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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/1/2015, period. For being there live: 59-0, in a luxury box. Pepper sprayed on field of The Game '02. In the stadium for 01, 02, 05, 06 wins against TUN. (unfortunate to be in attendance for '99, '03 TUN losses). Fortunate to have attended numerous other major sporting events in person.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: 90s - Gary Berry (ask me why, lol); 2000s - Teddy Ballgame; 2010s - #Brax #EzE
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jamar Butler. My dude was underrated
  • NFL TEAM: Extreme levels of fantasy football since 2001
  • NBA TEAM: Indiana Pacers for as long as I can remember
  • MLB TEAM: Playoff baseball > any other pro sport playoff

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Comment 11 hours ago

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY draws up out of bounds plays better than Thad Matta, and his staff. Nobody better, in case you’re still sitting there, trying to come up with someone...

The squad was down double digits, but you could still see the confidence there. Even in the last minute, after (gaining, then) losing the lead, I didn’t see the team panic. It’s amazing what a big win like Michigan State can do. 

Winning is the ultimate antidote. Keep it up, fellas.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

They don't do ROTY for both offense and defense? going to be next to impossible for a defensive guy to win it if not.

I fear it's going to go to Dak, not that it wouldn't be deserved. He was really impressive. However I'm sick and tired of people saying, "Well, Zeke has the best offensive line in football, blah blah blah". Do people not watch these games?!

Newsflash - the EXACT same offensive line "that's the best in football" went 3-13 last year without Zeke. Just watch the games and you'll see how much of an impact he had on this team. Fear him. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

I probably shouldn't have re-watched the Fiesta Bowl last night, but I'm a sick puppy.  Seeing it again, the offense had a couple of non-focal point starters played awful, and they didn't catch nearly any of the blame. I'm angry I missed seeing how poor the play was outta those guys the first time. But the usual suspects took all of the blame.

The guys that are returning on offense have put a bullseye on their back, fair or unfair. Not point in calling out individuals at this point in Jan, but there are 2 or 3 guys in particular that have a lot of wrongs I'm sure they'd like to right. We're all watching.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Having a true Ohio State crusader serve as the backbone of our defense for Urban Meyer is something that will forever unable to be shown its significance. Fick put everything he had into this program, and I'll always appreciate the championship he brought us. For all of that, I'm happy for his new chapter. 

But it's time to get on with it. Bill Davis better be working twice as hard as Fick. Buy-in, to the culture at Ohio State. Buy-in, to the program. Expectations are so much higher than a 6-7 season in 2011. We were an almost consensus #2 program in the country and got embarrassed like no elite program gets embarrassed. You know what the problems are. FIX IT.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

You know that Thad will find a way to get a few wins where you wouldn't necessarily expect, if you know this program. This was a big one, all things considered - and Sparty has its vulnerabilities. Let's hope the squad can build on this. When Lyle is engaged and active, the team gets significantly better. Trevor Thompson is the unsung hero for this year's squad, too. Nice win, Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I know for a fact the guys who run these tryouts love completely underqualified people trying out for the comic relief they provide.

The article didn't bother me at all, thought it was pretty funny. But I did wonder if the coaches get annoyed or just stop a guy short without even making it to the end if they clearly won't be in the running. Pretty cool that they allow the students to participate to the end, it's actually a pretty cool story to be able to tell.

Thanks for the context, KH

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I've never seen any footage of something like this - especially less than 24hrs after a commit changes his plans. It actually made me feel awkward watching it. I think getting him on video talking about it this quickly was pure gold - new content or not. I see your point, tho