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One day a lady met this fellow. Blah blah blah, boom I was born. Go Bucks.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Living in the middle of enemy territory and enjoying the annual ritual of feeling their life force slowly being drained from their wretched yellow and blue souls on the last weekend of every October. It's a Highlander type moment.

    Go Bucks
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Comment 9 hours ago I've posted on a few other threads that our visit went INCREDIBLY WELL! He's definitely leaning Buckeye. Few more campus visits left but the Honors and Scholars program was more than he expected. And sitting in the Shoe under the lights was an added bonus.

Now he and my wife are interested in trying to go back for the Tech game.

Question for the 11W fam, what's the best way to secure tickets without taking out a 2nd mortgage? Stub Hub?

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Haha! Eating a maple one from there right now as I type. Had to stop there with my son  before we hit the highway back to "this state" 

my son loved his campus visit. Saw Dixon walkin around campus in the AM, Chris Carter in the Union and a guy who confusingly looked a lot like a Tracey Sprinkle playing ball in that big ole rec center.

<insert stock image if dominos falling here>

Comment 26 Jul 2014

I was down in the corner watching this big boy put in work. He has a motor and got Big Meech and Mr Bosa to ooh and ah a few times. When i saw him get pulled out and hug Urban i knew it was on. Kid is seriously legit. Welcome big boy!

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Keith Byars. Legend. Built like a truck, feet like a dancer and could flat out fly. At Trotwood they called him "baby steps". Most deceptive stride I'd ever seen. 6'1" 240 and ran a 4.5.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Actually that's perfect. Wife loves crispy crust pizza. Whenever we're back in Dayton she HAS to stop at Marion's Pizza. Believe it or not you can't really get thin crispy crust pizza up here in Michigan without going to some pretentious expensive over hyped restaurant. Most places make their pizza "Detroit style" (Look it up, it actually exists). It's just a loaf of friggin bread with pizza sauce and toppings slapped on top.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Glad to hear Buckeye donuts is still around and killing it. Better than Coombs? LOL "A DONUT? WE'RE STRETCHING!! AND YOU'RE AN HONOR AND SCHOLAR!"

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I'm familiar with Buckeye donuts from my time at CCAD and it's on my list. My kid is a donut junkie. Oh to have a teen metabolism again. Thanks TheBadOwl!

Comment 18 Jul 2014

That's what I like to hear! Especially from someone that's gone through it. Thank you! I went to art school and got my degree with a crayon so he obviously gets it from his momma.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Thank you! Will do! He's pretty excited. It's hard as a father and die-hard Buckeye to not overly influence your kids choice in school. It is his decision. Much like football recruits. And why I'll never bash a kid that chosoes to not attend OSU.

Except for UM. That's the only school where the letters don't make it from the mailbox to the inside the house. Eff them. It's his decision, but it's my mailbox, my house LOL Dad's gotta have some rules lol