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Comment 28 Sep 2015

I couldnt imagine what Bradys numbers would look like with Edelman, Gronk and Watkins on the outside.

Look what he did with an aging Randy Moss on the outside... Sometimes I really wonder what his numbers would look like if he had Manning's receivers.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Corrected.  Posting at work can lead to disaster sometimes.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Neither, I'm asking if anybody else feels that an undefeated regular season from New England is coming again.  A lot of similarities so far.  Scandal from previous season, breaking offensive records, blowing teams out through 3.5 quarters only to give up a TD or two in garbage time to make the score look more respectable... and again it's the Patriots at the epicenter.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

You are still tweeting to strangers and people you have probably never met.

It's called social media, that is why it exists.    I've tweeted random people.  I've also jumped into random conversations.  Hell I do it now on 11w, just as you did with your soap-box response.

It's kind of self serving by tweeting these people because they benefit you as a fan.

How exactly is it self-serving?  Do I get a response? Nope.  Do I care? Nope.  Am I begging these people for attention? Nope.

It's far less self-serving than jumping on here and blasting folks for how they use their social media accounts, while joining the narrative of the majority in an obvious attempt to get UVs.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Here is a sample list of 18-23 years old "kids" I have tweeted at:

Kole Sherwood - Congratulating him for being the first central ohio native to sign with CBJ

Cam Atkinson - Scoring an amazing goal during a game

Ryan Johansen - OSU tribute during the ASG

Paige WWE - Being an awesome performer and hoping she keeps it up

Brandon Saad - Welcoming to CBJ

There is a common theme, none are college athletes and are already pros in their given sport.

Saying "you shouldn't tweet 18-23 year olds, it is creepy" as a blanket statement is, in my opinion, ridiculous.  There is nothing wrong with tweeting out a congrats, a keep your chin up, or even a "that was a sick move/play/match".

What IS creepy is tweeting at them requesting favors of any type or attempting to get into their inner circle and it's fairly obvious that is the attempt.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

J2F, there are many, many more lessons that, considering you're only 6 months in, you have not learned yet.  You will...  two that really took me for surprise:

Things you didn't think could fit, will in fact fit and fit exactly where you were 100% sure was impossible

No matter how strong you think you are, they seem stronger, and have every intention of proving it

But other than that, kids are great!

Comment 23 Sep 2015

When was the last time Bert made you laugh, excluding at him?

You can't do that... I don't care if MOD is after your grey britches.... there's only one way to laugh when it pertains to Bert, and it is at....

Comment 21 Sep 2015

You can still improvise while being a game manager.  Managing the game involves not turning the ball over, limiting risk, and making the smart play.  The last play was a perfect example of both.  He got out of the pocket after realizing there was danger, got to the side line and threw the ball deep where only his guy had a shot at getting it.  That was not a play with a ton of risk as only Benjamin or nobody could have caught it.  If the deep ball wasn't there he could have tossed the ball out of bounds negating any shot of a turnover.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I was never a fan of Johnny Fooseballer, or the Browns drafting him.  That said, if he can MANAGE the game, like he did and not turn the ball over, I think the defense and special teams can carry the team when needed.  He did throw two really good balls to Benjamin.  No turnovers and taking advantage of defensive break-downs the few times they occur can lead to good things.

For those 'boys fans out there... here's some lyrical goodness for you:

Dez's leg, not OK.  What else do I have to say?! 

Weeden't start the fire.  Romo's arm was burnin' so Brandon started throwin'...

Comment 17 Sep 2015
Wait, you mean to tell me 38-0 is a horrible outcome!?
Comment 15 Sep 2015

First off, I agree about supporting who ever starts and the rehashing of old posts and comments can be annoying; however, telling somebody how to be a fan (which is short for fanatic) or questioning their fandom crosses the line for me.

If you can't even put your personal biases aside and support the starting QB of your team through the good and the bad (JT, Cardale, Braxton, Collier, etc) , why even call yourself a fan?

I'll be a fan however I damn well please, thank you very much.  If I want to boo the starting QB for dropping snaps or making poor decisions, it's my prerogative.  If I want to cheer like a maniac at the most mundane play (our DL pushes the opposing OL to close a gap), again it's how I roll.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Yes, kind of... I'm on the fence.

In one hand you take the Blue pill; UM wins, you go to sleep, and wake up wondering if they'll be any good for the rest of the year.

In the other hand you take the Red pill; Utah wins and we see just how far UM falls knowing they lost to Urb's former team en route to losing to his current team.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

If they stay healthy (-50% of the injuries last year) 2nd in the Metro, ECF appearance with the chance to win the series.

If they have some injury issues (50-60% of the injuries last year) 4th in the Metro, playoff appearance, win 1st round.

If they have moderate injury issues (61-90% of the injuries last year) 6th in the Metro, no playoffs, finish with the 10th pick.

If they have severe injury issues (91+% of the injuries last year) LAST in the Metro, no playoffs, lose the lottery and pick 3rd.