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Comment 30 Jan 2012

reminder: lost letterman is operated by a michigan alumn who grew up in upper arlington. all his opinions are irrelevant.

Comment 20 Jan 2012

bless you, grey box of death! bless you!

Comment 20 Jan 2012

if he would have played at OU instead, how would we have replaced him in the starting lineup? oh yeah thats right HE NEVER STARTED.

Comment 18 Jan 2012

the rule i have always lived by is, if a guy has to tell everyone and advertise what a badass he is, he usually isnt much of a bad ass. its not the guy thumping bass-heavy music and acting all hardcore at stoplights that you have to worry about. its the guy singing hall and oates with the windows down that you need to be weary of, as he has nothing to prove. and is likely crazy.

Comment 02 Dec 2011

i had the same back problems once. dropped sixty points in a youth basketball league the same night. not a huge deal, just letting you know how awesome i am. who is jared sullinger?

Comment 04 Aug 2011

hineygate is the worst. whenever fans from another school talk about being harassed on campus, its ALWAYS around hineygate on a saturday morning / afternoon.

they should shut it down forever.

Comment 03 Jun 2011

i really wish dantonio were healthier. saw him at a basketball game earlier this year, and he looked old and battered. i guess maybe that was right after his "episode" or whatever, but ive always liked him and i think he could be a hell of a coach at ohio state.

Comment 25 May 2011

"he was one of the ONLY reasons we went undefeated."

i like that statement. very specifically vague.

Comment 06 Apr 2011

kenny looked really good, braxton looked okay, and scott looked just plain bad. i remain excited for guiton getting a chance to lead this team in the first 5 games of the season, and for bauserman to see nothing but the bench. him QBing this team scares the poop out of me.