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Comment 24 Aug 2015

He's had one MAJOR injury in his career I don't understand the durabilty concern? I could see if he was throwing the ball 15-20 times a game he"ll be lucky just to get that many touches. Like many have stated above he'll take less hits and will be better prepared to take them. For example its not easy to keep your eyes downfield while a 6'5 DL or a 250 lbs LB is barring down on you,how much time do you have to really brace yourself for the hit?

Comment 31 May 2015

Add to the fact that he's enrolled in classes I'm not sure if it's a NCAA requirement to take summer classes (wouldn't doubt it actually) but I highly doubt he would if was just going to transfer. Also we thought it was pointless for Cardale to make an announcement that he was returning so what's the difference here?

Comment 24 May 2015

Too many WR to choose from in 17. I'm in love with Jeff Thomas I think he can be what everyone expected Dontre to be. (No way a slight on Dontre either)