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Comment 16 Mar 2013

You guys have called it twice in a row now with the player you feature on the banner having a spectacular game. I think you should just put Amir on there every game from now on. If the magic holds we'll win the tourney for sure.

Comment 23 Feb 2013

As a fellow student, I really don't like it when my fellow students complain about noon games. You live at most a 20 minute walk away from the stadium, which means you can leave after 11 and still get there in time for all the pregame festivities. How about you just go to bed before three in the morning and don't get so drunk you have a crippilng hangover? Even with the semester switch there are still only seven weekends out of the year when we've got home football games, and even now they aren't all noon games. You have plenty of other opportunities to stay up until sunrise and get completely wasted. Besides, it's not even like noon is early. You can get drunk and stay up until two in the morning and still have plenty of time to sleep off that hangover and get a decent breakfast.

It's much more inconvenient (relatively) for all the out-of-towners to drive in from who knows where and find a parking spot and get to a noon game, but none of them complain.


I would be a fan of more 3:30 and 8 p.m. games, because the atmosphere is better among all fans, but complaining about how you're still hungover is really the worst argument there is.