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Comment 07 Jul 2014

You'd think that play was choreographed with as closely he followed Smith...

Comment 01 Jul 2014

I'm torn - I don't think it's as cut and dry as yes or no - if they do expand, I think (hope) that they'll take some time before doing so. If they don't expand, I think it'll be because of some crazy changes to NCAA football in general.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Every once in a while I take a moment to remember that Bauserman started for a bit Miller's freshman year, and just how terrible that was. I admittedly wasn't as entrenched in this team as I am now, and wondered why fans would want a freshman with no experience to start over the super-senior throwing the ball into the stands past the sidelines. What a terrific gift Braxton has given us fans - I'm sure he hopes that his senior year blows the last 3 away.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

If they continue to play as they have been for the last week or so, they're easily a wildcard team - just depends on if the Brewers decide to cool off at all...

Comment 28 Jun 2014

An article about Braxton this morning got me really psyched for football, but after reading this, I'm ready for basketball to start now...

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I laughed for at least 3-4 minutes when I saw him post that.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

Part of me has always wanted to see OSU play a high school team, just to see how much of a difference there is... Florida A&M seemed close last year, but I think OSU should try to best that 76-0 "contest" with Rutgers.

Comment 12 May 2014

I'm still pissed that Purdue game was blacked out for me...

Either way, congrats to #13 - he certainly deserves a shot at the next level.

Comment 06 May 2014

I like that you mention you don't need a car - I feel like having a car would really ruin the experience if you're completely staying downtown. Parking is atrocious if you don't know the way around, but if you can take the metro everywhere, it's great!

Comment 06 May 2014

I'm pumped - OSU coming to Maryland for football and basketball with some sort of consistency, and now a whole freaking weekend tournament coming to the area?!?!?! I'm obviously biased here living in northern VA, but that makes it a LOT easier for fans that wouldn't make a trip to Indy (like myself), but are far enough east that DC is doable.