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Comment 24 Dec 2010

The problem that you encounter when the issue of paying players  arises is that the majority of schools in DI, or whatever they are calling it these days, would struggle to afford it. OSU, Bama, Texas, Michigan, USC, and the other big players in the game would have no problem with it but what about the Western Kentuckys and Kents of the world? They and  most of the rest of "mid-majors" finish in the red every year. Very few teams make money off football. Lets say you paid 100 players $300 a month for 9 months, that equals out to $270K and thats just football

On the issue of what they sold, did you ever get rid of a trophy or an award from when you were younger? Those guys played and earned those items and in theory can do whatever they want with them (except in the eyes of the NCAA, or course).

Comment 18 Sep 2010

had OU upset the Bucks your sources may have told you that the Buckeyes were out and about on campus, having a good time. It may be hard to accept but it is just a game and it might mean more to you than it does to them.

Comment 18 Sep 2010


If it didn't have financial ramifications, I woud be hard and heavy into the Xbox.