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Comment 06 Oct 2015

How, no matter the circumstances or field position, every announcer strongly suggests going for it on 4th down.  Sometimes it's ok to punt or kick a field goal.  May be the Tressel in me, but take the damn points. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

If Schutt's our weak link... then we're doing just fine on the D line. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

I actually like Heather, generally.... More so than most sports writers.  She's just attempting to rate on a week by week basis, instead of projecting.  In that sense, I don't totally disagree with her.  Listen, if the Buckeyes get rolling like we all expect them too, I'm confident that no one can deny them their place.  The talent is there, it's time to put it together now.... dammit!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2015

I think it's quite simple, really.  CJ has seniority, he hasn't done anything to lose the starting role, and Urban pretty much told him to prove that it is rightfully his job. I can get behind that!  GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2015

the SEC has got, Bama, Auburn, and LSU.  Maybe FLA, depending how far you want to go back.  

Other than that, nothing!!  What have any of those other teams done that deserve any of the accolades they think they deserve??  Nothing!!  Bert needs to stuff it!  He's won two conference games since he's been there.  Tennessee.. Neat stadium, now try winning a game.  The Mississippi schools- no final results. 


Comment 20 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday!!

my only "beef" with this site is now my Dad's as informed about our beloved Buckeyes as I am(since I introduced him to 11W). We have nothing left to talk about :)

Comment 22 Jul 2015

... and that guy on the left standing on the sideline looks an awful lot like Hairball. Hmmm

Comment 02 Jul 2015

They should have played their "dumb" seniors.  Perhaps they respected CJ!

Comment 16 Feb 2015

I haven't read through all these posts, but the Big East will be one of the best.... In a couple of years. Solid now, but until PSU and TTUN, have a couple of recruiting cycles, the SEC West is still Top Dog, as much as I hate it!  Way too much talent down there to suck. There's a reason why we were so gaddamned giddy that we beat Bama !!