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Comment 09 Dec 2016

Dislocated a kneecap in high school - I don't think it tore any of the ligaments, as I never had surgery, but dang that hurt. I remember they took x-rays before they put it back into place and the x-ray technician kept asking me to move my (injured) leg - for some reason the fact that I couldn't do it without excruciating pain never registered for her...

Comment 06 Dec 2016

After watching OSU play LSU in the 2008 national championship an hour and a half away from their campus, I feel like there's been a geographical mismatch every year for the B1G.

There are plenty of domed stadiums up "north" that would be great for the bowls/playoffs. Part of me thinks it's only a matter of time before they start utilizing them, but then I remember the SEC is still playing in bowls...

Comment 04 Dec 2016

That's what I'm wondering about - OSU has played some closer games this year, but I never felt like the score ran up in really any of them. Clemson has given up a lot of points to a lot of teams, but for the most part was able to outscore them.

I think the OSU defense is better than any Clemson has played this year, so if OSU can score 30, they should be able to move on to the finals.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Although I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder last year, I remember vividly thinking the committee chose the 4 best conference champions, and not the 4 best teams. I'm ok if that's what they decide they want to do, but it's not, and they obviously got crappy games last year because of it.

Here's hoping to a better playoff semifinal round than we got last year.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

I think the fact that 2, 3, and 4 all lost that week kind of screwed up the usual way of moving teams down after a loss. I agree though, they shouldn't be too horribly penalized for the loss last week, but not moving at all after losing to Iowa? Please

Comment 30 Nov 2016

I tried PSVue a week ago or so, because they launched the AppleTV app. I gave it a shot cause it's the only TV streaming service that offers BTN as part of the package. You have some options with it regarding channels, but my big issue with "cutting the cord" is that I can have all the internet I want, but still can't watch the other channels I want without cable service.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

I think the 4 teams ranked in the top 4 are pretty much in, barring a loss by Clemson or Washington. I think Alabama is in regardless of the outcome of their game against Florida. Obviously if Clemson or Washington lose, others have the opportunity, but I don't see someone jumping into the conversation a la OSU over TCU in 2014.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

I've been doing my national championship #15 jersey since the beginning of last season. I think I washed it for the 1st time before the Nebraska game and the team has been on fire ever since...