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Comment 15 Sep 2014

Don't care what they do.  I want us to get out of this conference.  Maybe we could start one with Notre Dame.  At least the perception of them is good.  Beat them once a year puts us in top five, then go from there.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I read a post a few days ago from a guy who blamed Fickell for trying to get Urban fired by using the linebackers so that the defense wouldn't be as good.  Worse, someone agreed with him.  That's not 'challenging',  but plain stupid.  What can you say to a person like that?

It's a shame that all posts are restricted until 24 hr. after game day.  Then, a negative post may not be an 'angry' negative, but a respectful one.  The negative posts just there for a reaction may not even get posted at all.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Thwarted our spread option offense.  Maybe we can quit playing sissyball, and go back to playing Ohio State football.  Do any of you remember that offense?  A 260 lb. fullback, faster than lightning tailback, and run over people.  That used to be Big 10 football, not SEC football.  They copied it, and now it's SEC - SEC - SEC.  With a good (not great) QB, you own VT.

One more thing.  The good football players play football to kick a*s.  Soccer players run around each other.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

And 11W wonders why I have had this person blocked since I 1st read one of his posts.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

  I  wonder, with so many new guys, why we didn't  start the game with just a 1/2 doz. or so plays?  Let them  get their feet under themselves.

I'm not sure, that the option play thay we lost 8yds. on 4 &1 looked a lot like the same play  we ran against Mich. St..

Comment 21 Aug 2014

The last two articles I have read on this site, by Patrick Maks and by Vico, have been totally depressing.  Why?  I'm bummed that Braxton was hurt.  He deserves better.  But I'm not even considering that the Buckeyes, with the talent they have at EVERY POSITION,  are now also-rans.  The offensive line will be just short of last years.  That makes them good.  After Navy, and the rest of the country, sees the new and improved Silver Bullets, they won't know how to act.  Because of that, JT and Cardale will get the opportunity to grow with the offense.  By the middle of the season, NOBODY is going to want a piece of these BUCKEYES !

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Isn't this past spring the 1st time JT has thrown in a competitive situation since his jr. yr. in high school (not sure when his injury happened)?

The only people who know how well JT AND Cardale (yes,he's still there) are doing are the players and coaches.  We'll see soon enough.  One thing, tho.  Since the 1st year under Tressel, I have never sat down to watch the Buckeyes with the thought that they might lose.  With my health as bad as it is, I'm sure as he*l not going to start now.