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Comment 22 Nov 2011

My first following of the Phantom Band to Mirror Lake was 1990, but my older roommates gave me the impression that it was already a tradition. Good times!

Comment 12 Dec 2010

From my peripheral vision, this link looked like "Paterno Signs 7 Year Extension". I'd like to see that!

Comment 22 Nov 2010

I wish players would just put their energy into the game instead of running their mouths.

On the Twitter side, I wonder how long it will be before some well-known peoples' tweets get hijacked by the security issues with Twitter and Facebook. A college campus would be ripe for this.

Comment 21 Nov 2010

Any video clips of Pryor's 4th down play, or that whole drive? At that point I was "watching" the game on my phone's scoreboard.

Comment 10 Nov 2010

Great game, I remember freezing in C deck with the snow falling hard. I yelled so much that I lost my voice for some time after the game. Good memories!

Comment 30 Oct 2010

:( What happened to having the out of region ABC game spill over to one of the ESPNs?

Thanks ESPN3 for your lack of net neutrality.

Student radio, here I come. 

Comment 15 Sep 2010

Surely there's room enough on the team for one guy who does nothing but kick the ball past the endzone on every kickoff. That would take away half the opportunities to let the opponent run one back.