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Comment 27 Jun 2014

Yes the last 3 years have been historically bad, but to say that the entirety of JT's 10 years we played outstanding defense is something of a stretch.

In my humble opinion the last TRULY dominant defense we fielded, first snap to last snap, was the 2002 defense. We had a great defense in 2003; without a few key mental lapses in Madison and against Michigan, that one could have been really great too. 2005 was also great minus a few moments. Over the latter half of Tressel's career, I think our defensive metrics were greatly skewed by the fact that we played atrocious offenses. I mean, really, really bad putrid ones. Now, for certain games, such as the Rose Bowl against Oregon and the 1st half of the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas, we had truly exceptional game plans. but, as a whole, no, none of those defenses in my mind were truly great.

I would love for nothing more than a defensive renaissance to happen this year in the 'Shoe, but, honestly, I think it's going to take more than one year and two new coaches to do so... its almost as if something is in these guy's heads, and frankly, it scares me.


EDIT: On a tangentially related note - every single time Stanford takes down Oregon and an ESPN commentator gives credit to David Shaw & staff for a singularly visionary gameplan against the Ducks, I see red and think of that Rose Bowl.


Comment 10 Jun 2014

I honestly don't think Bielema would have left Madison if he hadn't been such a knucklehead in the local social scene. Getting shot down by attractive coeds is one thing, continually coming off as a classic asshat in every possible situation when dealing with locals was completely another. Bielema, realistically had burned his last bridges when HS coaches in-state were beginning to tell their players to go to Minnesota, Michigan, or ANY OTHER program that came calling besides UW.

Comment 29 Apr 2014

I have to wonder... is it possible Roby is allergic to alcohol? I mean, I know the symptoms vary, IE, most people with the allergy just get really red in the face, but, in rare cases, it is possible to suffer symptoms of extreme intoxication from minimal consumption.

Comment 07 Sep 2013

I for one wonder if Shazier is really, completely healthy. When he was dinged last year, he started running around with one shoulder down, almost as if he was protecting the (I think) right arm; I saw a little bit of that last Saturday.

Comment 07 Sep 2013

... did we watch the same game last week? Outside of the 1st quarter, we DID struggle, and mightily at some points, offensively, defensively and on special teams. Four Sacks? Unacceptable. Soft coverage designed to dislodge balls from receivers but was unable to? Unacceptable. Philly Brown bobbling/muffing 3 punts? Unacceptable. In a small twist of irony, at least the punter looked good.

Comment 17 Aug 2013

So, on the official nickname front.

"Flying Dutchman" for Curtis Samuel?


I loved 'Sharbait' for Dontre Wilson after Braxton's whole 'like a fish running from a shark' bit, but apparently nobody else did.

Comment 06 Aug 2013

I think the lesson to be taken from what you're pointing at is that we should all try to be the bigger person. Be a better man (or woman) than you would be in that moment normally.

Comment 31 Jul 2013

I keep looking for a 'lights out' type of defense, such as the ones we fielded in 2002 & 2005. In our two title game blowouts, I would argue that it wasn't our offense that let us down (to a certain extent, gameplanning did), but that our defenses being porous did, resulting in our teams being unable to generate significant pressure against Florida & LSU.

Here's to hoping this year's defense is up to par.

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Actually, physical contact is not required to have assaulted someone - merely causing the apprehension of contact is sufficient. That being said - if she swung first, it becomes a case of self defense, and at that point, it becomes he said/she said.

Comment 08 May 2013

I would say Alvarez/Bielema's teams are a better parallel. They ran more than power-O left/right and knew when to effectively use play action.

Comment 08 May 2013

The irony of this is that Alabama uses more or less the same formula that Wisconsin uses, except with much, much, much better athletes.

Comment 17 Apr 2013

If I was Jaleel White, I would be tremendously insulted by this comparison. Have you seen that guy lately? He is yolked. Not just a little yolked. All-Airport team level is what we're talking about. Mark May is an overweight has been who displays the mental capacity of a 12-year-old girl. White is neither overweight or unintelligent/unintelligible.

Comment 15 Feb 2013

That dog and child is about the most fuzzy, warm, adorable thing I think I've ever seen.

Comment 23 Sep 2012

I think Bri'note may have played himself out of playing time with the way he performed late in the Cal game and in the game before that, by not knowing the play called in the huddle.

Comment 23 Sep 2012

Buckeye Nation's willingness to accept mediocrity is why we continued to God up Jim Tressel. Now, Coach Tress delivered us a National Title in 2002 with John Cooper's players and I will forever be thankful for that, but, who can say that they were completely satisfied with a 'play not to lose' approach and instead of taking teams behind the woodshed and beating them by 70? Those schools we were supposed to crush, we'd beat by 4 on a late touchdown.

I can't stand Mark May because of his ridiculous and completely biased opinions, but you have to hand it to him on one thing - when asked why he didn't care for the Buckeyes, he stated that "I have yet to see this team in (after mid-2006) put forth maximum effort for four quarters." That statement may not be fair to the guys who are out there busting their asses for 60 min, but, when you look at the team as a whole and their inability to execute, it rings pretty true. Mental preparation and paying attention for 60 minutes is just as much a part of 'maximum effort' is as pushing yourself physically on every play; there are a lot of the shortcomings are between the ears right now, and it's driving me insane to watch this team squander their talent.

It's 100% Unacceptable.

Comment 22 Sep 2012

IMO, the only way the SEC falls is if the Justice Department blows it up after some idiot who's bankrolled buying recruits ends up pissing off the other SEC, and sings to save his own ass.

Comment 22 Sep 2012

The thing that breaks my heart is that during this SEC run, the Big Ten is slowly turning into the Ivy League at best, the Big East at worst. We're simply not able to compete with the SEC (or even the Pac 12 it would seem), and it's painfully obvious.

Comment 18 Sep 2012

Am I the ONLY person on these boards who thinks that our defense hasn't really been 'stingy/nasty/national championship caliber' since 2005?

Look at EVERY game we've played since then against a top-flight opponent, and realistically, we couldn't stop them consistently for 4 quarters. Against Oregon in the Rose Bowl, we played reasonably well, but Oregon stopped itself more than it had anytime all year, and then in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas, we played with our hair on fire for one half of football.