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Comment 15 Apr 2014

If you ever have the time to read his book. you will see that he quotes a wide range of people from his former players to L.L Cool J.  He seems to be a very open-minded man and is humble in his attempt to seek wisdom.  His book has influenced me a lot.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Why is Byrnes the only writer that does the Skull Sessions?  It wasn't always like that.  I miss reading the viewpoints of other writers, and had once appreciated the diversity of writing styles on Skull Sessions.

Comment 30 Mar 2014

I hope he does whatever the Ohio State coaches told him to do and gets his offer.  He's small, but on the video he looks fast and physical.  If he is anything like Antoine Winfield, then we got ourselves a player. 

Comment 30 Mar 2014

I know that recruiting is far from an exact science, but Burke was Mr. Basketball in Ohio in 2011 and he played in Ohio State's backyard along with Sullinger. Our coaches had plenty of opportunities to get an in depth evaluation on Burke as he was rising during his junior and senior years in high school.  I don't get how our coaches could not see his potential.

And Traevon Jackson...from what I recall, we just never offered him.  Not late, not ever.  And Nigel Hayes, we offered late.  Our best starting five in recent memory was Diebler, Craft, Sullinger, Buford, and Lighty -- all Ohio kids who were playing with a purpose.  I'm not at all suggesting that we should never branch out, but recruiting from our own state is where The Ohio State University tradition lies.  I, like many others, hope we do not stray away from this. Coach Matta and Coach Meyer, sign those Ohio boys up!!! 


Comment 29 Mar 2014

I know, man. No problem.

I'm just so traumatized from this past year's team - a bunch of dudes who couldn't do bunch of fundamental basketball things: shoot, pass, rebound, catch, react to the ball, handle the ball, etc... I am begging God for players who will not add more to this.  If Lee can board and finish around the rim, and hold the ball high and not have to silently count to 3 before he begins his post moves, I will be thrilled.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

I'm just being cautiously optimistic, man.  I read some posts that said that Lee has trouble catching the ball.  I just can't take watching another season of another guy fumbling passes when he should be dunking on the other team's heads.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

If anything, he should make practice more competitive and hopefully push our other big men to improve.  Best case scenario: he puts in 14 and 9 for us every night and opens up space for improved perimeter game (for which I am praying).  Congrats, Lee.  If you work hard, you shouldn't have any trouble getting lots of minutes.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

I agree, bro.  I wish the staff would offer the best Ohio kids a lot sooner.  To me, it's about showing respect to your home state.  In return, those Ohio kids will leave it all on the field every time they suit up to represent for their state university.

I feel the same way about basketball recruiting too.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

Really?  We are recruiting a big man who can't catch the damn ball?  Good Lord, I hope this isn't true. 

Coach Matta, haven't we seen enough of this?

Comment 27 Mar 2014

Are there any JUCO post players that we are looking at?  Lee sounds good, but I hope the staff has other options if Lee chooses to play elsewhere. 

Thanks for the greater basketball recruiting coverage.  I do appreciate it.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Agree.  The only thing Troy may have lacked was ideal qb height.  He  definitely was the most complete qb I've seen play at The Ohio State University. 

Comment 23 Mar 2014

I don't think Krenzel was the best QB to ever play, but he certainly was one of the toughest and smartest.  He was good enough to not F up in big games and big moments. He never played scared, he could read defenses, and he played hurt and the fans would never know about it because he didn't outwardly grimace in pain and pull himself out of games.  He was a true leader, and his team followed his example. 

In the national title game, Miami was out to kill him.  And yet, Coach Tress kept calling QB draws and Krenzel fought for yards the whole night.  During his sophomore year, he led us to a Michigan victory with I believe only one week to prepare.  As far as personal qualities, he had everything a coach would want in a QB.

Comment 15 Mar 2014

Yeah, I fear this too.  However, if he's not strongly projected as a first rounder, he should definitely stay put.  Second rounders aren't guaranteed anything in the NBA. So if he's not a first rounder, he may need to buy the Rosetta Stone and learn some Greek or something.


Comment 15 Mar 2014

Lenzelle did a great job on Stauskas.  Smith is an effort guy who unfortunately can't find his jump shot.  Hope that he and the rest of the team show some consistency from the outside and from the free throw line.  Really pleased with the defense and the hustle of this team, but a lot can be cured by simply making them at the charity stripe. 

Ross and Scott are looking like the leaders of the future -- that's good to see.

Comment 09 Mar 2014

I remember on the ESPN's 30 for 30 episode featuring Tressel and Clarett when Tressel talked about winning championships with YSU.  Tressel spoke of how he wanted to win "with our kids."  Tressel brought that same approach to football recruiting during his time as coach of The Ohio State University.  He made it a point to sign top notch Ohio kids because he was a believer in serving his local community.  That's why an old school Buckeye like me loves Jim Tressel.  I respect Coach Meyer and I know that he is an excellent football coach, but I really do miss that about Coach Tress.

Comment 23 Feb 2014

Me too, bro.  Hopefully, they light the camps on fire, get it done in the classroom, and go on to have big senior seasons...and then, become Buckeyes.  Love these articles about Ohio kids.  Thanks, 11W!!!

Comment 21 Feb 2014

Ohio State -- Scarlet and Gray.  I like it when we just stick to the basics and play sound football.  Not a fan of these swaggy uniforms.

Comment 20 Feb 2014

Representing Pittsburgh here.

How many Super bowls have the Eagles won?  Not "championships," Super Bowls.

How many Stanley Cups have the Flyers won?

How many World Series titles have the Phillies won?

Whatever the answers are, add them all up and they are still less than the number of Super Bowls won by THE Pittsburgh Steelers.  But what the hell...the city of Pittsburgh has more championships than Philly in baseball and hockey too. 

Comment 19 Feb 2014

What's up, 11W staff?  I really appreciate your efforts to inform us readers about the top high school football talent in the state of Ohio.  These are the guys I most pull for in earning Ohio State football scholarships.  Please keep up the great work!!