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  • SPORTS MOMENT: a luxury box. It was bout as good as it gets... and I've been to 6 OSU/scUM games all between '98-'07 - so all the good ones
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: I've changed this so many times, I can't answer it anymore. I love so many of them
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jamar Butler, several others also. Dude was underrated
  • NFL TEAM: fantasy football since 2001
  • NBA TEAM: Indiana Pacers for as long as I can remember

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Comment 18 Jul 2015

It was good to reminisce about Bobby's playing days. I grew up close to St. Henry, and while I was too young to remember his HS playing days, my first solid memories of Buckeye football was Bobby at the helm of that great 1995 team. Having the re-live those losses still sting, even reading them. It's crazy how far we've come. 

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Oh trust me I have. My family friend was the captain of the 2007-8 NIT title team, and lead them in scoring (curious if people remember my boy, so I won't name him).

For shits and giggles, I'll try to go to 10 (today, 4/30/15): Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UNC | Uconn, MSU, Louisville, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin

I'll tell you what hurts, OSU not winning a title since 1961 I think. You've got to cut down the nets when you have the chance. OSU is arguably a top 10 program, but not a perennial top 10. Syracuse, Gonzaga, OSU, Wisconsin have arguments. I still keep FLA there since you can't ignore the back to back titles.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

I don't even know how to feel. But my instincts tell me we'll look back on this time with a clear assessment, though it's cloudy today.  Matta is arguably the best coach we've ever had - you can't questions he's at least in the argument. But we should also have faith in the school he coaches for. OSU will never be on the mount rushmore of hoops (Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, UNC) those schools are cemented for the next 10-20 years with the opportunity to continue to pile on final 4s and titles. But OSU should have aspirations of staying a perennial top 10 program, and while we've been there for periods of time - we haven't been able to stay there. 

Comment 30 Apr 2015

We are so lucky to have Thad.

Couldn't agree more. I knew what I signed up for when this thread was started, in being misunderstood. I'm way out in front of this, and I only want to see the program reach what I believe is achievable potential of a perennial top 10 program. OSU has the resources to achieve this now in hoops, I really believe that. Thad's had us in the top 10 for the majority of his time here, right now we're a top 20 program even during years like the past 2. We owe that sort of success to Thad, no question. I just don't understand why we're not allowed to have questions as fans and banter on blogs that were created just for things like this.