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Comment 19 Nov 2011

Stop being so anonymous and unaccountable, Jason Priestas!

PS - Good for you on not giving in to his baiting. His piece is lol-worthy internet tough guy bullshit. I 99.8% guarantee he would not have the balls to shoot his mouth off like that in person to any of you guys (or anyone else).

Comment 17 Aug 2011

it's a 1:12 pm and its still only barely more important/timely as yet another random ohio state story involing the university confirming that there is no there there.


this is the most lol-worthy ESPN shit ever.



Comment 01 Jun 2011

Mistaking a symtpon for the underlying problem. This dude is so dead on. It is painful to read and run through the paralells in every part of society.

....maybe someone can get david simon to do another series about the non-sense that is the NCAA. he wouldn't even really have to re-work The Wire that much. he would only have to really ctrl+f:  (1) "street busts" and replace with "memorabilia sales" (2) "Herc" and replace with "Dohrman" and (3) "Carver" and replace with "Wetzel"

Comment 13 Nov 2010

congrats on saying one of the douche baggiest things i have ever seen on this site. 

condescending prick.

Comment 09 Oct 2010

i shall mark this day as one of the holiest of holies in hate.

bama - tears so yummy and sweet from losing to sakerlina

michigan - tears so yummy and sweet from the deflating loss to lil brother

psu - tears so yummy and sweet from a zookering

this a week after florida was throttled. its like christmas each week in college football right now! great times we are living in.


*sees 'sconi on schedule next week. says six prayers*

Comment 16 Sep 2010

PS - your google ad for me says "meet fit singles!" 

is that a "Mr. Islay, you are looking at too much porn" thing or an "11warriors viewers look at too much porn" thing?

Comment 16 Sep 2010

everyone knows that Tyler Sash is a pinball wizard. you probably could have included that.