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Comment 15 Jan 2016

Jerks who bitch about stars when we get a commitment..

How bout the jerks that throw anecdotal evidence in your face every time you mention missing out on a big 5-star recruit?

How bout those jerks?

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I still don't agree with the Stanford hype.

If we had the same record, I can see a conference champ getting the nod.

But, with an additional loss, and coming from a weaker conference.. I think OSU is a no-brainer for # 3.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I have to disagree.

I love the Buckeyes but until the last two games, this season felt like a trip to the dentist.. We had player arrests and suspensions. And we under-achieved. We lost so much momentum this season. I don't know. It's always enjoyable to be a Buckeye, but this year wasn't the greatest.

That being said, those last two games were very awsome.

Comment 11 Jan 2016

Normally I would laugh at somebody that responds to a lengthy comment by pointing out a spelling error.

But... I gotta be honest. 'unexceptable'... That's pretty bad. So I will take the hit for this one. I'm better than that. I deserve your heckling.

As for the rest of your comment, I think everything you said has already been said here a million times. I was only providing a defense for the unpopular counter-point.

Comment 11 Jan 2016

You can't be serious about them not being one. (and sorry for the long comment)

I hate Alabama as much as the next guy but if they win tonight, that would be 4 National Championships. 5 straight #1 recruiting classes. 31 All-Americans, 2 Heismans... All that in the last 7 years. 

You're lying to yourself if you don't admit that Alabama is the high water mark in CFB, and in my opinion it's been that way for long enough to call it a dynasty.

Comment 10 Jan 2016

I have read the hurry up every day for as long as I can remember. Why does that mean I can't also "worry"?

Here's my take on that. You can talk about our top 5 class, and how compared to many schools we should be very content. You can even throw in the obligatory list of 3 star guys that have made it big. I get all that and I'm not saying the roof is on fire, or the sky is falling.

Here's the facts though. College football is a game of momentum. That's why you see teams form these little mini-dynasties. (Miami-USC-alabama). It's momentum onthe field, momentum in team culture, and momentum in recruiting. 

Ohio State has ALWAYS recruited well. That won't change. We are a power house school, and anything outside of perrenial great recruiting classes are unexceptable. So in that respect, nobody is worrying.. We're still Ohio State.

That being said, I think many of us got the feeling that we were on the brink of turning a corner. This is the big one. When you turn this corner, people take notice. When OSU evolves to that next level, we become a national buzz saw and we put everybody on notice. You really do need consistant top 3 recruiting classes to get there. You really need to dominate the recruiting landscape, as much as you want to dominate on the field.

We have been investing a lot of time in certain guys lately, and then not getting them. We had a better recruiting class in September, than we do now in January. We have positional needs that you rarely find at a powerhouse school, and we can't seem to find anybody to fill them. This does not feel like momentum.

I would actually argue that those of us that read the Hurry up, would be more likely to worry a little bit. We understand the value of getting the next crop of talent. We are so obsessed with it that we read about it every day. We might get Victor, or Fuller, or Lawrence, or Haskins.. Or we might not.. It's ok. We will still wake up tomorrow and be alive.

But I want Ohio State to be the first team ever to win 20 national championships in a row. The only way that happens is if we start landing these god damn recruits.

Comment 08 Jan 2016

I agree completely. I was more referring to the end of the article that touched on the scenario that Weber starts at RB and Wilson starts at H-back, and Curtis floats in between.

I feel like Curtis should be 'the' play-maker in our offense next year. I hope he still isn't just being used as a fill-in, utility guy that gets a handful of touches each game.

I have thought this kid is lighting in a bottle since day one, and I think he truly has heisman type athleticism & talent. Of course a lot of that depends on what he does when he finally gets the spotlight. MY point is that his time is now. Sink or swim, I'm ready to ride with #4.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

In hind-site, it will have been a successful year if we win the Rose Bowl or Fiesta Bowl. The game will give us a chance to assert our dominance on a national stage, presumably against a well respected program like Notre Dame or Stanford. Couple that with the impressive record and the Michigan dismantling, and I will comfortably call it a success.

There have been some forgettable moments however. Key player suspensions, indecisive coaching, and a fan base cannibalizing itself while subsequently tearing down one of our own in Cardale Jones. A guy who I see as maybe not being the best QB to ever play the game, but I would certainly trade a couple more of those wins to see all that play out a little different. We need to always protect our Buckeyes. We probably didn't play our best season as fans either. 

All in all though, I will truly miss some of these players (more than most years for some reason). Bosa's shrug.. Cardale's smile.. Zeke's silencer (85 through the heart of the south anyone?).. Michael Thomas just being Michael Thomas. It feels like the end of an era more than an end to a season. It hasn't been perfect, but it's good to be a Buckeye.