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Comment 09 Mar 2017

Steubenville.  It's changed a lot since I left.  Tough economic times that typically lead to socioeconomic problems.  However, I still miss the pizza and the high school football on Friday and Saturday nights.  Always going to be home to me.

Comment 01 Mar 2017

Beat me to it.  Was going to make the same point.  It seemed like back in the Cooper days, Coach Tenuta had all of his DBs going pro.  Very impressive list.  Few other names that I can think of at the top of my head are Mike Doss, Marlon Kerner who played for the Bills in the 90s, and Tito Paul, who was one of my favorites and I think made it to the league as well.  

And let's not forget, Roby was recruited by Coach Tress's guys and was making plays before Coach Meyer got here.  Great to see this most recent crop carry on the long tradition.  More reasons to watch football on Sunday for me.

Comment 18 Feb 2017

I'd like to think that I had everything to do with the Thomas offer.  Who started the Tavion Thomas 11W hype?  

For real though, I'm happy for the local and I hope ends up a Buckeye very soon!!

Comment 17 Feb 2017

If it doesn't work out for Thomas as a running back, perhaps the Buckeyes could still find a use for him on the other side of the ball.  Thomas is big and fast, and if he has the instincts, he'll be able to make plays wherever he's asked to line up.  Hoping he gets the offer.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

That's what I thought of too when I saw how big Thomas is - a big and fast Alabama type back.  In general, I wish we'd rotate our running backs more to give defenses different looks.  Perhaps, with Coach Wilson, we will see some changes in that area as I hope we rely less on running our qb.  I hate to bring up last season, but the potential in the running game was there with Samuel and Weber, especially when we lined them both up at the same time.  Here's to Coach Wilson and a more balanced offense.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Wow!  Another kid to follow.  Interesting for me to keep tabs on these in-state players to see how they fare at the next level.  

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Terry Pogue, looked him up and vaguely remember his recruitment.  Yeah, he ended up not qualifying.  We never got to see how good he may have been.

My next question was about the competition Thomas faces.  Not too good?  Hope he shines at a few summer camps if that's the case.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

Just looked it up.  Big 10 offers from Michigan State, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  I hope he's one of those cases where a kid camps with us and earns the offer.  Commits on the spot.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Philly actually had a decent squad when he was there.  It was Turner, Holiday, and Lou Williams.  I think they made it to the playoffs twice while Evan was there, and then the new management revamped the whole team and Philly quickly went south.  It's a shame he suffered an injury just as he began to earn more minutes in Portland.  Not worth 70 million (but good for him), but when he runs the point, he poses a matchup problem on smaller guards, and he does an effective job creating scoring opportunities for Lillard and McCollum.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

Has anyone asked Matta why David Bell doesn't get more minutes?  Although limited offensively, he's very active around the glass. Also, I hope the staff notices that Loving constantly dribbles into traps when he attempts to drive the baseline. When he limits his dribbling and pulls up for the midrange jumper, or when he catches and shoots in rhythm, he is sooooo much more effective.  Needs to stick to that.

Comment 05 Feb 2017

Looking forward to reading about the camps and Friday Night Lights.  Pulling for the locals to be recognized and offered throughout the season, and wishing for the magical 50% Ohio class that Meyer says he hopes for.  From what I've read, it sounds like the early signing period makes this dream even more remote.  

End of the day, though, I obviously want the kids that best represent our university on and off the field.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Agree totally.  We were fortunate that the Nebraska kid fell and it left Loving wide open underneath the rim.  We are getting some good looks in the closing minutes, but guys like Kam and Loving need to knock'em down.  Dudes gotta loosen up and finish the game saving their bests for last.  On the plus, we're doing better at not turning the ball over.  Hope the improvement and good karma continues.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Only going by the stuff I read, articles and other people's posts, I got the idea the Coach Fick was very dedicated to actively finding the in-state under the radar gems for the Buckeyes, more than other coaches on the staff (not that the others wouldn't recognize the talent).  With Coach Fick gone, I wonder who, if anybody on the staff, will take that role, or if someone already has.  I've criticized Fick's defenses in the past, but I've always thought he was a standup guy who epitomizes what Ohio football.  Really gonna miss the dude (and will now follow Bearcat football), and I hope guys like Coach Coombs keep running with the Fick torch.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Look out for Malik Harrison.  

Also, I hope we close out with Morgan Ellison.  Agree, always nice to see Ohio kids become Buckeyes.