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Comment 29 Mar 2014

Have any of you seen him play against good competition?  Granted, the Buckeyes just got better.  So he wants to play PF.  Why would he come here if that's not what he was promised?  What I do see is Amir getting a lot better with him in the line-up.

Comment 14 Mar 2014

I don't believe McDonald would get into foul trouble as a starter.  Now it's like he knows he's only getting a couple minutes, and all that energy turns into fouls.  I'd start him over Williams.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

1.  Archie Bunker

2.  Fonzie

3. Mork

4.  All Dr. Who actors

5. Mary Tyler Moore/Valerie Bertinelli

Comment 03 Feb 2014


You trust Urban's decision on this one?  Well, that's awfully big of you.  And if you didn't?

Comment 02 Feb 2014



Your point is you are an ass, and these guys are not mature enough to ignore you.  Or at least not smart enough to not feed your fragile ego.  Oh, NW is becoming a good team.

Comment 15 Dec 2013


The sting will pass. True.  Don't give them enough credit?  Just the opposite.  You'll see in the Rose Bowl.  If we played them 5 more times, we'd (Buckeyes) would win all 5.  They know that, also.  4th and 2, hey, let's run a sweep.  That'll fool em.  I did not expect anymore from our defense.  I expected one heck of a lot more from our offense.

Comment 06 Oct 2013


It's just too late to get into an argument, but you are wrong.  You're just stating what you know about your particular case.  Mine, and probably his, is different.