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Comment 08 Mar 2013

On what grounds......the man never really called the defensive plays when he was co coord under tress.  So, last year was basically his first year calling plays.  He also needed to time to gel with withers.  His defense looked ugly earlier in the season through the mid point, but as with little experienced players it takes little experienced coaches time to hit their groove.  When he started hitting that groove towards the end of the season, there was not a better defense in the conference and they were to the point that they could probably of contended against most of the good teams in college football, minus a select few.  I liked what i saw out of Fick at the end of the year.  If Grant can finally solidify himself as a starter and the younger backers continue to grow and start to contribute then this has the makings to be a damn good defense to go along probably one of the best offenses in the country

Comment 15 Feb 2013

I think Urban learned from a couple short comings that he had at Florida.  First of all was obviously the lack of a true power back at Florida that was not named Tim Tebow.  He came into last year with a open mind of how Hyde was going to fit into the system and I think Hyde blew him out of the water.  Even Smith and Dunn showed in their limited carries that its just not Hyde but a power back works great in this system.  The next shortcoming is not really having a true split end at FL.  He had great slot guys and good flankers in his passing game with a great hybrid TE in the mix.  He never really had that athletic split end though that was not a hybrid te/hback.  A good, tall, athletic split end further puts strains on a defense in this offense because he adds another threat in both the possession reception game as well as in the red zone.  He is a complete mismatch for the corner back because of his height.  When you look at guys like Harris, Kief, the kid from AZ and looks like he wants to address these issues.  These are kids that will play split end and he won't lose what he wants out of speed with them.  Ever Meyer offense has changed some from team to team because he has gotten better athletes at every level.  I think his offense at ohio state will be the most dynamic and balanced that he has ever had once he adds in these next level of receivers next year.  He will be able to attack and beat defenses equally in vertical passing game as he can in the horizontal passing game.  He will also be able to attack and beat defenses equally with edge running as he can with in between the tackle running.  This will be the most complete offense he has ever had in my opinion