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Comment 08 Oct 2015

UFO by far the most under rated bands of all time. Strangers in the Night !!!

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Or Unleashed in the East !! Great live LP next to UFO Strangers in the Night

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Spot on. I am not anti Lexus, just pro Avalon for the bang for your buck. I am still not happy with ANY vehicle Nav system, but it comes with the higher end trim levels that I want. Still easier to use the phone

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Agreed O7A10, the Avalon is way better than the ES. The sweet spot is in the price. Avalon Limited is $5k less than an ES and a better car.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

The new Avalon's are sooo sweet. Toyota throws all their marketing into Camry, but you are right MJ7

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Bump the budget to $30k and look at the redesigned Toyota Avalon. They hit the sweet spot between a Camry and a Lexus ES. There are nice used ones out there since some are coming off lease. The redesign from the old grandparents looking car started in 2013. There are many trim levels to check off your needs and still stay within budget. As for reliability, the Lexus uses the Toyota Avalon's 6 cyl engine in their cars. I say a loaded 2013 Limited with every bell and whistle for around 30k 

Comment 03 Jan 2015

I like each conference being represented, but what to if/when a 7-4 team beats a 11-0 team in a CCG ????

Comment 14 Dec 2014

I wish that Gamble simply would have caught that ball since it went through his hands. That would have put the U with nothing to hold onto (except Gamble's jersey)

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Good comments but I think we would have played an undefeated Notre Dame team and not a 1 loss Bama team