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Comment 8 hours ago

I am sure that all the MI fans that thought Crazy Jim would turn things around are excited they are doing so well on the recruiting trail.

Comment 8 hours ago

Ha! Shooting Nazis in Wolfenstein was pretty cool back in the day.

Comment 17 hours ago

Nice to see this again, 3. They are in disbelief because it seemed so surreal, I think. Four turnovers and Oregon still had few answers. Our O-line and D-line were better, becoming dominant in the second half. It took a while for this to sink in for many of us.

Comment 23 May 2015
Congratulations on this very special award, DJ! Are you going to renovate your place to make space for the new trophy case?
Comment 22 May 2015

His basketball highlights also show how truly an outstanding athlete he is. Very glad to see him at OSU.

Comment 22 May 2015
DJ, I don't have the answer either, but drug overdoses and deaths have got to stop.
Comment 21 May 2015

I can relate to the first two answers... I cannot relate to Eddie's answer. I assume my career in military school would end with a sergeant shoving a live grenade down my mouth.

If the Cavs win the title then I vote Ohio secedes from Earth. We have nothing left to prove here, and Darron Lee needs to return to his home planet.

At this point, Urban could field walk-ons in Ann Arbor, and I'd be way too drunk at 7:30 a.m. shouting, ”NEXT MAN UP, BABY! NEXT! MAN! UP!”

And this is why my morning starts off great! DJ was really on fire today.

Comment 19 May 2015

It can't be rigged. The Timberwolves are high in the lottery every year, and this is the first year they come away with the number 1 pick. They have been the NBA's version of hell for the past 15 years.