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Comment 24 Feb 2015

I've not heard this, and if they are, BOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Kessel is a prima donna who half-asses his efforts.  Wiz won't be moved as a salary dump; the Jackets most likely, unless they take on Kessel, will have to eat salary.  There are quite a few young blue-liners ready to take over, especially defensive d-men.  Jackets have Connauton and Savard emerging as offensive-defensemen.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

I didn't hear the Paul Brown logo rumor, that would be pretty sweet.  I think they really dropped the ball, with the hype that was created, it would have been perfect for an April Fool's joke presser.  They could have dropped hints that a new logo/helmet decal was in the works for a few more months.  Then reveal a solid white helmet, brown face mask, and a pile of poo with eyes, similar to the iPhone emogi. That would have been hilarious, and then on April 2, release the real logo that showed the updated color/fonts.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

It beats having a cartoonish piece of clip art, like the Dolphins or the Lions.  There are already teams with a letter or a word as the primary logo, see: Chicago, Green Bay, San Fran, both NY teams.  It's different and it's unique.  What would you have as a different and unique logo, or would you prefer vanilla like every other team?

Comment 24 Feb 2015

They never said they would make a drastic change to the logo, just modernize it, which they've done and I'm OK with it.  I'm perfectly fine with the helmet still being the primary logo and no craptastic design on the sides of the helmet.  I'll be honest, I'm confused as to how the business side wanted to update the logo and yet folks are bitching that the team is more worried about that than the product on the field, aka performance.  The last time I checked, the personnel side, you know the part of the team that controls who they draft/sign/release, has nothing to do with business side, aka marketing/logo design.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

PEOPLE! There is a difference between HORROR and SCARY. 

HORROR makes you want to look away because it's visually too much, the majority of slasher flicks and torture porn (Saw, Hostel, etc.) fall into this category.  My faves in this category - pretty much any 80s slasher; Trick 'r Treat; Evil Dead; Scream.

SCARY makes you jump (or laugh depending on how mental you are) or say "oh, hell no, i wouldn't be caught dead ______."  Supernatural and normally survival flicks fall into this category. My faves in this category - Poltergiest; Alien; Paranormal Activity; Insidious; The Conjuring; Halloween.  Now you might ask why is this not in HORROR?  The original wasn't very gory or visually too much to where you wanted to look away.  There wasn't much blood and no internal organs showing.

Some films can be both, it is possible, but it is generally unlikely.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

If Metallica gives them permission or chooses not to sue for playing without permission...

Comment 01 Feb 2015

Hey, now.  NE Pats fans think that was the greatest play call in the history of sports.  It really depends on which side of the fence you are on.  To someone impartial, or more like anti-Patriots, that was the worst call in history; however, NE fans aren't saying as much.  Credit to BB for having his Def prepared for that look.  It was still a damn good football game.  For what it's worth, the wife thought the commercials this year sucked.  I would agree... too many stupid car commercials that make me want to ignore those companies in future.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

I saw that, they announced it to season ticket holders only at first, which obviously was leaked, and all kids, even infants, need a ticket.  Good thing they're only $200 a pop...

Comment 21 Jan 2015

doesnt a football official touch the ball after each play? Isn't there an official on the sideline that ushers in new balls?

Yes, and that's the point people are missing.  Folks are so fast to jump over the Pats for crap, they're blind to the reality.  If a ball does not feel right, the officials will remove it from play, even after play has been ran.   So, to put ZERO blame on the officials and immediately say the Pats cheated is a bit ridiculous. 

There are hundreds of NFL staffing personnel at these games

This includes security, team staff, NFL staff... and the balls are in a bag behind the bench.  So yea, anybody on that field could have messed with the balls.

Since everybody loves a good conspiracy theory, how about this:  The NFL did it after the fact, and that's why they stated 11/12, not 12/12 were under inflated, knowing the vitriol would boil over and more people would watch the Superbowl in hopes of watching the Patriots lose.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I think everybody is looking for any reason to cry foul on the Pats.  If this was Green Bay, who OVER inflates their balls to the liking of Rodgers, nobody would say a word and DOESN'T to this day.  If it were the Raiders, nobody would be saying a word.

Since under-inflating gives smaller handed QBs an advantage and makes it easier to catch, then OVER inflating would suggest a harder ball to catch and less INTs can be caught, so I guess Rodgers is cheating his stats and ensuring fewer turnovers on his end.  An advantage is an advantage, unless it's only an issue if the Pats do it...

Here are a couple questions that I would like an answer to:

If it was such an edge, explain to me how Blount running all over that defense had anything to do with the PSI of the ball?  He's not known as a fumbler, so that idea is out the window.

How does a linebacker know the ball felt different compared to normal balls when: 1) the refs didn't; 2) other defenders like lineman and secondary who routinely grab the ball after the play is over, didn't feel a difference?

Why aren't there better rules in place, like where the officials inspect the balls 20 minutes prior, instead of TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES? Wouldn't that eliminate ANY possibility of this happening?

Why isn't anybody talking about how the officials inspect and change PSI on balls prior to the game?  They deflate and inflate balls or remove all together.

Balls are checked during the game as well, how did only one intercepted ball of all of these balls get found during the game?

Prove to the world how the balls were deflated and it was deliberate.  All of the conjecture, conspiracy theories, and "but I don't need proof, it's the only explanation" are hogwash and hokum.

Meh, who cares, it's the Patriots, they did it, we don't need proof.... right?

Comment 21 Jan 2015

BB was right to cut Kosar, and it was more of a Modell decision anyway.  I'm sorry, he was a shell of himself and it was evident on the field.  Bernie got a Superbowl ring by going to Dallas and backing up Troy.  Also, with Art actively telling folks he was going to move the team without a new stadium, I'm glad he got that ring in Dallas, serves Art right for douching Cleveland.

The only thing wrong with Brady is he went to UM.  You want to hate on a guy for marrying a super model who is worth more than the team he plays for and for winning championships?

On the Browns, I would take Brady before Manning in a heartbeat... we all know who doesn't fold in the clutch, and the one who does owns part of Papa Johns...

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Can somebody please explain to me why every scandal is labeled as "<buzzword>-gate? 

I find it to be lazy journalism when writers use headlines like "Tatgate" or "Spygate" and now "Deflategate".

The reason the biggest scandal to hit the news waves was called Watergate is because it took place IN the WATERGATE Hotel!!  Not The Hilton Hotel or The Marriott.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

We had the youngest team in the NHL, have the youngest this year again.  Our young skill players, or "finesse" as you like to call it, are still growing into their own.  That wasn't luck last year, that was straight hard work and timely scoring. 

We gave the Pens all they could handle and if our players were a couple more seasons into their careers, could have beaten them in 6.  Experience does matter in hockey as does growing into your body.

This season was lost due to the key long term injuries.

I will GUARANTEE, so mark it down, the Jackets will not only make the playoffs next season, they will make it to the ECF.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

This was one of those Murphy's Law years, so I'm not going to say it won't happen again, but it's been a pretty fluky year as far as injuries go.

Wennberg isn't lighting the world on fire as far as points go, but he's played much better since being re-called and has been making the smart play, not the fancy play.

Also, remember, Future Captain Jenner is still out until sometime in Mid-Feb, so, there's another nose-to-the-grindstone player we've been missing.

One final thought on the injuries: it's not how many we've had that's the issue, it's who has missed significant time that is the big issue.  I dare any team to lose it's top line, 2/3 of their second line, their starting goal tender, and 3 of their top 4 defenseman for longer than a month (like the Jackets did) and stay around .500