sparty don't get enough credit, No!

Watch yourself, just watch yourself, cause

(let me hear ya, now)

Sparty don't get enough credit.                                                                                                                                                          

Comment 25 May 2015

I'm not sure why a few people believe that the rest of us are waiting in anticipation to find out what they did today, or what they ate or watched on TV, etc..