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Comment 15 Apr 2015

Welcome to Buckeye Nation young man.. We are VERY excited to have you... I feel like I can finally say it, but I always wanted you to join the team more than that other guy. No disrespect to him at all, but I have a good feeling about you.

This is your chance to be a champion. Let's go Buckeyes!!

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I think you nailed it... It's gotta be too far fetched that they are all in cahoots and completely destroying a young man's dreams...  

why??? Just so they can squeeze an extra guy or two into a recruiting class. If that's what you have to do to win I will pass. I would rather lose 10 games.                                                                                                                           

That's not tOSU, and that's not Kerry Coombs and that's not Urban Meyer.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I would really hope that tOSU is not going to essentially rob a kid of his life long dream of making millions playing the sport that he loves, because they want the luxury of signing a couple extra guys each class. That, to me, would be an abhorrent and incredibly greedy move. With everything I know about Meyer and his staff, that couldn't be further from what they are capable of. How could you ever look another 18 year old kid in the eye and promise him that you will be his second family, knowing that you have this on your track record.

My second point is that why would we push out a stud like Dean? If over signing and forced attrition is a fact, and we do all just have to accept it as reality, I am more comfortable with telling the low man on the totem pole (the worst player) that he lost his spot on the team, but he can continue with an academic scholarship. That sounds cruel as well, but at least a kid could take solace in the fact that he essentially got cut and there probably was no real football future in front of him anyway.

My point is that I truly hope that tOSU would NEVER do this... And I highly doubt that they would do this with a stud like Jamel Dean. 

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Seems like giving up that scholly to one of the finest academic institutions in the world might be a mistake. I would have to think that any other program is going to be very reluctant to sign him up givin that he wasn't medically cleared at OSU.

Best case scenario seems like a walk-on somewhere else and hopefully his knee holds up. All things considered, a career in pro-football seems like a long shot.

I wish the kid all the best in life no matter what he does, but there are a lot of people that would cut off a limb for a free ride at The Ohio State University. Focus all that energy and talent in the class room and do something amazing in life outside of football.

But I guess more than anything.. He should do what makes him happy. You don't want to spend the rest of your life saying what if?

Comment 27 Mar 2015

I'm in favor of just running an Alabama style 50/50 or 60/40 split between two stud backs and just keep him at RB. No need to run a college RB until the wheels fall off anyway. 15 carries each per game is fine and then ride the hot hand when it counts. With our schedule there should be an accumulated about 3-4 complete games of garbage time anyway.

I like Curtis Samuel a lot and I want him playing the position that he is the best at. If that is in fact HB, then I'm fine with the switch, or if we had a glaring need/weakness at HB, then I also would be fine with the switch. But in this case, I actually think we have more depth issues at RB in 2015.

Far be it for me to judge the greatest football coach that god ever created.

In Urb I trust.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

We need to do better in terms of scheduling. This is pathetic. Maybe the worst Buckeyes schedule in history.

You can blame PSU and TTUN a little bit because they need to get relevant again.

We almost need a ranked Minnesota team to save face.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Cardale Jones will be the only healthy guy in spring, and probably all the way through summer... Combine that with what he did in the post season last year and I don't even think it's a discussion.

If all three were healthy today and competing for the job until next season, I would still put Cardale as the favorite, but I could see either of them earning the spot.

We are going to see a Cardale Jones offense in 2015. JT will compete with Torrance Gibson in 2016.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

I agree and disagree.

Until you have a chance to get to know someone to understand their decisions, you can't really judge their character. The media loves to spin things and misquote people. He may have been asked by a reporter in passing.. "Carleton, are you still 100% Buckeyes?" and on the fly he said yes. Maybe an 'advisor' told him that he should tweet that he is 100% Buckeyes just so nobody else asks. It's a tough time and these kids are trying to navigate the waters as best as possible.

You are right, they are not just 'kids'... They are young men. They should know right from wrong and be held accountable. I think the problem more lies in the recruiting process. It's a long ordeal that consumes these kids(oops, see I just said "kids").  In my opionion, there should be no flipping unless their is a major coaching change. They should sign letters of intent when they commit. They should need to be granted the opportunity to flip by the NCAA if circumstances permit. National signing day should serve only as deadline and truthfully many more of these kids should wait until that deadline to make this decision. 

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I agree with everything you said. And what really impressed me about Zeke is his durability. We leaned on him heavy throughout the post season and he never slowed down. He's big, he's fast, he has the vision, and he is durable. Zeke's performance in those last three games has a historical significance that should also be noted. From now until the end of time, any one of those coffee table books about OSU football that you open, is going to have a chapter talking about what Ezekiel Elliott did in 2014-15. That's pretty special.

Curtis Samuel will have his chance in scarlet and grey, no doubt. I would love to see a thunder and lighting backfield this coming year. Rotate these guys like tires at the Indy 500. Both of them likely have million dollar contracts in their future, and we all know that RB's have a quicker expiration date than most. It seems like running Zeke until the wheels fall off isn't in anyone's best interest.

Let's keep these defenses on their heels and give them more than they can handle.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

To be clear, when I say that "not many saw it coming", referring to Zeke becoming a star... It's not to say that nobody saw that kind of potential in Zeke, but it's more to say that not many expected him to rise like Batman in the night, and almost single-handedly defeat all that is evil in the universe.

That sort of ascension, I'm not sure very many people saw coming.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

You're no idiot. A lot of people were seeing what you were seeing. Early on, Zeke wasn't making quite the impact that he is now. Curtis Samuel seemed to have that extra gear that I think we all want to see. He just seemed to have that 'it' factor.

Other people saw it as well.. Buckeye team mates were quoted saying that Curtis Samuel and Braxton Miller were the most electric athletes on the team.. Respected guys like Maurice Clarett were tweeting in support of Samuel. Myself and everyone I know were jonesing for #4 like he was our prodigal son.

What happened, that not many saw coming, was the development of a superstar in Zeke Elliott. His last three games were something out of a movie. It's like the announcer said during the championship game broadcast...

"Curtis Samuel may be something very very special, but for now young man, you need to wait in line." (paraphrasing a bit)

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I'm down with anything Maurice Clarett... He is my favorite Buckeye of all time. I'm a Youngstown boy myself and I was a Sophomore at OSU when they won the title. I think it literally broke my heart seeing his downward spiral. To see him now happy and healthy brings me joy.

And hearing him talk football is like listening to Warren Buffett talk about money. We will always wonder what could have been with him. He was a true freshman running the football like Jim Brown.

Thanks for the memories Maurice "The Beast"