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Comment 12 Sep 2014

Yes, I read the same report too. I also lived the report for half a decade, including time when Jon was head director. No where in the report did it say that Jon knew all nicknames for female band members. In fact, he barely knew anyone's rookie names. His own estimation that 50% of rookie names are of a sexual nature (page 17 of the report), is grossly overestimated. Most rookie names were pop culture references, like characters in movies or youtube stars.

Changing on the bus is literally (and I'm not using this in today's context, but the word's actual definition) is something every marching band that has ever travelled anywhere by bus has done, including high school bands full of minors. It is not a big deal. If people weren't comfortable with changing in front of others, the bathroom at the back of the bus was made available for them. 

The parts that are unfair are the ones where he was allowed no opportunity to defend himself, was not permitted to have council present during the questioning, and testimony that has been refuted by the very people it came from is still being taken at its word by people, like you, ignorant of the facts in front of their faces. Only one complaint came from a parent, and that was because Jon did not inform her that her daughter (an adult) was allegedly involved in a sexual assault, which he was legally not permitted to do. When she was informed of the assault (by her daughter) in May, she brought the complaint that he mishandled the investigation, and that the band produced rapists (her actual words). It is not Waters calling the students liars, but the students calling the university liars by manipulating what they said.

If you're going to accuse the man please do at least 2 things: 1) spell his name correctly (Jon, J-O-N, Waters, W-A-T-E-R-S) and 2) know the facts before you bring your accusations. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

If you don't care about what happened before Jon's tenure, then you should disregard the university's own report. That report paints a wholly inaccurate picture of the band's culture and Jon's attempts to change things. There's having a zero tolerance policy for cultivating sexual harassment and then there's firing someone attempting to reform culture in a lasting manner. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014

“This agreement and The Ohio State University’s recent response to the culture within the marching band, set clear and vitally important expectations for a community-wide culture of prevention, support, and safety," said Catherine E. Lhamon, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights. “I applaud Ohio State for taking strong leadership now to eradicate a culture of silence related to sexual harassment. I look forward to working with Ohio State as it implements the resolution agreement.”


That's pretty much "Good job firing Jon Waters." Additionally about 1/3 of the press release and agreement deals with the Band.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

All the female alumni named in the report that have come out denouncing it have written a joint letter demanding an interview with President Drake and the BoT to discuss everything, especially why the University seems that it and it alone has the right to decide whether or not these young women are victims. The authors are Jocelyn "Donk" Smallwood, Alex "Joobs" Clark, Jeanette "Tiggles" Town, Victoria "Tulsa" Nolte, and Lindsay "ERV" Barrie. Today, they all sent another message to Drake simply stating "We're Waiting."

Here is their joint letter.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

He's trying to win the right way, not mud slinging. He also has a professional working relationship with the people at the School of Music that he wants to keep up should he win. He was also a paid SoM employee.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Even if he's not going to get his job back, there's plenty left to fight for from an alumni band standpoint. They have legitimate and serious issues that really should be brought to the attention of public. Even if you don't think they can win, it doesn't mean you have to poo-poo on everything that comes up about it. Let the rabble-rousers rouse the rabbles.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Dead serious. They wanted a more "all-around gameday experience inclusive" video...even though it was the intro for the band...and was going to be played right before the band came out. It was also cut by the same lady who after finding out that Script Ohio was 75 years old suggested that it was "about time the band started doing something else." She has since been reassigned within the athletic department. 

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Unfortunately, I agree that Jon won't get his job back. President Drake's remarks can be read as essentially saying "even if it turns out that the Glaros Report is as accurate as A Million Little Pieces and was written by a crazy witch doctor that has had it out for the Waters family for 300 years, there's no way he's getting his job back because reasons."

However, the TBDBITL alumni association is the most passionate and most active alumni association at Ohio State. They are not going away, and they very very good at making enough noise to ensure that they are heard.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

This video was a collaborative effort between a few current band members and alumni. One of the alumni's family runs the company and produces the band's video yearbook.This was going to be submitted to the university for approval to play at games before the band comes onto the field, but that is highly unlikely now. The band has been searching for a new trailer since the university stopped playing the old one in 2010 or 2011 because (direct quote from the athletic department) "it didn't feature the cheerleaders enough." Here is the previous incarnation of the trailer: But I'm glad it was still released anyways because this new one is ridiculously awesome.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

While the band does have access to the stadium from Steinbrenner, it does not have access to the scoreboard controls or the lock for the gate at the ramp. One recent year, the gate was locked and the students hopped over the gate anyways. It's also not like the scoreboard controls are left unguarded and unlocked when everyone is gone-trust me, I've tried to get in there. The band would not have been able to do this event for this many years (especially since the renovation) without the help of the stadium personnel. 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Waters was on the directing staff for a decade before getting the job.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Thank you very much, and I'm glad to have helped you see things in a different light. Sadly, I am afraid all this is happening because the university's desire to appear to be "doing something" about possible Title IX problems, even if that something isn't the right thing to do.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

The reason these women and most band members are fighting this so hard and focusing on the non-existence of a culture that promotes sexual harassment is because the release of the report and its inaccuracies are having a negative impact on the daily lives of band members. We are losing friendships to people who now think we are perverts and degenerates, new alumni who are trying to find a job are questioning whether or not they should even list the band on their resume (something that used to set us apart with distinction), edit: members of the LGBTQ community are seeing their pictures or pictures of their more than supportive siblings heading articles calling them gay bashers and homophobes, students are having their scholarships pulled, and female members & alumni are being harassed in the workplace and online with constant questions of what sexual "tricks" they could perform and the speculation of cup size by random strangers. I have personally had some misinformed soul yell at me in the street (after seeing me wear band apparel) asking how I could live with myself after participating in hazing rituals that led to the deaths of students. She was obviously confusing what was alleged in the report with the recent tragedy at Florida A&M, but it was still hard for me to take knowing that is something people actually think of me and the organization I love, the members of which have become closer to me than much of my family. 

I also believe DJ is incorrect when he says that "There were clearly some members that weren't, and that's unacceptable." The investigation rose out of a complaint by a parent, regarding the response of Jon Waters to an alleged sexual assault by a band member against her daughter, another band member. I say alleged because there was no formal police investigation, the assault occurred when the two were alone, and only they know what happened. I know the girl involved, and I consider her a friend. I fear she will be ostracized from her row and friends in band because of this report. I also know that both before and after the assault, she loved and embraced the culture of the band. The rest of the negative reports from students were from former band members that had a bone to pick with Jon, and if my guessing is correct based on their testimony, were the ones guilty of continuing the worst kinds of behavior, the kind Jon was trying to stamp out.

Jon's response, by the way, was informing the university, and removing the student from practice. The student was expelled from the university 6 days after the assault, only a few weeks before he was supposed to graduate. It was not until after this investigation began, that the idea that Jon cultivated a culture conducive to sexual harassment was even thought of.