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Comment 15 Sep 2014

Intimidation, with a byproduct of pain as a method of teaching an undeveloped mind.

I think your better than that.

Comment 07 May 2014

It sounded like his honest opinion more than an attempt to offend anyone.

I'm sure all recruits have aspirations of being starting quarterbacks at Top 10 schools, and more power to him if he gets there...

But based on his scouting grades, I would say that #2 spot sounds about right at Ohio State.

While you are passing out ass hole citations, exactly how critical, or even just subjective, are we allowed to be?

I didn't realize we were such an active part of the recruiting process.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Fights happen, and bullies do deserve to get beat..

But I don't know about the "Beat there a** until I can't beat them anymore" mentality.

Nothing is more disgusting than if a guy wins a fight and then won't stop after he wins. I always thought that was a sign of someone having some demons in his head or something.

Exceptions for child molesters and terrorists.. sure... but not school bullies. As lame as that is, they don't deserve to be put in comas.

I haven't seen the video.. But if I do and I see EGW beating on an unconscious guy, I'm going to have to wish him up north.

Comment 14 Mar 2014

We can all play the blame game if we want, and we call all point our fingers in different directions, but our defensive backs and wide receivers were abysmal in 2013. 

In order for me to get excited about familiar faces at those two positions, I need to see marked improvement in the first 3 games this season.

We need possession receivers, we need route runners, and we need a QB that can check it down and zip the ball in to move the sticks.

I leave it up to the best coach in college football to figure out if our QB can be a pass first guy. If he can't, let's not have an identity crisis on offense back there. Let's get creative and have three 1,000 yd rushers this year.

Comment 11 Mar 2014

Smith had two great seasons and won the heisman trophy, but I would make the case for re-ordering the list at him and below.. Mike Doss had a story-book career and won a modern day title, and he got snubbed. I love the old timers as much as the next guy but Vic won the hiesman before the television was invented. The "My Lifetime Top 10" (1979-Present Day)... Based only on memory.. no offense if I have omitted obvious choices.

1. Eddie

2. Spielman

3. Pace

4. Doss

5. Troy

6. Hawk

7. Big Kat

8. Glenn

9. Shazier

10 Galloway

Comment 26 Feb 2014

Great article...

I was thinking.. What if Urban knows how much Ohio State is a leg behind Alabama in recruiting, and that winning a title would probably close the gap for years to come.. What if he was crazy enough to red-shirt the s**t out of a class, just so he could put a championship caliber team out there.. What if he was crazy enough to do this even though the team so clearly needed help. (Think DB & WR)

Maybe it's just a dream, but I feel like our bench last year could have challenged the team we put out there. Obviously a little exaggeration, but I'm not sure how much of one.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

High praise, in Columbus, is often handed out like free drinks in a singles bar. One minute, he is god's gift in practice and in the weight room. The next minute he is red shirting. The next minute he is moving back home to be with an ailing family member.

Urban sells his talent like a coked up stock broker....

The point is, Corey Smith, Michael Thomas, Johnny Dixon, or who ever the best guys are that we have to put out there... #5 has to get them the ball. We need possession receivers. I am going to wait until next fall before I believe anybody's rave reviews.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

Wow.. can we start debating religion next??

It's a little surprising that Snoop is chilling at the combine, but it's not like it's G.G. Allin. I just didn't really know that any celebrities are chillin at the combine. Never the less, Snoops weedy reputation is an odd choice for the family friendly NFL.

But does anyone know who is the favorite for the fastest 40 time??

Comment 06 Feb 2014

Last Year was the year of Bosa and Wilson..

This will be the year of McMillan and Samuel..

Lattimore seems like a Vonn Bell type talent that may develop late in the year.

Erick Smith might be the surprise of the year just based on positional need.

OK Urban.. Your cupboard is as full as a doomsday prepper...

Now let's get that B1G throne back and then go whip some SEC a** on national TV.