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Comment 10 Dec 2014

I was worried about the 02 team being in awe of Miami, because they had never been in that situation before.  The minute we hit them in the mouth for the first I knew as did the canes that they were going to be in for a street fight.  A lot of the things Meyer said on saturday are the same things he said in 06 before playing us.  He will use a two step approach just like he did then.  To the media he will play up how great bama is and then privately with his team he will use the "us against the world" approach.  He used that approach with both Sparty and Wisconsin.  He proved on those two occasions that he can get the most out of his guys when he gets them feeling disrespected.  This team is the tightest group of players I have seen in a long time and he knows how to get them to feed off of that.  After this team lost Miller and then lost to Va Tech, I did not know if they could rebound, with a young team that in itself has the makings of getting out of control and becoming a 3-4 loss season.  They rebounded, played in two hard road venues and put themselves on the door step of this playoff.  Then you lose your replacement qb who became a heisman candidate himself and a member of your team passes on and you just think, can this young team really deal with this stress.....and yet again not only do they win but when no other team lost in front of them they played themselves into the playoff.  This team both coaches and players loves each other and it is obvious, Urban Meyer will use the disrespect the outside world is giving us and turn all of this love that they have for each other into anger and hate for bama just like they did for wisconsin.  I am not worried about being in awe, if I was the bama faithful I would be worried about how their team responds when the team that they have heard for three weeks that they would kill punches them in the mouth and then does it again and again.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

When wisconsin beat us in 2010, I felt like a big reason for it was that we played several spread teams prior to that game and never really had to practice against a power offense and were not ready to play them.  The big thing we have in our favor this year is that sparty has power running as part of their offense, same with penn state, minny is basically all power running.  Both indiana and ttun will employ power running against as well, more from indiana but ttun will also in packages.  It should prepare us, I mean gordon is going to get 100 yards if we play them, probably 150......he starts to border 200 is where we will truely be in trouble in my opinion

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I might be over thinking it but I do think they want the buckeyes in.  Its why I felt they put minny in to begin with and why they have kept them in.  It was also funny how close they moved Wisconsin to nebraska in last weeks poll.  What I took from that is that regardless of who won that game would be in position to give the buckeyes a quality win come the title game.  Before that poll was released many of us felt that we absolutely needed nebraska to win to give us a one loss opponent at the end of the season, when they put those two so close, it gave wisconsin the ability to jump into the top 15 eventually with a win, and they could push the top 10 now.  Michigan state looked like crap against us, the score was a lot of closer then the game was actually.  They did not crush them when they moved them down, it will give them the opportunity to move back into the top 10, giving us at the end of the year that not only did we beat a top 10 team but they were able to climb back in making that win still look good.  I felt we would jump one if not both big 12 schools this week, because I feel the committee wants us in so they would need to start moving us.  It would be to much explaining on their part if we only went up to 7 and then if we beat wisconsin then they have us jump all the way to 4.  They need to start moving us now to make it look appear us jumping into the top 4 is a reality a head of time.  I predict as long as we handle our business and look the way we should and if all other teams continue winning in front of us, that we will still jump to 5th after the michigan game and then if we win the conference championship game then we will jump to 4.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I think the biggest quote of what he said is

But "competition brings out the best," Meyer said. 

I know he is being politically correct to miller and not trying to give a big head to barrett, but that quote said it all.  It has went that miller is the qb next year to without him directly saying it that they will have to compete.....and I think that is for our benefit.  He can't remove barrett now barring injury.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

on the #2 I think it was already said that this defense with both lee and worley was only unique to this game, because they were rotating grant and perry at middle.  I think the defense from here on out is how the depth chart lists it....grant and kwon in the middle, perry with booker on one side and lee with worley on the other

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I have so much respect for these guys and all that they do for us as americans and all service members as well, it is the reason why I hate playing them.  I think it affects the way you coach and play in a game.  It almost cost tressel a few years ago, he got up on them but did not want to embarrass them and it ended up taking our guys out of the flow of the game when they started making their comeback.  I am not saying this will be the same as meyer like larger leads but I just don't see him going out to embarrass them like how he did to penn state.  I could see this game being a lot like buffalo last year, where he gets to 40 and then coasts to the finish

Comment 21 Aug 2014

That's what I was thinking.  First of all, I think Meyer should be able to keep this team focused easier now because no one on the national side expects big things from them.  They will be hungry and play with a chip on their shoulder.  Before Miller went down, we were still going to be favorite in every game with maybe a push or slight Spartan favorite at east they will def be a favorite over us unless they have a complete meltdown.....penn state might be a favorite over us as well in some peoples eyes.  We will be able to play the underdog role in some games which has been a long time since that has happened

Comment 21 Aug 2014

first of all, I suggest if you are not following tornadomanatwork on should be.  He has tons of full ohio state games on his page.  Just the other day even before millers injury happened, I was watching Guitons game against Cal.  I love Miller, but that game shows how much better Guiton was at reading defenses in the passing game.  If you don't want to watch the whole game that's fine, you don't need to go far, just through ohio states first touchdown to see my point of this response.  They were pinned with in their 5 yard line and the first play was a receiver screen for like 5-6 yards.  It was a good call, but what it set up was even better.  On the next play they ran the same call, with the inside slot receiver running the screen route, the corner jumped the route to try and stay in front of the outside receiver from blocking him, but the outside receiver never tried to block him, devin smith just ran right by him and guiton hit the 90 yard touchdown.

The point is, I am not concerned as of now about arm strength going down the field.  If this kid can successfully establish the read zone running game with the short/intermediate passing game then we will be fine with deep throws.  Once the secondary has to pay too much attention what is going on underneath them with the shorter passing and the running game, that is when we use our receivers speed to kill them deep.  Who knows maybe we can run a little more of the complex running plays like the triple option that meyer used at florida that we really have not seen much as, and this might even be a better offense then anything he has yet in columbus

Comment 08 Mar 2013

On what grounds......the man never really called the defensive plays when he was co coord under tress.  So, last year was basically his first year calling plays.  He also needed to time to gel with withers.  His defense looked ugly earlier in the season through the mid point, but as with little experienced players it takes little experienced coaches time to hit their groove.  When he started hitting that groove towards the end of the season, there was not a better defense in the conference and they were to the point that they could probably of contended against most of the good teams in college football, minus a select few.  I liked what i saw out of Fick at the end of the year.  If Grant can finally solidify himself as a starter and the younger backers continue to grow and start to contribute then this has the makings to be a damn good defense to go along probably one of the best offenses in the country

Comment 15 Feb 2013

I think Urban learned from a couple short comings that he had at Florida.  First of all was obviously the lack of a true power back at Florida that was not named Tim Tebow.  He came into last year with a open mind of how Hyde was going to fit into the system and I think Hyde blew him out of the water.  Even Smith and Dunn showed in their limited carries that its just not Hyde but a power back works great in this system.  The next shortcoming is not really having a true split end at FL.  He had great slot guys and good flankers in his passing game with a great hybrid TE in the mix.  He never really had that athletic split end though that was not a hybrid te/hback.  A good, tall, athletic split end further puts strains on a defense in this offense because he adds another threat in both the possession reception game as well as in the red zone.  He is a complete mismatch for the corner back because of his height.  When you look at guys like Harris, Kief, the kid from AZ and looks like he wants to address these issues.  These are kids that will play split end and he won't lose what he wants out of speed with them.  Ever Meyer offense has changed some from team to team because he has gotten better athletes at every level.  I think his offense at ohio state will be the most dynamic and balanced that he has ever had once he adds in these next level of receivers next year.  He will be able to attack and beat defenses equally in vertical passing game as he can in the horizontal passing game.  He will also be able to attack and beat defenses equally with edge running as he can with in between the tackle running.  This will be the most complete offense he has ever had in my opinion