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Comment 24 Apr 2016

I understand that coach Tress offered Todd Boeckman a gray shirt, but did he do it after rescinding a "commitable offer?"  

The recruiting game seems to have changed so much.  The term commitable offer sounds silly to me (my auto spell on my phone doesn't even recognize the word "commitable"), and yet I read about it more and more.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

For me, recruiting better out of state kids who are a good fit is not the issue.  The treatment of a committed in-state kid is.  However, I do think Urban is doing his best and did not intentionally try to screw Sibley over and put Sibley in a good situation. And if mistakes were made, I'm sure Urban will try his hardest to make sure that they won't happen again.  

On a side note, to watch us get punked by MSU, a school that often picks the Ohio kids who the staff passes over, drives me nuts.  

Comment 15 Apr 2016

On the flip side, for those who enthusiastically defend the staff on the grounds that Meyer and company must get the best talent at all costs within the rules (and I respect the argument), I hope you all see the hypocrisy if you choose to harshly criticize a 17 year old kid who decides to renege on his commitment even if it is late in the game.  I mean, Sibley appears as loyal as they come, and it looks like he's about to get screwed.  So, now that it's been firmly established that loyalty and commitment me very little in the recruiting game, I hope we all lighten up on kids who are making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

Comment 15 Apr 2016

An Ohio kid who had been committed for almost a year, and it appears the staff is showing him the door.  

As a fan and alumnus, this doesn't seem right to me.  On the flip side, it's nice to see Matta going after in-state kids.  I know the staff needs to recruit nationally, but I always hope we keep the Ohio identity with every class.  Means more to me to win with our own.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

I followed college basketball religiously during that time.  So many good players, and it made the NBA draft more meaningful to me because I watched the players during the collegiate careers.  Nowadays, I can't tell you anything about these young dudes coming up.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Of Salley, Lumpkin, and Dudley, I think Dudley was the most successful on the hardwood.  I believe Salley and Lumpkin played on the weaker teams of the Ayers era.  I know I complain about Matta, but those last years with Ayers were some dark ages.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Yeah, man.  I'm just tired of watching our kids get punked and outworked on the boards.  A lot of that, I think, is just a lack of attitude.  Hope coach Jent and Oden help to solve that problem.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Thanks for the reply, bro. 

I love Tate's toughness, but he gives up lots of size.  A kid like Harrison, I think, would do wonders for the basketball squad.  Hope Thad can find a few athletic blue-collar players to compliment shooters like Kam, Diop, and Loving.

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Hope to see Matta's players  improve and expand their games with every season, and that we run an offense that is efficient and gets everyone involved.   I hope we do not see a big kid like Potter, who has sound fundamentals and a nice shooting touch, become regulated to only setting ball screens.  And I hope all these Buckeye players follow Tate's example and play with rugged toughness. Getting beaten by more than 15 happened way too frequently last season, and that simply shouldn't be the case at a big time athletic program.

Comment 21 Feb 2016

Great questions, everybody.  He answers like a very intelligent, humble, and team-oriented kid.  I really am impressed with how he responded to the questions below. 

What are your expectations your freshman year, what do you want to accomplish and how excited are you to play for Coach Coombs? – GWolkoff5

JF: I don't have any expectations besides getting better on the field and being the best teammate I can be while getting my education, really. Words can't describe how excited I am to get to work and learn under the best corners' coach in the country. I can't wait!

What separates you from the rest of the guys on the upcoming Buckeye squad? What is your motivation? – WezBuck28

JF: Having a brother that has gone to college (UCLA) for football helps a lot. I know what to expect for the most part. My motivation is to make my teammates say "Wow, I'm glad he's on my team." 

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Happy to hear about Dunn.  He runs like horse as long as he gets going north and south as quickly as possible and secures the ball.  I really wish Dunn and the other backs could have gotten more work last season, and so I hope we run an effective rotation of tailbacks this upcoming year. I'm sure all the backs learned from Zeke that if you want to play, you better be out there willing to block.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Even though his prime was well before I was born, growing up an Ohio boy, Woody Hayes   is a major reason why I've been a Buckeye fan since I was a kid.  I've heard and read many of the great Woody Hayes stories.  Wish I could go back in time and witness the greatness of his era.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I'm one of those guys who miss and admire Coach Tress.  However, we could not have gotten a better replacement than Coach Meyer.  He's proving himself to be a guy who does his best to do things "the right way."  Buckeye Nation is very fortunate.