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Comment 30 Sep 2012

If you watch the other clip on the 11W YouTube account from that game, focus at about the 27 second mark.  Doesn't it look like Urbz is doing the "Like Bernie" dance with Big Hank?



Comment 02 Dec 2011

Having had back problems myself for about 8 years, I really hope its not the case, because that stuff lingers for a long time.  Hopefully Matta is just choosing to err on the side of caution.  Obviously I want the Bucks to win every game, but an early season loss this year at Kansas without Sullinger might take some of the pressure off that we had last year with the long undefeated streak to start the season. 

Comment 02 Dec 2011

I don't think he got enough credit for the long run he broke against Indiana (I know, it's Indiana, but still).  I was in the stadium, and it was like a cartoon play the way he juked past the D.