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Comment 14 Jun 2015

Some of these names floating around like Jackson and Victor just make me feel all happy inside..

Bosa is the one guy that we need.. But the thought that we could add some of these other guys, it really seems like Urban could be building a serious dynasty.

We saw USC rule the world for a couple years, then it was Bama.. Is there any question that we are now entering the age of Buckeyes. Technically we are already there.

Comment 09 Jun 2015

I think he qualifies as "absolute monster waiting to get his chance" more than under rated.

But I still gave you the +1 because he was the first guy that popped in my head when thinking about underrated.

Staying in line with the contributors that just don't get as much love, I'm going to have to say Josh Perry.

Comment 26 May 2015

If we lose Walker I am going officially stop following recruiting until November every year.

That being said, I don't think he will flip. He has been such a Buckeye from the day he committed. But if you can't get excited when a beast like that joins Buckeye nation early on in the process, I just don't even see what there is to get excited about.

It's not just him. I have followed recruiting closely year round for a couple years now, and I just realize more and more that an early commit means little to nothing. 

This comment should not be taken as a slight to Mr. Walker. He is making a life decision, and I wish him the best no matter where he plays football. This is just an overall observation that I have made about the recruiting process in general.

Comment 23 May 2015

I have never heard of personality & skills being referred to as 'brand'.... or character, education, accountability, dedication, & sacrifice for that matter.

Brand is pretty universally referred to when promoting one's image & marketability. I'm not going to say that he is a bad guy for saying it, but we also can't act like he was saying something that he wasn't.

Comment 23 May 2015

It's weird because I never like to say anything negative about a recruit, for a number of reasons. But I have always had a bad feeling that Mack was going to ditch us on prom night, kind of like Guarantano did. Hearing him talking about building his brand, it really makes me wonder how he is going to perceive his brand when he might spend the first year in special teams mop up duty. I'm sure 95% of blue chip prospects have similar thoughts, but I think most understand why that's a poor choice of words and can't really be said at this stage in the game.

All that being said, Urban and the crew vouch for him and obviously see something very special in him. I trust Urban, and I'm sure he is both a high character kid and a hard worker. We shall see on June 7th if he thinks his brand is best served in scarlet & grey. If it is, I will be happy that we got another stud, and I will be anxious to see him perform.

After all, Evan Spencer built a hell of a brand blocking and being a locker room leader.