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Comment 27 Sep 2016

I might be biased because I know him, and I played ball with his son, but, I think that Jim Grobe might be a *really* good fit at PSU. Here's a guy with a sterling reputation who built something at Ohio U, at Wake Forest, and then has seemingly resurrected Baylor's season from the ashes. Never has there been a whiff of impropriety around his programs, and, the guy wins, at places he shouldn't.

I think PSU should look long and hard at hiring him.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

As a Badger Alum with intimate knowledge of football politics on that campus, Williams was wise to NOT go to UW if he wants to be a Psychology Major.

There was an unwritten rule under Barry Alvarez that ALL football players were Afro-Am Studies Majors until they were juniors; star players were the only exception. This rule was in place under Bielema, and from what I understand, was one of the (many) factors in Gary Andersen's departure from Madison. Paul Chryst seemingly is in line with Alvarez's old mandate. The way the course loads and class schedules play out at Madison, it was virtually impossible for players to graduate on time with any other major if they expected to make practice schedules.

It's a great school, and a great campus environment, but playing football there is not conducive to receiving a degree of one's choosing.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

While i would love an undefeated run through to a National Title, I don't see it happening. The talent is there, they just need some seasoning... I think the best case scenario would be to walk out of Norman with an L that Urban can use as a motivational/teaching tool, to run the table. Best case scenario in the playoffs would be a rematch with an undefeated Oklahoma team in a national title game.

Just my two cents.

Comment 18 Feb 2016

As an aside, who would we have realistically gone after in 1992? Barry Alvarez? Not hiring Cooper in the first place would have been the smart play.

Comment 16 Feb 2016

Not to be the buzzkill, but isn't this a secondary violation? When I was in compliance, I was under the impression that if the gear comes directly from Nike it's kosher as it's part of a Marketing Campaign with the school and NCAA, If the gift comes from an independent third party with whom the school does not have a licensing agreement, and who may or may not be a booster, then it's an impermissible benefit as it's considered a gift given solely on the Student's athletic ability

Comment 14 Sep 2015

You know, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels that 1. We need to be running the ball down their throats more and 2. Cardale is underthrowing probably 60% of his throws, when he clearly has the arm strength to put it where it needs to be.