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    "We haven't heard much from young Katzenmoyer in this game, so far"
    10 seconds later:
    Katezenmoyer smashes Missouri QB Corby Jones, and Brent Musberger eats his words.
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Comment 14 May 2014

To be fair, I think it is different. Think about how many people are at the football games vs hockey. When considered from the liability standpoint, it's much harder to safeguard against crazy stuff happening in a crowd of 105k than with 5k.

Comment 12 May 2014

To understand the "Manziel thing", one needs to realize that for Browns fans like myself, achieving success is all about generating hope, not victory. Hope IS victory, because the expectation for actual on-field victory was forsaken long ago.

You've probably heard someone say that the draft is the Super Bowl for Brown's fans, and this is why. 

It's assumed that things won't work out for the draft picks. I don't get worried anymore about whether it will or won't work out. Just assume it won't, and you won't get disappointed. 

So, the Manziel pick is really a great thing for the Cleveland Browns. Between now and August/September, we have a something good to talk about.


Comment 21 Feb 2014

He seems to be using a fairly common tactic that is often used by people who are called out for their ridiculousness: double down.

Instead of admitting you're wrong, accuse those accusing you with even more ridiculous assertions. See: Armstrong, Lance.

Comment 21 Feb 2014

I'm sorry, I actually wasn't even aware of UC's basketball ranking. 

My point is that their athletic attire is of the worst sort. They're trying to look modern and cool with their numbering font, but this font was barely cool when it was introduced with the C-paw in 1990. Now it's something akin to Uncle Rico, who thinks he's cool but is oblivious to how outdated he looks:


Comment 21 Feb 2014

This is my sentiment as well.  The gray number reminds me of some Cincinnati Bearcats/CUSA/no-tradition program with its font, but it is coupled with the ultra-traditional "block O" with leaves design. It's like a plaid shirt with striped pants, they just don't blend well. 

I don't think I'd mind a design with a big block O on it, but not with a bunch of fancy modern twists. 

The Michigan jerseys are awesome though! I love the great lakes design. The only thing I don't like is the "gray for gray's sake" version.

Comment 14 Feb 2014

I grew up in Marion. I was born in '76 and remember my Dad taking me to get pizza at OK Cafe. No idea what it looks like now, but that pic brings back some memories. Thanks DJ.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

After reading this report, I had one very strong thought in my mind:

BOY AM I GLAD that there weren't cameras in everyone's pockets when I was growing up. If there were, you could google my name and about a dozen videos of me doing stupid shit would pop up.

I'm going to go a little easy on my opinion of this 17 year old kid. I turned out pretty well (getting a masters degree in May from tOSU, responsible father/husband, etc), but you wouldn't have known it by my record as a teenager.


Comment 23 Dec 2013

UniWatch does a piece on the bowls each year and usually refer to them in the generic, such as "Branded Activewear Bowl"

Comment 23 Dec 2013

I watched it, and was surprised to see that the "Marinovich Project" was as much a product of the son as it was the father. Todd was into it.  

I recommend watching it!

Comment 20 Nov 2013

It would be fun to dust those jerseys off again for an encore.  However, it looks like these days if you wear an alternate, it has to be "inspired by" a former jersey instead of just wearing a replica.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

I remember Herbstreit used to call him a "freak". At that time, this wasn't a term that was tossed around a lot, probably because athletes like him weren't as common as they seem today.

I went to see watch a "former buckeye stars" charity basketball game around 2000 at St Charles HS, and Joey showed off his freak ability on the court. He was dunking and running circles around everyone, even the former hoops stars. Wish I could remember who else played.

Comment 19 Nov 2013

It sure would have been nice to open up the deep passing game against Illinois, but as you mentioned, Champaign is a hard place to do this. We have a great inside run game, and an awesome short passing game, and defenses really have to pick their poison. Still, it never hurts to have proven success in both short and deep passing. Maybe against Indiana we will get some chances to go deep. I guess it depends on how IU chooses to defend us. I would guess they'd try to take away one aspect of our game and see if we can adjust, but that's been everyone else's strategy already.

We will hopefully get to face Sparty in the B1G Champ Game, which would be a nice way to test our "O" against a tough defense. This would really help the perception battle, and let us tune up before the bowl.

Great analysis, and as someone else commented a few weeks ago, I feel both smarter and dumber after reading this.

Comment 19 Nov 2013


4:14 of Clemson band video: "Hay look, it's Link!" 

If you have to use your announcer to explain what the band is doing, you're not doing it right.

That was pretty much a straight copy of the music that TBDBITL used. 

I guess imitation is the best form of flattery though, eh?