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Born and raised hardcore Buckeye fan with an autographed picture of Woody Hayes on the fire place mantel, moved to Montana in '88. Wife graduated from Penn State. House divided one day a year! We put our T.V. up in August and take it down after the Superbowl, just use it for football, ESPECIALLY college ball! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!



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Comment 16 Feb 2017

That boy right there is a case of natural ability, not taking anything away from his work ethic, but lots of kids work hard. How many can do magic tricks on the field/

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Agreed Dobbins could become the man if Weber gets injured. I could see either of the two OL being needed also because of injury. Not sure about Munford though. We've been lucky at not having many injury issues on the line considering the likelihood of getting rolled up on from behind and the nature of the battles that go on in the trenches.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

Didn't have a chance to move out of the hotel room.  Saban runs the risk of limiting his options to those that need exposure or redemption. Why work for a little prick if you don't have to.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

I worked at a fly out lodge in Alaska in '92. We rented boats to Salmon fisherman and once when I worked the afternoon shift I saw one of our boats coming back up river with the driver standing up, I thought to myself "What an idiot" as it's very unsafe. When the boat pulled up to the dock the guy operating the outboard wasn't standing after all, it was 7'6" Mark Eaton that played for the Utah Jazz-

Comment 12 Jan 2017

If Wilson is a little less sympathetic to a certain WR coach than past OC's it won't hurt my feelings. Plus he played on the OLine in college and has been an OLine coach in the past so he could help Stud achieve the performance level we saw in 2014. I'm very excited about his hire to say the least.