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Comment 03 Feb 2016

Even though his prime was well before I was born, growing up an Ohio boy, Woody Hayes   is a major reason why I've been a Buckeye fan since I was a kid.  I've heard and read many of the great Woody Hayes stories.  Wish I could go back in time and witness the greatness of his era.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I'm one of those guys who miss and admire Coach Tress.  However, we could not have gotten a better replacement than Coach Meyer.  He's proving himself to be a guy who does his best to do things "the right way."  Buckeye Nation is very fortunate.

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I'm not sure if Malik Harrison's recruitment directly affected Sam Bruce.  However, I do believe that, like Tressel, Meyer is down for his home state and fully understands how supporting the local and state high schools benefits the program in a HUGE way.  I remember on Tressel's 30 for 30 documentary, he said something about "winning with our kids" when he reflected on his time as coach at YSU.  He got mad respect from the community for that.  Meyer understands that.

Comment 24 Jan 2016

Happy for Malik and his community if this is true.  I've read that the coaches have been watching this local kid for awhile now, so they definitely know what kind of a player and kid they are getting.  This staff makes calculated moves, so I'm gonna guess that they know exactly what they are doing.

Comment 10 Jan 2016

Their inexperience really hurt them today. They were rattled early and never could recover.  Players were forcing shots, turnovers, and not finishing around the rim - it took them awhile to just simply calm down.  At least they didn't show any quit.  I think this team will grow from this loss. There's definitely talent in this squad.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

What's nice for coach Matta is that these guys should be around for awhile and give stability to the program.  He's got a balanced squad that should only get better. I was most critical of Thad's teams when it seemed like the offense relied so much one on individual player.  I really enjoy watching this squad.  And like an earlier post mentioned, it's great to see our bigs put up respectable numbers - Trevor Thompson tonight with the double double.

Comment 25 Dec 2015

From the Ville as well.  Every time I go home, we make a point to visit his mural.  Growing up back in the day, Steubenville was a town of hard working folks who loved their football and Dean Martin.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Really hope he's back for the Bucks next year.  This report says he lacks the ideal NFL speed.  I'm just an average joe fan, but the brother always looked plenty fast to me every time he had the ball. Wishing the kid a great rehab in which he returns faster and stronger than ever.

Comment 19 Dec 2015

Great win!  Nice to see all of the players play within their roles and contribute.  Definitely a credit to Coach Matta and his staff, they had our boys ready to play.  Hopefully, this game leads to even bigger and better things for this team as the players continue to learn how to execute under pressure.   Congrats to Thad and the squad.  Go Bucks.

Comment 17 Dec 2015

Glad our guys were looking to the post more.  We get cleaner looks when the offense works from inside out.  Tate, Loving, Thompson, and even Diop have all shown the ability to post up, and Tate is slowly improving as a free throw shooter too.  Pieces are there, but the staff needs to continue to coach these men up.  Better ball movement and better defense today.  Let's just keep improving....

Comment 16 Dec 2015

Very solid basketball coach whose teams typically played together and improved asthe year progressed.  I appreciated how all of his players got involved in the flow of the game, and how tough they rebounded and defended, and how he rarely had one guy dominate his whole offensive set.  He gave a lot of good to the game of basketball.  The timing of his retirement is with good reason according to this:  Go luck, coach.

Comment 12 Dec 2015

Hahaha.  I'm agreeing with you.  A stretch 4 in the buckeye offense seems to be a soft lanky dude with a jumper that can't bang.  I miss having some true power forwards with skills that rarely play beyond 15 feet from the rim and can clear the glass.  Sully and Thomas had jump shots, but their best work was inside and midrange. And they were down to get dirty.  You're right, man.  We have too many pansies.

Comment 12 Dec 2015

Good.  Hope he brings some hard hitting at the safety position.  I hope Powell will improve in that area.  I miss dudes like Tito Paul, Mike Doss, and even Nate Salley.