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One day a lady met this fellow. Blah blah blah, boom I was born. Go Bucks.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Living in the middle of enemy territory and enjoying the annual ritual of feeling their life force slowly being drained from their wretched yellow and blue souls on the last weekend of every October. It's a Highlander type moment.

    Go Bucks
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Comment 11 Apr 2014

Beautiful school. Passed by there every day for 2 1/2 years on my way to work. And I may or may nat have stopped at the casino a few times. lol

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Eh...Like so!?  *feeling like I'm showing up late to the party because I got lost while wearing the same outfit as NW Buckeye* LOL


Thanks Jason!



Comment 11 Apr 2014

whoah...things done changed. I can't simply just upload a pic from my hard drive anymore? It has to be an embedded link to a URL?

Comment 11 Jan 2014

I too wish they could have kept BOB (mainly so we'd still have Vrabel lol). Great hire for Penn State and the B1G. B1G needs a least a strong top 4  that could challenge for the playoffs every year.

Could somebody be a dear and remind me what remains of their bowl ban and schollie situation?  We need these guys to be good soon.

Comment 20 Dec 2013

That's what I was thinking. Would love to see a breakdown for Cooper's tenure.

Some of those teams were the most loaded teams to EVER step foot on the field for the Scarlet & Gray.

I remember a lot of Ohio guys under him. Big Daddy, Terry Glenn, Joey Galloway, Vrabel, Katzenmoyer, Hoying, Winfield, LeCharles, Ahmad Plummer, Nate Clemments, etc

But he had a lot of guys from out of state to help load those teams up as well. Shawn Springs (VA), Eddie George (PA? NJ?), Joe Germaine (CO), Dudley & Boston (TX), Na'il Diggs & Rambo (CA)

I get the feeling Urb is going to be closer to Coop in his recruiting reach. But would love to see the data

*Pushes up scarlet colored nerd glasses*

Comment 20 Dec 2013

I agree. Love the Buckeyes. Love the recruiting game and seeing what our haul will be every year. But never in my life had a desire to reach out to a teenage boy on twitter. But being the father of two teenage boys that are avid twitter users, I see how that generation craves instant interaction and adulation from the twitterverse.

And I never ever know what is a stupid NCAA violation. Like say *theoretically* I found out that I was related to a kid here in Detroit that has an offer from Ohio State - How much can I speak to him about the Buckeyes at a family get together? I mean I buy items from Ohio State, I pay money for tickets that go towards the program. That technically makes me a booster right?

Slippery slope ... and all theoretical of course

And by these same rules in the OP ... Does that mean that all the people speaking to Knox here on this site may have committed a violation? I'm all #TeamNoSnitching, but we gotsta know the rules. For the sake of the team ...

Comment 04 Dec 2013

What? THANKS SABAN! HERBSTREITMAY! In state cable broadcasting rights.

Would love to see these young Bucks go at it. If anyone has a link please feel free to post! Last year there was only a radio broadcast online for out of staters.

Thanks Jordan



Comment 04 Dec 2013

I'll be in Chicago ... would love to watch from there. Chance to see Alma Mater and some future Bucks. Can't miss that.

... but what is this "STO" you speak of?

Comment 17 Oct 2013

I think there are currently about 40+ HBCU players in the league

And maybe my wording was incorrect. Blame my art degree. lol. Grew up 30 minutes away from 2 HBCUs and have known dozens of friends and family members playing ball at HBCU's. (Nephew played for Bama A&M) and you are correct. These squads are not full of 5, 4, 3 or even 2 star athletes that grew up being pampered because of what they did on the field. These are guys that know the odds of them making the pros is almost zero, so for the most part they are guys that play for the LOVE of the game and play for the free education because they may have no other financial option and they know when they graduate, there won't be millions, there will be real life.


I would love to know the full "inside man" details of this situation.


Comment 17 Oct 2013

I could look at this and fall upon old stereotypes and assume these are a bunch of whiny brat kids that don't appreciate a free education that comes with that scholarship.

Or I could read the line that says "not a single player showed up" and assume that there must be a hell of a lot going inside that program in order for a group of student athletes who know they are lucky to be playing football past high school at an historically rich college to take an unprecedented stance like this.

I'll wait for further information and hope that what they are doing is for the betterment of a proud program.

Comment 14 Oct 2013

That Chappelle Article is brilliant. Being a fan of Dave and having dated a girl from Yellow Springs, that article nailed it.

Comment 03 Sep 2013

Over hydrating!!! Yes!! Middle school football our last scrimmage, our starting QB caught cramps. So coach gave us a speech on hydrating and laying off the salt. So being over reactive 12 year olds, that week leading up to our first game we were all on each other "NO SALT!!! DRINK YOUR GATORADE". I mean we were hard core about it. Cut to game day and before the first quarter was even over the field was littered with cramping Tweens twitching and flopping around on the field between the hashes like a bunch of fish that just got pulled up from the net and dropped on deck. 

Luckily there was a Dr from Miami Valley hospital that was also doing work with the Colts medical team in the stands. After laughing his azz off at us he gave us the scoop on over hydrating.

Freaking no0bs

im sure the smart people in the training and nutrition staff in Columbus will get it corrected

Comment 28 Aug 2013

I thought Eleven Warriors was over the roster limit. Is this over signing? I didn't even know his offer was committable. What's his shuttle time in Photoshop? Atlanta? I like how this staff goes out of their way to scout the nation to sign the right kids for their scheme. Great composite pixel star rankings. In this staff I trust. Great signing. I honestly thought he'd hold out until National Designer signing day.

Welcome aboard!