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Comment 05 Dec 2014

He is referring to Jim Mora Jr.  

The Michigan scout guys confirmed it.  I believe it was Webb.  UM people are now referring to him as a backup plan.  If so good for them but it seems a bit delusional to me.  After the last coaching search all these big names that were supposedly interested all ended up staying put but received big raises.  

When the Michigan job opens I bet all these agents become giddy.  They know they can say their client is interested in the job and Michigan is willing to pay huge.  The school then has to give an extension and a pay raise. Les Miles and Bob Stoops have made millions doing this.  Les Miles uses Michigan like a dirty whore lol.  I wouldn't be surprised if Harbaugh and Mora are doing the same.  When the raiders come calling he can say $7 mill and GM duties or I go to Michigan.  

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Anyone think JT might have a slight injury?  We aren't throwing the ball at all and we have had like 4 different QB's today.  It would explain a lot if he had a minor shoulder or something similar this week in practice.