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Born and raised hardcore Buckeye fan with an autographed picture of Woody Hayes on the fire place mantel, moved to Montana in '88. Wife graduated from Penn State. House divided one day a year! We put our T.V. up in August and take it down after the Superbowl, just use it for football, ESPECIALLY college ball! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!



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Comment 15 Apr 2016

Thanks for the effort Phi, good stuff. I hate that we have our TV packed away and service suspended every year for the spring game. I have to wait for someone to put it on you tube, but there will be so much discussion on 11W that I'll know the scoop!

Comment 01 Apr 2016

After Bee Gee Skully imagine what DJ could do to incite the meatchicken masses. Chump Ass Yankee throwing down shade at mgo-

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Indeed we are spoiled and better enjoy every minute, Urban won't be here forever-

JT could have is own successful QB camp instead of getting beat up in the NFL if he chooses. If he stays for 2 more years and is healthy he'll rewrite the record books.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

I'm really digging that most of CFB thinks we're headed for a down year. Not sure about the OOC games but by B1G play this Buckeye talent train will be rolling. 

Can't wait!

Comment 27 Mar 2016

I second Momma's Fish House on Maui. Best meal for the $ we had in 11days. We really had a good time on the Big island, lots of good stuff to do. Not the biggest fans of Oahu though-

Comment 27 Mar 2016

Hack is talented enough that he could have been successful in the right program.  Franklin really f'd up keeping the OC Donovan around last year. He finally hired a new OC and is installing a new system that should help them be more competitive.  Their RB Barkely will be the B1G's best this season but they still don't have 5 solid O-lineman to block for him or keep the next QB upright. I don't like Franklin but if he gets fired the next coach will have several top 25 recruiting classes to play with. It remains to be seen if Pry can do as well as Shoop did, but Pry doesn't have 3 NFL level D-lineman to lean on as he takes on the DC position.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

What Gene said was the truth.  Everything Hairball has done since he was hired has been to "jump start" that program, he can't deny it. Talk about throwing stones when you live in a glass house, the Gibbons rape case will be drug back into the light again by his detractors.

Now the meatchicken faithful are finding out why their savior was run out of San Fran even though he was successful.