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Comment 05 Oct 2015

One thing that I used to enjoy about forums is that you could leave your politically correctness at the door and say what you thought.  I guess that those good old days are gone.

If the people who watched JT grow with the other Buckeyes last year are unhappy with the fact that that is no longer happening, that is not 'bashing' the Buckeyes.  When a person says the they are unhappy with 5 turn-overs, that is not 'bashing' the Buckeyes.  When a person says they question how Cardale could be considered having a good 1st half,  that is not 'bashing' the Buckeyes.  When a person questions why the Buckeyes have so many personal fouls called against them, that is not 'bashing' the Buckeyes.  These are opinions.  This (and other ones) is a forum.

I remember a few years ago, Bucknuts (before 247) starting deleting posts only because the posts disagreed with something.  It got so bad that people were kicked out.  I just hope that this place does't get that bad.  A difference of opinion is just that.

Comment 01 Oct 2015

I'm confused.  Why did you post that here to begin with? Not being sure what you were going to do, why tell you wife if she is in bad shape as you say?  If one person can do what two was doing, why wouldn't they get rid of one?  25% of how much?  Can you do the job they offered?  With the job market like it is, how many 60 something yr. old people are going to get hired anywhere but Walmart?  What do you get to keep?  How can you go from white collar to blue collar?  Who's job will you be taking?  How true is anything you said?

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I saw him do the same thing twice in the previous game.  Both to off. linemen, and both after incomplete passes.  If I were a QB, the last person I would want to anger is off. lineman.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

I couldn't believe that this was  a real post until I saw that there was 112 posts.  You can't be honest with your wife about the lunch she makes you for lunch?  This is what you do.  Fill for divorce now before you're making any real money, or grow some balls and talk to her.  She's making it for YOU, right?