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Comment 04 Sep 2012


Andy Staples ‏@Andy_Staples
Why you shouldn't send your AP poll ballot at 3:34 a.m.: Screwed up and left off Ohio State. Fixed in power rankings coming out later today.

Comment 10 Jun 2012

I had the honor of walking into Ohio Stadium two consecutive springs.  The first one I didn't really enjoy it much...concentrated on the heat only.  The second time was much more enjoyable.  Either way, I was glad I decided to walk.

Comment 10 May 2012

Very interesting to see, however these are a bit skewed since each state has its own standardized test.  I do not believe Florida's is one of the hardest though...

Comment 04 May 2012

Like you said, he needed somebody to be angry with.  Unfortunately, he chose our staff to take his frustrations out on.

Comment 04 May 2012

I, for one, am happy with how the university has handled this situation.  I hope Alex finds the right school for him.  It is unfortunate that this was the deciding factor, but I am not surprised.  I just wish the blame was not put on the staff because, in all honesty, the only people to blame are the pedophile and the system for allowing him to be out.

Comment 01 May 2012

This makes sense. I was wondering why they always said Craig Stammen (of the Nationals) was from Coldwater even though he went to Versailles.  Drives me crazy.

Comment 26 Apr 2012

Maybe in terms of football, but when it comes to basketball uniforms, I think Adidas' have become pretty out there.  I mean the UC and Louisville wild animal print shorts and those very BRIGHT Baylor uniforms...

Comment 13 Apr 2012

Well that is really unfortunate for you Morrill Tower people now! 

Comment 13 Apr 2012
Pad pizza wasn't bad either...but I enjoyed my view of the field from window during fall, winter and spring. I don't think I could have traded it to be closer to anything else
Comment 11 Apr 2012
I remember seeing Smith wide open in the end zone and wondering if that ball was ever going to come down. It seemed like it was in slow motion
Comment 05 Apr 2012

Just a personal opinion, but I feel like Burke never really wanted to be there.  It was just the best option for where he should play based on offers.  

Comment 25 Mar 2012

I, too, was disappointed in the "highlights" of the game.  They were ridiculous.  However, when the one annouced decided to bring up Syracuse's 29 fouls and how horrible the officiating was for them, I believe it was Doug Gottlieb who shut him down.  He reminded the dude that OSU had 20 fouls and 7 of Syracuse's fouls came at the end of the game when they were fouling on purpose.  

Comment 25 Mar 2012

Not sure but his tweets right now wouldn't make you think he was (however he is on an emotional high.)

"@qross2011 Hell of a Freshmen year Big Ten Title and now a Final Four appearance could possibly end it with a National Championship!! #buckeyenation"

Comment 14 Feb 2012

Yes, unfortunately I'm not sure what gameday she was attending...

I for one could not have been happier than when Gee replaced her.

Comment 09 Feb 2012
A lot of schools try to pretend that these sites don't exist (at least while they're at school). I think this is something that is important to educate students on. Most kids are on at least one social media site. I'm not sure how one can expect them to know what to do, write, or how it will affect them later on in life. Yuri Wright had to learn the hard way. I just think they need to be educated on what these sites can mean for college, jobs, or peoples opinions of you.