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Comment 8 hours ago

I remember like it was yesterday in the 2nd half of the Rutgers game coming to the realization that 'there's no way this offense we've turned into can beat a defense like Alabama. I now know exactly why UFM tried to go with Cardale this year. These plays won't work against anybody with a good defense'.

These were my thoughts while we were plastering Rutgers and emptying their stadium.

Comment 9 hours ago

Meyer said his biggest concern with his team is the fear it doesn't have much left to play for in the big picture.

Been saying that all week. It's a real issue, folks. Bradley Roby is the last guy by name that comes to mind, but if we don't get off to a quick start Saturday this thing could go in the wrong direction quickly. 

Saturday will be the referendum on the culture in the locker room all year, and as Josh Perry calls it, whether they're a 'phony' team. We need our captains more than ever. Maybe I'm a sick puppy, but the anxiety I have for this game Saturday actually makes me more excited to watch it. There's no evidence this year that shows we are supposed to win a game like this, but I really can't wait to find out.

Comment 9 hours ago

Hard, of course - nobody suggests it's easy. You all make it sound like it's impossible to repeat. Alabama just did it a few years ago, and it looked like we were very capable of handling a task that hard at the beginning of the season. You all make it sound like the Buckeyes are "relieved" they finally lost, so they don't have to carry around the burden of trying to win a title. 

I'm certain they're not relieved. Most are probably devastated. Losing this past Saturday isn't going to help one bit for this coming Saturday, in my opinion. This team is too talented to be some mentally weak where they needed a loss to get them pumped up and focused on their arch rival.

Comment 9 hours ago

Let's just stay the course until we can take the lead in the all-time series lead - Before or after the Big Ten, pre or post leather helmets, pre or post the modern era. That's all that matters. We've virtually dominated the past 100 years, but we dug such a big hole to start with we're still closing that gap.

This stat would be nice, but there's only one way to really shut their fans up overall. 

Comment 13 hours ago

JT Barrett is a great leader - the best leader - from what we're getting told each and every week from UFM, but make no bones about it: A Braxton Miller at QB he is not! Urban spent all last year saying how JT was in because he was a great distributor of the ball - so will they PLEASE get started with the distribution? I don't need to see anymore Q runs - he's not Brax. 

If it's not a read-option, I don't want to see him on designed runs. I can't believe I'm saying this (because it didn't work past Va Tech) but I'd rather see Braxton in the wildcat if we're going to keep going to the Q run. 

How did this offense become what's it's become?

Comment 13 hours ago

I agree with you with the wake up call, and the gorilla off our backs, etc. But I am pretty disappointed to now know that this team struggled so much with handling being the #1 team and defending champions. I don't get why that monkey on their back grew and grew. How were they ever supposed to make a run at another title if they couldn't handle it?

I think because we'll be more angry and focused only gets us to the table - it still may not be enough. You don't think Michigan will be angry and focused? Let's not forget what we've done to them for the past decade (plus), we sure as hell better be focused - or we'll get blown off the field. We'll see what our guys are made of, because let's face it - they could just as easily go the other direction and give us the "Bradley Roby" treatment and protect their draft stocks. It all depends on the culture in that locker room. Without knowing the outcome of PSU/MSU when they kick off, there's not a lot to play for other than pride. 

I am hopeful these guys get it, and will play inspired ball on Saturday - I'm just realistic to know that even with that, it may not be enough to get a W. We're facing a much better defense, and a lot better offense than what we faced this past Saturday - plain and simple.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

They'll be facing the toughest test they've ever had on Saturday. Tougher than anything they saw last year...times 2. You face a team who is looking to right A LOT of wrongs against our team - at home - with a savior coach - a BETTER defense than MSU - and an offense that will be better than what we saw this past Saturday.

Move on, and move on quick - because the team we're facing Saturday is angrier than we could ever be. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

It's going to take everything this team has to get this win Saturday. Our only barometer was this past Saturday. Now we know what we have, and it's going to be a war on Saturday. I hope everyone realizes the type of team we're getting ready to face. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Outside of last year's surprising ultra-agressive gameplan, every game against MSU it seems Urban plays it too close to the vest - and plays not to lose. We've got too much talent not to try to go out and take wins ourselves. The frustration will pass eventually, but the pill is still too big to swallow a day later. This team is historic, and should have been put in an aggressive position to go win a game - and I didn't see that yesterday.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

The ones that hurt the worst is when you lose a game you know deep down you had no business losing. As bad as the fans feel, the players and coaches feel worse - I'm sure of it. They'll get even closer than they already were, and get better with what's left of the season - and I expect them to show well next Saturday.

But this one stings. Tough to know you're better than the team that just beat you.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

I haven't had enough time to away from this game yet to take any excuses for the weather. Last time I checked, you'll have weather like this in the B1G - and it's no excuse to curl in the fetal position on play calling.