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Comment 05 Feb 2014

I was at the game - I couldn't understand why the Iowa fans were booing Craft, other than being Ohio State's best/most well-known player. He played one of his best games of the year with the boos roaring down on him every time he touched the ball.

Fun moment:  At the end of the “Quick Change” halftime show – the performer threw glitter into the air, most of it landed on a tarp … but a little bit was left on the court. As the performers and arena staff were cleaning up the, OSU came out of the locker room to warm-up. Without missing a beat, Aaron Craft runs to midcourt, picks up some glitter, kindly hands it to the crew and continues to the layup line. Pure class. #swoon

Comment 04 Feb 2014

I’ll be there tonight! I'll be one of the only ones donning scarlet and gray.  It’s going to be a tough environment in Carver-Hawkeye arena. Go Bucks.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

For the most part, ESPN has plummeted from the highlight driven, sports centered (no pun intended) network of my youth. – to a knee jerk reactionary, TMZ style clown show filled with pinheads, jerks and blowhards – the 30 for 30 documentaries represent the small portion of ESPN that isn’t “the most part.”

Comment 10 Jul 2013

I remember when Sanzenbacher came out of Central Catholic High School in Toledo, OH ... I was a student at UT at the time, and I was so happy a player from Northwest Ohio was going to Ohio State and not scUM.

I hate the Bengals, but I hope Dane makes the roster and plays a few games on Monday Night Football, just so I can hear Gruden say, "Sanzenbacher"

Comment 20 Apr 2013

Surely I am in the minority opinion, but I don’t see such a massive divide in excellence between the West and East divisions. Clearly, Ohio State and scUM are historically the strongest programs in the conference, but it just makes sense to have them in the same division. That being said … the only other “power team” in the East is Penn State, and we all know their recent problems are likely going to make them less of a threat for many years.  As for the other teams, Sparty is an above average team but nothing special. Indiana has consistently been the worst team in the Big 10 and then there are our two new friends Maryland and Rutgers. Schmeep.

Meanwhile the West has two very strong teams in Nebraska and Wisconsin. I think this could develop into a good rivalry moving forward and geographically/culturally it makes more sense than pitting Nebraska vs. PSU.

In the second tier of teams you have a traditionally above average Iowa (the West’s version of Sparty) and a pesky Northwestern. Finally, you have Illinois which is usually at least an average team and Purdue. The worst team in the West, Minnesota has a more historically good past than Indiana

Without a doubt, the East is stronger but I think a little “east coast bias” is coming into play thinking the West is just going to roll over and die like the Big Xii North. Overall, I love the new divisions, but it's a shame OSU will play less games vs. Iowa, Wiscy, Nebraska,  Northwestern, and even Minnesota to travel to Maryland and New Jersey.

Comment 22 Jan 2013

VICO, welcome to 11W. I've been an avid follower of you on Twitter and Our Honor Defend. Your tweets always crack me up.

I have an interesting perspective on Iowa football since I am a native Ohioan who has lived in Iowa for 4 years, Iowa City for the past two years, and in July I am marrying a Hawkeye. I will always be, first and foremost, a Buckeye - but I have come to appreciate the Hawks and I root for them whenever they aren't playing Ohio State.

I listen to a local call-in show here in eastern Iowa every night after work and I am persistently mindful of the drastic difference in expectations between Ohio State and most of the other teams in the BIG10. At OSU we see anything other than a perfect season as a disappointment. We lament chances lost in National Championship or BCS games. We are ticked when we don’t land our ninth 5-Star recruit.

At Iowa – they are truly pleased with a 7-4 season and a visit to the Insight Bowl. Their expectations are so much lower than OSU it’s unbelievable. They are still talking about the Orange Bowl victory vs. Georgia Tech from a few years past. It seems they’ll remain happy if Iowa can make it to a BCS game once every 5 years. Therefore, most folks are okay with KF's salary. You will have your random caller who is upset about Kirk’s massive contract, but Iowans seem to, by in large, be okay with it.

I mean they treat Hayden Frye like a God out here. His career record at Iowa was 143–89–6 (98-62 BIG10) That type of record would get you fired at Ohio State.

My point is just to give Buckeye fans some perspective on what the tenor is at another BIG10 school -As a Buckeye fan living in Ohio (an OhIowa Buckeye) I find I appreciate the Bucks even more than I did when I lived in Ohio. I think Craig Krenzel said it best... “The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin."

Comment 13 Dec 2012

I’m pleased to not be the only proud Toledo alum on this board. Go Rockets. Beat those cocky USU Aggies' asses. TOL-EDO!!

Comment 07 Sep 2012

^ I just gave my respect for Iowa City.

I've heard West Lafeyette *is* the exact location of America's taint.

You know another neat place to see a game is Minneapolis. We went there two seasons ago to see Ohio State. It’s not a college town, but the University is in an attractive location downtown. We went to a bar before the game, the place was literally 97% scarlet and grey.

Comment 07 Sep 2012

Native Ohioan living in Iowa City right now for work. I don't know if it's the second best college town - but Iowa City is fairly underrated. It was just named top party school and the downtown district with a distinctly unique "Ped Mall" is pretty awesome. When I went to my first Ohio State/Iowa game, I was impressed with the town on a college football Saturday, too. It’s nothing like the atmosphere outside of the Shoe, however it’s pretty awesome to see a town of 80,000 double its population. And they’re all wearing black and gold, which definitely stands out.

I would put it ahead of Lincoln and Ann Arbor, honestly.

Comment 01 Apr 2012

Go Bucks! William Buford is a warrior. Hate to see the senior go out with a loss - but let's be honest, the Final Four is a huge accomplishment for this team and for Buckeye Nation.

Thanks #44.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

I am very disappointed that we lost this game; especially at how we let a 13 point lead turn into a 2 point loss.

But to be honest, I thought we’d lose the next game to UK, no matter how well we played, because they’re basically an NBA team.

So I am at peace with this turnout. The Buckeyes did us all proud by making it to the Final Four. Props to William Buford for playing his best game in the tournament – I will miss #44, as well as any other player that declares for the NBA draft. Go Bucks.

Comment 23 Mar 2012

I don't remember Buford taking games off either. He puts in 100 percent each game. Maybe we should lay off this student athlete. WB is a true Buckeye in every sense of the word.

…. And I’m sure everyone on this blog is giving it "their all" today at work, too. (yawn)

Go Bucks.