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Comment 05 Apr 2015

This thread is making me a bit nervous, and runs the risk changing my views of a few members. Which I do not like. I love my 11W Buckeye brethren. Is there a double standard in the media? Hells yes - EVERY single race in the country could create a list on what issues the media has a double standard on. If you don't believe that then maybe you need to have more honest conversations with your diverse circle of friends.

Do I think I could change peoples minds on a message board about the difference and relationship between context and content? No. Do I feel there is a difference between a young black man using the word in this context as opposed to a frat singing songs about using the word and lynching people? Yes.

As a young black kid growing up in the NWA era I use the word more than the Smurfs used the word "Smurf" - Do I now cringe now that I'm older and I hear it on TV and radio? Yes. Mainly because it's low hanging fruit for people that want to use it as some sort of reverse argument to justify somebody else using it in another context.  

I also think a few people need to learn the difference between racism and bigotry. Getting the two confused only weakens your argument even when what you're trying to say may have some validity.

And F***K Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton's hair doesn't even listen to Al Sharpton

Now ... moar football please ...

Comment 03 Apr 2015

Same here and couldn't agree more!

Comment 03 Apr 2015

Nice. The Henry Ford is literally within shouting distance of my job. You were dang near smack dab in the heart of TTUN Dearborn campus. Not surprised you got a few looks. I occasionally get a couple of eye rolls and some TTUNumbskulls that won't let me merge in traffic. 

Their hate feels like a warm hug to my soul

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Is he the same dude that went on and on and on about knowing Shane Morris didn't have a concussion. Because he was sitting with his parents or some bull**** like that?

Comment 17 Feb 2015

Being a gifted athlete that could literally play whatever position they wanted going all the way back to Pop Warner age, what made you decide upon playing QB?

And in what grade?

Ever play defense?

Coming from such a talent rich state, ever find yourself in a QB shoot out with an opposing teams QB? 

Craziest thing a player/ref/opposing coach has ever said to you

Are you only here so you don't get fined?

Comment 11 Feb 2015

*Clears throat. Puts on Monocle for educational cred. Inserts block-O grill for street cred*

Depends on what type of Grammy I guess. Rap album of the year – yeah that usually holds weight/credibilty. C'mon - Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Kanye have owned it the past few years. We will never mention McLa…damn..almost said it. Caught me slippin.

But Rap single or other raps categories? Coolio, Hammer, Charli Baltimore. Uh yeah … That's usually the sign that your next move is probably beatboxing on a local dealership commercials hocking Hyundais … excuse me … Hizzundais.

*Removes monocle. Replaces with Orange golf shirt. Prepares to address this age thing*

"I'm a man! And I'm 40!!

LOL. All good man. Eff em. I hope Harbough actually blesses them with a hot 16.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

I agree. I'm sure in time the behind the scenes convos will come to light and will probably be fascinating to take in. To take a peek "behind the recruiting curtain" is always fascinating especially to those like me who never lived that experience *Waves angry fists up at the slow :40 gods!*

But until then it's mainly speculation and projection. And like you're suggesting, until any and all parties are ready to let us in on what happened ... everybody should just R-E-L-A-X

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Everything should be taken with a grain of salt. But on this one, it's true. It was posted on her FB page yesterday afternoon

Comment 07 Feb 2015

True. And for several reasons I'm encouraged that they are still strong with OSU

i found this snippet of her post from earlier interesting. 

"Now these are adults attacking my child. What made you guys ever think he would ever think to recommit to an university that knows he's a child and calls him such disgusting names? As a mother it really hurts to see this"

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Which thread would that be? I didn't feel as if posting a legit question about how something his MOTHER posted about TTUN FANS a few hours ago fit in to a post about Wilcher/Drayton/Urban. It may be splitting hairs and you may not agree but surely you can at least entertain the reasoning.