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Comment 09 Apr 2014

As for the UConn RA, he will learn that sarcasm does not always through to others in email or internet postings. Just ask BassDropper.

Comment 06 Apr 2014

UM will have a good, but not great, team this year. They have dropped to being average in the B1G, with the big two now being MSU and us.

Comment 05 Apr 2014

The sports community in the Twin Cities seems to have a pretty good perspective about this. The Gophers are happy for the publicity and for playing well, but they realize it is only a consolation tourney. 

The funniest thing was seeing the Rick Pitino Sr. acting like a helicopter parent, coaching from the second row during the final minutes of the game!

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Hey DJ, I just thought I would comment on your Skully today without having read it.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

While the original poster is not my pastor, I am embarrassed that such nonsense comes out of Minnesota.

Comment 31 Mar 2014

While he did not commit this weekend, he is doing the right thing in taking his visits so that he will not have doubts when he makes his decision. Since he talks with Coach Johnson every week, that relationship will stay strong, and we are in a pretty good spot.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

As someone who lives in Minnesota and loosely follows hockey but religiously follows everything OSU, I appreciate the hockey coverage, Aubrey. This has been a great season for the hockey Buckeyes, and while I like to see the Gophers do well (as they often are ranked very high nationally), OSU may be challenging them more in the future.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

I always find myself wishing that I could upvote the staff, but then they get paid the big bucks and I guess they are self-confident enough that they don't need affirmation. But seriously, thanks for your perspective, Birm, and this goes for all of the people that make this site great.

Comment 24 Mar 2014
Maryland and the ACC are both stupid bros, but lots of people act stupid when money is at stake.
Comment 17 Mar 2014

Gibson has a lot of patience to get through longer interviews like that.

Powerful story on the autistic child in the last WMD. Thanks for posting that one, DJ!

Comment 14 Mar 2014

Tim Miles has done a great job at Nebraska. He is on sports talk radio occasionally in the Twin Cities from his days when he was coaching at North Dakota State, and he is witty, friendly, and funny. Miles is an excellent coach and has won wherever he has gone, and I think he is good for the B1G. The Nebraska fans do not know how to handle basketball success.