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Comment 18 Jan 2017

Agree totally.  We were fortunate that the Nebraska kid fell and it left Loving wide open underneath the rim.  We are getting some good looks in the closing minutes, but guys like Kam and Loving need to knock'em down.  Dudes gotta loosen up and finish the game saving their bests for last.  On the plus, we're doing better at not turning the ball over.  Hope the improvement and good karma continues.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Only going by the stuff I read, articles and other people's posts, I got the idea the Coach Fick was very dedicated to actively finding the in-state under the radar gems for the Buckeyes, more than other coaches on the staff (not that the others wouldn't recognize the talent).  With Coach Fick gone, I wonder who, if anybody on the staff, will take that role, or if someone already has.  I've criticized Fick's defenses in the past, but I've always thought he was a standup guy who epitomizes what Ohio football.  Really gonna miss the dude (and will now follow Bearcat football), and I hope guys like Coach Coombs keep running with the Fick torch.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Look out for Malik Harrison.  

Also, I hope we close out with Morgan Ellison.  Agree, always nice to see Ohio kids become Buckeyes.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Was reluctant to watch it too.  But it was a good game, and it was refreshing to see what effective offenses look like when they operate with some creativity, when receivers aggressively go after the ball, and when teams consistently try to run a tailback between the tackles.  Like wow!

Whether or not you're a fan, I recommend watching a replay of the Steelers and Dolphins playoff game.  Wish our offense could resemble something like what the Steelers looked like that day.  I watched the Buckeyes so much, and forget to watch other teams.  It's like the feeling of "I need to get out more (watch more/different football)!"

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Somehow Tressel was able to stay competitive at the highest level and win championships without having to trim a half dozen to over a dozen players (as will be the case this year) to make the 85 limit. We as fans used to have a crap ton of 'righteous indignation' when it was just the teams in the south doing this. My have times changed.

edit.....great post beattun!

Agree.  Seems pretty ridiculous that possibly over 10 kids are going to be told to walk. I'm sure there is stuff that we don't know regarding players, their families, and the coaches.  However, although Coach Tress wasn't a saint, these scenarios never surfaced under his leadership.  

And to all those who love to remind folks how Urban smashed Tress when the two met for their only game on opposing sidelines: Dabo got Urban twice, and this last one was frickin as embarrassing as it gets, a 31 point shutout.  So, straight up, is Dabo a better coach than Urban?  

Comment 04 Oct 2016

I feel good about the attitude that this Buckeye team is showing, how they are giving respect to their opponents.  It seems like their mindset is solid.  It was refreshing for me to see how pissed Urban was when we had a penalty (I think a hands to the face by one of our o-linemen) that could've stalled our 2 minute drive right before half last week.  And if it's true that he benched JT Barrett because of his ill-advised throw in the third quarter, then I think that was cool too!  As long as our guys stay hungry and humble, I think we're gonna be fine.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Well, it appears that the majority of the folks didn't appreciate what I was trying to poke fun at, the idea of an offer from the staff in today's recruiting landscape, and I wasn't trying to piss so many folks off.  However, I'm so turned off by recruiting nowadays, specifically with what happened to Sibley.  And I know it's been discussed thoroughly here, but Sibley's situation makes me believe that no offer is ever safe with this staff.  I mean, Sibley is as ideal as they come. He was a 4 star recruit, an Ohio kid, and someone who committed as early as possible and chose not to play any recruiting games, which you'd think the staff appreciated.  We know that the staff had there reasons to do what they did, but if there's anything that could taken from the way the situation played out, it is that no offer is secure.  If the staff can turn on the kids in their own backyard, they can do it to anybody.  So, I am happy for the kids who get their offers from The Ohio State University.  But like Urban himself said (and I don't know the exact quote), a commitment doesn't mean anything until the kid signs.  Obviously, that goes for the player, but it also goes for the staff as well.  I'm still a faithful Buckeye, but I really hope we don't have cases like Sibley's in the future.  I miss the days of very very long ago, when one's word and handshake were as good as gold. 

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Did not know this.  Sad to hear the news.  Good luck, Birm!  Wishing you more success, sir.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Hahaha :) They are committable for now, but these Ohio boys better not commit too soon or else they may not be committable anymore.  The staff may not commit to accepting their commitments. 

Comment 24 Apr 2016

I understand that coach Tress offered Todd Boeckman a gray shirt, but did he do it after rescinding a "commitable offer?"  

The recruiting game seems to have changed so much.  The term commitable offer sounds silly to me (my auto spell on my phone doesn't even recognize the word "commitable"), and yet I read about it more and more.